France Leads the Way

One third of the world’s food is wasted every year. The US alone wasted 160 billion dollars in food in 2013. Government officials in France have pushed to pass a bill that would make it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food that is still edible. This law comes at a time where the country has vowed to reduce its food waste by 50 percent by the year 2020. Supermarkets, not only in France but in America and other countries, oftentimes exaggerate the expiration dates placed on certain food packages. For example, for food that is labeled to have a three week shelf life might actually be good for 6 weeks. Supermarkets & manufacturers exaggerate these dates in order to make the customers and consumers feel less worried that their food will go bad. What the French government has confirmed is that the unnecessary waste is costing the country more money than it is saving. People at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have learned that the country plans on laying out a specific production method for supermarkets to get rid of still edible food. If the food still has a decent expiration date but customers are nervous about its quality and markets can’t sell it, they are instructed to donate it to homeless shelters or give it to farmers for it to be used as animal feed. French officials have noted that this specific change will take time to adapt to, but it will all be better for the country. Supermarkets who don’t comply or get caught throwing away still edible food will be charged anywhere from $860 to $1500 in fines respectively. France is also encouraging America and other powerhouse nations to follow in their footsteps.

Could Shake Shack Be Becoming A Chicken Shack Too?

The ever popular Shake Shack just reopened the doors to its original location in New York City this month, and now there is speculation from the customers that there will be a new kind of shack in town: A Chicken burger shack! According to an article found on, the company will not confirm or deny that they are going to be branching off and doing new ventures, but there is proof that they bought the rights to the name “Chicken Shack” says Qnet. As of right now there is only one chicken product on the Shake Shack’s menu but the owner as openly explained that he is all for trying new things, so there is a good chance that this will actually come to fruition.

Shake Shacks are extremely popular on the East Coast and aside from the one in Las Vegas, they are tending to stay over on that side of the country. However, if there are any new things coming out in the near future, this could mean that they will be expanding all over the United States. Of course this is all just thoughts at the moment as nothing firm has been released by the company. It would be great if the company had an opportunity to expand into chicken sandwiches, because that is what the American dream is all about. Plus, you got to give the customers what they want to eat!

The Dorchester Collection Quietly Makes a Big Splash

In the world of high-end, luxury hotels, discretion is often the best policy. Leave the showmanship for the brands that have something to prove; true elegance will show through to the discerning traveler. One group of hotels exemplifies this principle perfectly.

You may not have heard of the Dorchester Collection, but you’ve certainly heard of its hotels. There’s its namesake, The Dorchester, which sits on one of London’s most exclusive addresses just on the southeast edge of Hyde Park. Those who have frequented this venerable locale include famous writers, painters, and musicians. Even the future Queen Elizabeth II attended an event at the hotel on the day prior to the announcement of her engagement.

Then there’s The Beverly Hills Hotel, whose ambiance couldn’t contrast more starkly with that of The Dorchester. For years, the hotel has been the Los Angeles spot to see and be seen. Howard Hughes lived there; The Beatles stayed there; the hotel features on the cover of The Eagles’ iconic Hotel California album. If you’re riding down the Sunset Strip, make sure you turn in to The Beverly Hills Hotel to experience its atmosphere.

If you’re looking for options on continental Europe, the Dorchester Collection includes Milan’s Principe di Savoia, Paris’ Hotel Meurice and Plaza Athene, and Geneva’s Le Richemond.

The Dorchester Collection strives to achieve a uniform level of high service at all of its hotels while still maintaining a unique identity. Many hotels are maintained in the style that was prevalent during its construction. And the hotels in the collection don’t stop at their rooms and hospitality; they feature restaurants directed by some of the world’s most famous chefs, and many include luxurious spas.

Simon Jenkins, Head Pastry Chef at Coworth Park, demonstrates how to make an espumas (foam), which is a unique mango recipe to spice up your desserts with exotic flavor and texture.

The Dorchester Collection isn’t solely concerned with its exterior services. In 2012, it won the prestigious Gold Award at the HR Excellence Awards. Not only does the collection serve its customers well, it is a great place to work.

The collection currently owns ten hotels and intends to expand in the near future. For now, make sure you include a few of its hotels in your future travel plans. When high quality service is combined with iconic properties featuring up-to-date amenities, you can’t go wrong.

Domino’s Pizza Ordering Via Twitter System

A new form of delivery food has hit the internet, and that is now Domino’s is working on creating an app that allows Twitter users to order pizza straight from the social media platform itself. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grubstreet, the application is set to go into motion starting on May 20 and is designed to appeal to the growing technology in today’s world. Apparently all that needs to be done in order to get a pizza coming your way is to send a certain emoji to the Domino’s Twitter account, and then they will private message you to make sure that you intended for the order to happen.

In some ways this is a truly genius idea, however, I am not too sure that I would use this method over the regular Domino’s mobile phone application. Pizza lovers at Amen Clinics ( know that the reason for that is because on the mobile apps you can make a selection from a lot of different things to customize what you will be ordering, and there is also a section to look over current specials and deals. Although, I won’t be the first one to bash it before it comes out and gets put to use, so I think I will reserve judgement on the idea until I see it in motion. Who knows, maybe next week would be a good time to test it out to see how accurate it is.

Sriracha Doughnuts Are Here

Sriracha has been dominating the menus of menu restaurants, but is often used as a savory condiment for Asian dishes. A bakery in Harlem, Jolie Patisserie, has used the spicy sauce as a topping for one of America’s favorite desserts to bring you the sriracha doughnut.

Sriracha is an ingredient in cocktails, and has even made its way to snack foods and fast food entrees, so the doughnut was a natural progression. In addition to the peppery sauce, the doughnuts are also served with almonds and sour cream.

This doughnut isn’t the first to feature sriracha. Dough Loco, another bakery in New York, introduced the raspberry sriracha doughnut a few years ago. This confection is a little more sweet than spicy, and has a devoted following.

While some adventurous foodies are also enthused about sriracha vodka, most diners tend to like the doughnuts with a kick a little more. STX Entertainment is interested to see how long they stay around.

Haidar Barbouti and a Love of Animals

When first examining the life of Haidar Barbouti, it’s very apparent that he is incredibly well versed in business and real estate transactions. He’s worked on all manner of projects, including the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, TX. Land development projects are the key, and he has been working in this field since the mid 1980s, so he has seen all sorts of economic landscapes, from booms to recessions. He knows exactly how to utilize any of these properly and has had such great success by figuring out how land can best be used going forward, no matter what the climate is like. However, when you get past all of this success, you’ll find that he has a second love, as well: Animals.

On the whole, Barbouti’s goal is to find animals who need help and to provide them with what they cannot get for themselves. He understands that many animals have no homes and are unwanted. As domesticated animals, though, they can’t survive in the wild on their own. They been specifically conditioned and bred for life with people, and they need loving families to take care of them, much like children. Seeing the lack of these families as a sad reality, Barbouti has created the Highland Village Adoption Center to help find homes for them.

The center brings in all manner of dogs and cats, taking those who are turned over on purpose and those who are found trying to live as strays because they have nowhere to go. It provides them with food, water and shelter, and volunteers and staff members come in to take care of the animals. Vets are hired when needed to provide medical care and to make sure all of the animals have a clean bill of health. When they’re ready to be adopted, online postings are put up to alert those who want to adopt, and then connections with the center are made so that the pets and people can meet in person.

Animals need these types of shelters, and they need this type of active outreach. There are far too many animals in shelters who just need loving homes, and Barbouti has worked hard to make sure that they move through the system as quickly as possible. It is his extreme success in the world of real estate that has given him the ability to do this, and he is now using his position to help animals in need.

McDonald’s Reinvented

There is a large margin of businesses that would express damage control as being one of the toughest subjects to tackle. Damage control means that the company made a mistake and couldn’t get out in front of it quick enough. This leaves business associates and CEOs in the corner offices doing their best to pick up the fallen remnants of their mistakes. In recent years, the McDonald’s fast food corporation has come under heavy fire for their standard food safety, ingredients, and practices. Consumers are demanding answers faster than McDonald’s and its associates can produce them. In the next few years the company plans on instituting a complete overhaul. The company wants to break down what the McDonald’s brand stands for and focus on being aesthetically pleasing to the loyal customers and those who have fallen off of the brand for years. What McDonald’s hasn’t touched on is whether or not they’re willing to change the food for the sake of the brand name. BuzzFeed News caught up with McDonald’s to dive deeper into what this overhaul really means. The chain wants to become a more technologically advanced food chain. Owners want to replace human workers with ordering kiosks and become the burger chain of the future. Darren Tristano, who works in restaurant consultancy, told McDonald executives that they need to focus on food and service, health trends, and overall food quality. Foodies like Igor Cornelsen agree that it will be interesting to see if McDonald’s will take heed to the advice. The plan for brand renewal will take place over the next couple of years.

Haidar Barbouti: Write an Article About This Individual

The Many Passions of Haidar Barbouti

Most successful businessmen usually only have one passion and that passion is their business. However, when it comes to Haidar Barbouti that could not be further from the truth. That is not to say that Barbouti is not passionate about is business adventures because he is. It is because of his passion for life and for others that he has become very successful in the business world.

Barbouti’s passion for business gave Houston its first premier shopping center. Not only did this bring some of the top of the line stores to the area, but it also brought with it a place for people to go and shop, eat, and relax with family and friends. Barbouti, himself, oversees many of the operations of this center as well as being the owner and broker.

Barbouti also has a passion for children and animals. He donates a large amount of time and resources to both these causes. He invests heavily in making sure that underprivledge children will have the resources that they need to have a positive future. Barbouti does not stop there, however. One holiday program he assisted with a program called Home for the Holidays. This program began as a way to save the number of cats and dogs that were getting euthanized in the Houston area. The program was only meant to run through the four weeks of the holiday season and many hundreds of animals were adopted and saved thanks to this program. However the many volunteers wanted to keep the program going. Barbouti donated the space to make that happen and the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals opened its doors and is run by a volunteer staff.

Food is another passion of Barbouti. He believes that when someone is out dining at a restaurant that the food should be good and it should be plentiful. He wants people to enjoy the experience. That is just what happens at his restaurant called Up. He is a people pleaser and it is that desire to please others that has made him the successful business person that he is.

McDonald’s Can’t Stop The Negative Publicity… It Just Keeps On Coming

McDonald’s just cannot seem to get any good press lately, anytime they are in the news it is for some sort of negative reason. For instance, the golden arches are trying to bring in new customers, as everyone is well aware of, and has created an artisan chicken sandwich. Already consumers are slamming the sandwich claiming it shames the term artisan and is, essentially, nothing special. Financial analyst and cook Jaime Garcia Dias recommends you let him cook for you instead. Shortly later another McDonald’s headline appeared about a location in Pennsylvania that will not allow minors alone in their restaurant. Due to recent occurrences, the restaurant has enacted a rule that children and teens will need to be chaperoned by an adult while dining there. The struggling burger chain also announced this week that they plan to close several hundred stores worldwide after reporting an 11% decrease in profits since last year. The just cannot seem to catch a break. Makes one feel bad for them…almost.

Beneful: Good For Your Dog

Beneful dog food offers a large variety of food for your loving pooch. The wet and dry food, in addition to the numerous snacks is a welcome site for dog owners and dogs. Owners note the benefits of the food. Skin and coat, strong muscles, healthy weight are added attributes your dog receives from enjoying Beneful dog food. Owners can rely on the nutritional value of Beneful for their new born puppy all the way up to their mature hound.

When you go to the grocery store, you’ll notice many name brands. Dog foods fill the shelves, however Beneful stands out because of their variety of foods. The simple, yet elegant bag, colored with a dog or two on the front is surrounded by the healthy fruits,vegetable and choice pieces of meat your dog will receive. You don’t have to guess, you know what your pooch is eating.

For example, Beneful® Healthy Smile helps clean teeth and it helps keep their breath fresh. The food inside is crunchy and helps strengthen their teeth. Included in this meal is chicken, grains like rice accompanied by carrots, parsley and yogurt. Beneful provides clean, nutritional food that your pet will love. Other varieties include Healthy Radiance, Healthy Fiesta,Playful Life, IncrediBites and Original. But, don’t forget specific types such as Healthy Growth For Puppies, and Healthy Weight for their special needs.

Don’t forget the scrumptious wet food for dogs. There are multiple types of healthy, delicious foods for your loving pet. Varieties you’ll find on store shelves are blends with beef, chicken, lamb, and chopped liver. A medley of simmered chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb stew and salmon are the meats offered. Different types of rice prepared are brown or wild. Varieties range from rice including brown or wild, carrots, green beans, spinach and tomatoes. Whether the food comes in a can or tub, the high quality is the same.

Finally, if you haven’t given your dog the opportunity to try Beneful options like the Healthy Smile or Baked Delights, they are missing out on a wonderful treat. Treats include bacon, cheese, beef. chicken and peanut butter. Dogs love the treats and demand more once they are introduced to this a magnificent delight.

Beneful stands by the quality ingredients they promise dog owners. They understand what animals need for a healthy, fulfilling life and how important this is for owners. Beneful is good for your four legged friend, and guarantees a solid addition to your pets well being.