White Shark Media Addresses Client Complaints And Improves Their Service

Often when a company experiences rapid growth there are a few growing pains that come with the process of change. White Shark Media admits that they have had a few of these problems.

The customers of White Shark Media have addressed their complaints and White Shark Media complaints team did what many companies fail to do, White Shark listened and made improvements to help address their customer concerns.

As a result, customers are happier with White Shark Media and the whole business is offering better customer service as a result. The company addressed the complaints because they don’t want them to get in the way of dealing with their customers.

Some of the most common complaints are that people said they lost touch with their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media realized that the reporting system that they had set up was not good enough for the small business customer. The company corrected this problem by taking the time to talk to each client about their campaign.

A group of customers also said they didn’t feel that communication was great. As a result the company set out to improve the communication company wide. White Shark Media added monthly calls by using a GoTomeeting program.

Each and every month or as often as a client requests, the client and a strategist can review the results of the AdWords campaign from the last 30 days. White Shark also sends out a report before the meeting so the client has time to review it on their own and make notes so they can ask questions.

Other customers expressed the need to talk to someone live and in person on the telephone. This is another part of customer service that is disappearing with many companies, however, White Shark Media listened to their clients and added direct extension numbers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.thevalanx.com/white-shark-media-promises-continual-improvement-in-response-to-complaints/

Now, when a person calls in they can talk to their own expert and get their needs addressed quickly. It is a great help to customers to get in contact with a live person and White Shark Media took the steps to make this easy for their customers.

A few people said that every once in awhile they would get a person who just didn’t seem in touch with their needs. White Shark again answered this complaint by allowing a Senior SEM Consultant to follow up with every client and make sure that all the customer’s needs are met.

If a consultant needs to be changed up, White Shark offers the client the ability to get that done with ease. As you can clearly see, White Shark Media is a company who is moving forward with their customer’s needs in mind.

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Get Fit With The NutriMost Weight Program

NutriMost is quickly growing among weight loss users because their plan doesn’t require exercise or prescription drugs. You can lose weight with a meal plan that has proven results. It is technologically designed to be compatible with your metabolism and current weight. Eat and never be hungry, but lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. NutriMost has an amazing weight loss plan that seems impossible, but their rivals Healthy Living have ripped them off for their promotional video. Healthy Living is still posting the testimonials of NutriMost customers on their website despite a cease-and-desist order from a federal court.

 Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost has the best farm raised chicken and beef as main dishes under their programs. You can also get salmon and tuna. Customers love their healthy appetizers and dipping sauces. Each meal plan is designed for your unique weight loss goals. For example, their ketchup doesn’t have any additives so you consume less calories. NutriMost meal plans are highly doctor recommended and approved. Ask your physician about utilizing the meal plan as a part of your dietary supplement. You can save a fraction of the cost of prescription medication or joining a high end weight loss group.

NutriMost has had to sue their rivals for an unspecified amount in federal court. Their rival continues to threaten their goodwill reputation by stealing their promotional video. It has also been said that they are being accused of replacing NutriMost terminology with Can’t Lose Diet. They promise that nobody on their meal plan will ever go hungry. You can eat when you want because NutriMost has main course meals, appetizers, and snacks. Get fit in an effective safe manner with proven results. You’ll love eating your way to weight loss. Visit the NutriMost website for more details on how to loss weight smart.

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Short Bio On a Financial Guru

David Osio is the proud founder and CEO of the Financial Group. He graduated from a top Venezuelan Catholic University by the name of Andres Bello. He majored in an advanced management program with special studies in banking law. He began his career in 1981 as a CEO and president for Oped Enterprises. Osio was responsible for coffee exports at one time in his career. Shortly after, he held an executive position at the LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANY with responsibilities that included structuring market programs, various industrial relations in the United States, and bridging the growth of successful marketing relationships.

His colleagues say he is the go to guy for business relationships and management programs. By 1984 Osio was with the law firm MGO in Carcas and was responsible for dealing with corporate clients and this began to give him valuable experience in banking law. David Osio’s experience in backing law gave him and outstanding tenure as a Legal Advisor with the company as well. He moved up to a higher leadership position and within two years he was promoted to President of Banking Commercial. He increased many customer portfolios to a considerable amount during his time as president.

David Osio believes in restoring the financial trust of his customers to build their financial growth. He knows the important of building a good portfolio for investing and retirement. Even though most of his experience is with the international financial market he has experience with the lucrative New York based financial market through his education at the Financial Institute of New York. He contributes this to a lot of his professional experience throughout his career. He is building the financial trust of investors of the financial sector encouraging them to build their financial growth in an uncertain economic system.

Osio also has a tremendous amount of experience in investment advising. More importantly, this led David Osio to go out on his own and he later founded the Davos Financial Group. He spear heads the company as the first Venezuelan company to give financial advise to a select clientele. He has grew the financial sector and grew his business in a short amount of time to make outstanding strides in the financial market. He has contributed to several independent licensed agencies in New York, Miami and Panama. David Osio continues his goal of building the financial market, restoring trust, and increasing wealth portfolios.

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Securus Evolving to Offer the Best Prison Communication System

A June 7, 2016, press report posted on PR Newswire issued by Securus Technologies detailed the Louisiana Public Service Commission Investigation of wrongdoings committed by Global Tel Link (GTL) in the operation of GTL’s communication program servicing inmates with family, friends and attorneys on the outside. It is the intention of Securus to force GTL into operating within the bounds of business integrity. Some of the charges include inaccurate timing of messages between persons inside an institution and family and friends on the outside. An important consideration when the charges are based on a per minute rate.

Securus, an A+ accredited business by the BBB is the leading provider of video and audio communication between prisoners and family and friends who chose to communicate with their loved ones without making the trip to visit inmates inside a state, local or federal prison facility. For many years the anguish of having a loved one, a family member, or a friend in prison was increased by the strict visitation requirements imposed between a prisoner and visitors. The onus and expense of visitation were imposed on those on the outside. Those already suffering emotional damage caused by the illegal transgressions of their family members or loved ones, who are made to suffer losses of time and money to keep the emotional connection with the prisoner and to make his reentry to society possible. Friends and family can not simply turn their backs on those forced to pay for their crimes.
Securus proposed and offered an alternative, saving time and money and allowing the emotional connection to continue while not being affected by walls, barbed wire, and armed guards. The idea of video and audio communication was simple, but the commitment made by Securus was high in initial cost, time and implementation. Now the people on the outside had a way to maintain contact and communication with loved ones inside an institution. With Securus, everybody was a winner.




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Healthcare services offered under Medicare Advantage plan

Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program based in the United States. Medicare Advantage plan is basically in three types. Preferred provider organizations (PPOs), Private fee for services and (PFFS), and health maintenance organizations (HMOs). In either type of Medicare Advantage plan, it covers emergency and urgently needed health care.

There is a difference between original Medicare, which is a program administered by the federal government, while Medicare Advantage plan is a service issued by private insurance organizations that provide Medicare benefits. A Medicare plan covers part A and B of Medicare services offered by the original Medicare program. However, Medicare Advantage plan has different rules, restrictions, and charges that determine when and how you can get services. Some Medicare cover may offer extra services such as hearing, vision, and dental services.

Part A of Medicare plan covers for medical payments for in-patient, and part B covers for out-patients also providing payments for both surgeons and physician practice services. But as observed in different plans they offer different services, so if it is crucial, you find out with a plan how their coverage works. You encouraged to join a Medicare if you live around the plan’s area of service, you have a Medicare both part A and B and if you do not have any End-stage Renal Disease.

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Medicare Advantage cover usually charges a premium in addition to Medicare part B premium. Every Medicare plan charges a general fixed amount known as Copayment for whenever you get the service. Some plans also charge coinsurance fee which is a percentage of the cost of service.

One of Medicare Advantage plan that is leading in providing high-quality healthcare with sustainable cost is InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare uses the most advanced and effective models for healthcare services. It is a fully integrated organization that uses today’s technology and offers the best services.

InnovaCare medical insurance is spearheaded by Dr. Shinto , who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer. He works hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides, who is the Chief Administrative Officer in this diverse to improve the healthcare setting. They strive to coordinate and redefine healthcare service by offering quality and innovative care to their patients. Dr. Rick Shinto has over 20 years in clinical operational in healthcare management.

The InnovaCare Health organization is strongly driven by their, mission, vision and core values. They are focused on high patient-provider relationship. Their core values include customer first. Hence, it drives them in offering quality healthcare services to their patients.

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A Bottle of WEN, A Hair Diary And Hair Selfies For One Beauty Blogger

The Wen hair care system is known around the globe, and it has basically transformed the way we look at drugstore shampoos and conditioners. WEN is different, a one-bottle product that shampoos, conditions, de-tangles and deep conditions hair back to greatness without the damaging lather. West coast stylist Chaz Dean invented the system, because it was natural, healthy and delivered strong, shiny locks. See product link: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html.
Bustle.com blogger Emily McClure had seen the famous infomercials showing stars with big, bouncy hair, and she wanted the same. So, Emily decided to begin her own 7-day WEN hair challenge, keeping a hair log with hair photos for her readers.

Emily chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner for its extra moisturizing formula. She used WEN in the morning for her daily wash and was delighted how her hair was starting to look. Her selfies showed glossy, smooth locks with zero frizz as she blow-dried and styled her hair.

WEN has been made differently from lather shampoos. It’s okay and encouraged to used a lot of it to get superior results. For medium length hair like Emily’s, 16-24 pumps of product is suggested. Emily thought that was “actual insanity,” so she used only 10 pumps each time.

As Emily went through her 7-day hair journey, she decided to try using WEN at night, but her hair was flat when she awoke. Another time, Emily was late for work and busy, so she skipped the AM WEN wash, and her strands went limp and greasy.

Once she returned to the easy, daily WEN routine, her hair looked beautiful and shiny, and her hair photos prove the method works.

Emily admits she’s a bit hair lazy for a WEN daily wash and suggested her readers only use WEN if they can follow the program to a tee.

Building a Reputation for Your Company

Having a great online reputation can make a world of difference for your company. If your company has a good online presence, more people will be apt to visit your site and actually make use of your services. If your reputation is lacking, you might have tried your best to repair and rebuild it to not avail. This is when hiring an online reputation management firm can be the best thing for you and can help your entire company to grow to its full potential.

A great company known as Search Cleanup and their site searchcleanup.com can help you to manage your reputation. The way that they work is by building a damaged reputation and getting it to where it needs to be. The first step you will want to take when using Search Cleanup and their site searchcleanup.com is to contact them to find out about their services. They can help you to get the type of work done that will help your business to grow and this can be just what you need to feel confident in the work being done. It will then help people to find you easier on search engines as well as for them to get better and more positive reviews that will benefit those utilizing your business.

There are a lot of reasons for you to consider building your company using an online reputation management firm. The first step that you might want to take is contacting this specific type of company and seeing what they are able to do for you. This type of firm is ideal for just about anyone and can even fit into your budget. You do not have to worry that hiring a company like Search Cleanup is going to be too expensive because they will be able to fit it into your budget and allow you to find it affordable in many different ways. There are many ways to change your company’s reputation, but you need to consider the benefits of hiring a reputation service so that they are able to do the heavy work for you.

Coca-Cola Stops Production in Venezuela

In the wake of an economy that is already on the verge of collasping, the Venezuelan economy has taken another blow. Recently as Linked In reports, the Coca-Cola Corporation announced it is temporarily haulting production of sugar based beverages.
This move comes in the mist of a sugar shortage that has recently taken place in the area. Suppliers for Coca-Cola reportedly have no more sugar to make their product. The shortage does not effect production of any sugar free beverages.

Shortages are nothing new to the Venezuelan area says expert Jose Gonzalez. The country has had widespread food shortages and inflation forecast to be higher than 700 percent. Recently Venezuela’s largest food and beverage company, Empresas Polar, ceased all beer production due to of imported barley in the area.

Venezuela has a number of products they export. Among the top 10 Venezuelan exports semi-manufactured gold, precious metals and coins are among it’s top products.


Wikipedia: Revolutionizing Your Ability to Obtain and Contribute Information


The birth of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to, bred hope to banish the dreaded bureaucracy that is entrenched in so many existing companies worldwide. An article, recently published on Science Alert, discusses how Wikipedia over the years has shifted from not having a centralized power to just that.

Researchers from Indiana University studied millions of articles produced by a myriad of authors from Wikipedia and compared the hierarchy of this company to General Electric and AT&T. Although this business has held true to its promise to expand its colleague base, a select few have emerged that decide on general principles that contributors should abide by. Originally, certain policies were established – all information should be verified and don’t give an opinion. Although meant as temporary guidelines, they have not only remained but also have been expanded upon.

On the up-side, in keeping with the evolution of technology, Wikipedia has developed an artificial intelligence editing tool that would benefit the quality of this web-based encyclopedia, and give confidence to new contributors who might otherwise shy away from supplying their expertise. One of the things this tool would do is, for example, if a person is writing a piece of information as fact, it would remind them to provide a citation – something that is necessary for the survival of any enterprise promising accurate information. Also, Wikipedia is now offering a variety of services performed by their affiliates that are available to those seeking to create Wiki page. These services include consultations on best practices, monitoring and translations. So, for example, a Wikipedia editor can ensure proper sourcing and formatting to any business or individual. In addition, the monitoring service performed in real time can prevent any edits that may be intentionally harmful to you or your business. Finally, professional translators are available to help grow information seekers reached.

Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism And Bernie Sanders

On the Intelligent Report with Trish Regan the Founder, of The Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was a guest of the Fox News program and discussed socialism and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Regan immediately asks Halvorssen how socialism violates basic human rights and Halvorssen explains that there is an extreme difference between a socialist country and a country with socialist policies.


He goes onto explain that many countries are democratic, like the U.S., but they have socialist policies that allow them to have extensive programs like free universal healthcare or education. He says that we must be wary of countries like Venezuela where they have socialist policies that are mastered by an authoritarian government. This is where it becomes scary for any economy.


Authoritarian governments can essentially masquerade as governments that are “for the people” and want to help the people the best that they can, when they basically end up looting the country for themselves, destroying the country’s economy, and moving on because now there is no more wealth to be had and the country is in shambles.


Halvorssen explains that socialist policies in Northern Europe are working extremely well and that the only time socialism becomes an issue is when it is under the guise of authoritarian rule like Venezuela. Regan asks how these socialist authoritarian governments are detrimental and he talks about how in Venezuela the government sets the price of things and that it does not change no matter what, so you end up slowly destroying the economy.
The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is no stranger to the dangers of socialism. His own father was held political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot at a protest rally, and currently his cousin is a political prisoner. Halvorssen has experienced socialism first hand and does not wish these horrors on any of the American people. He urges everyone to be careful of authoritarian governments pretending to be socialist and that we must do what it takes to make sure what happened in Venezuela does not happen in the U.S.

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