Flipora’s $1.5 Million in New Funding Shows AI’s Potential

Investors are constantly on the lookout for the newest technology which will revolutionize how we use the internet. Search engines are a huge “organ” of the web, and with advancements in artificial intelligence, may just be headed to the next evolutionary level. Discovery engine, Flipora, has just received $1.5 million to expand and develop. Many people are beginning to look towards this new method of sifting the internet with much interest.

A self-learning idea

Flipora began with two Stanford students, Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan who realized the potential in a system which learns it’s users and presents information based on personalized interests and followings. It is much like a smart Facebook for finding information, where the system presents only information that it feels you would like, as opposed to seeing both information you would like, along with what your friends want you to see.

A Social Side

This new system of searching, again like Facebook, allows to connect to users with similar interests which in turn helps Flipora learn more accurately what people want to see. Bringing in a way link people together,directly, in the information gathering process sets Flipora apart from both traditional search engines like Google, and social media outlets such as Facebook.

making it Big Time?

Investors have seriously began to consider the viability of artificial intelligence as a means to bring information to internet users. Not long ago, in 2010, Flipora raised $3 million, which helped them to market the idea of using this type of search engine. Big names in the internet game that are contributing financially to Flipora:
Gokul Rajaram- Google Adsense
Mayank Bawa- CEO Aster Data
Barney Pell- CEO of Powerset
This is only a couple examples of the team that is helping to take Flipora to the next level.

Next Moves

Flipora is using its funding to help develop its new applications for IOS and android. The company is now turning it’s eye to broadening its reach around the world, and it’s becoming more and more likely that discovery engines with the ability to self-learn will be the new home-page and go-to app for the majority of online users.

Human Rights Activist, Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park, a human activist and young girl from North Korea dedicates herself in trying to disclose the plain truth about the violence in North Korea. North Koran renegades have often been attacked. They have often been falsely accused of lying and exaggerations in what they say. Death threats to them has become nothing new. Many activists have been able to escape the bite of death by the regime, but some including Park Sang-hak have died in cold blood assassination. Park Sang-hak was assassinated shortly after he wrote a publication exposing the family of the dictators. The government mostly uses the weapon of assassination to kill those against it. There were many attempts to kill Park Sang-hak.

Park was born and raised in the most brutal parts of North Korea. He grew to be a privileged child but not until his beloved father was arrested and charged with the crime of selling and sending metals to China. His father was then sent to manual work camps. Park together with her mother set off to on a long journey to escape the brutal government. Parks explains that her mother told her not to whisper even for whatever little she could utter be heard and carried by the birds of the air to the government. When they arrived in the west, they saw a great difference that she had never seen ever since she was born. She saw parents trying to encourage their children to speak up or express their feelings. Something that made her so perplexed. Park goes further to explain about the secretiveness of the mysterious North Korea. By the rule of the Hermit Kingdom makes it be the worst country in the world.

Few countries in the world that are as mysterious as North Korea. It by far depicts secretiveness. For those who know anything about the Hermit Kingdom, tears roll down their chicks by the mention of that name. Over twenty-four million people are now living in imposed poverty led by the dictator Kim Jong Un, who has seen the Orwellian poverty strategy. During Parks time in school as a young pupil, they were told that the rest of the world was contaminated and ghastly only and that they had nothing to envy about the world. They were told that North Korea was the best country. Park shared on youtube decided to flee from North Korea to China. While in China, she was raped for promise protection but were later sold to human traffickers. Her father followed them to China and later on died there in the hands of Park, and she burnt her father’s body to the middle of the night.

For the very first time in her life, park can own herself and that she wants the world to know. She used to belong to the Kingdom where she was born or whichever man who bought her. This kind of freedom is the one that has given her the chance to speak for the world and the entire people of North Korea still under immense poverty and dictatorship and wicked governance.

Why Citadel LLC is the Number One Hedge Fund in America

While is definitely easy to see why Kenneth Griffin is a multibillionaire, most people can’t fathom how he made himself this one of America’s richest entrepreneurs with such little capital. The Citadel hedge fund has made people billions of dollars, which in turn made Ken Griffin, lead investor of Citadel a billionaire as well. His vision for sussing out winning stocks from the thousands of publicly traded stocks has led him to make all of the money he’s made over the course of his career. The Citadel fund is currently worth $25 billion, yet, it wasn’t always that way. There was once a time where Kenneth Griffin was personally destitute and had only $200,000 to invest into the market. He invested that small sum of money and eventually turned it into $1 million.

It was not long after he turned $200,000 into $1 million that he began to peak the interest of multiple investors all over Wall Street. They saw that Ken Griffin on citadel has the chops to become the next hugely successful hedge fund manager and they all wanted a piece of him at their own firms. Yet Kenneth took a chance on one person that approached him because the deal he offered was one with no strings. He took the million dollars that Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC gave him and invested in into the market. Months later he was able to give Frank his money back and a 70% return on investment. There was no other investment firm that could produce those types of numbers so quickly. This made Kenneth someone that was definitely on Frank’s shortlist of notable investors. Kenneth was embraced by Frank Meyer who eventually taught Kenneth everything that he knows about business and the politics of Wall Street when he took him under his wing.

Kenneth started Citadel a couple of years after he took his initial investment from Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. With Citadel, he started out with $4.6 million and eventually grew his hedge fund to $1 billion in less than eight years. Because of this quick increase on the worth of his hedge fund, the commissions that he gained from his hedge fund skyrocketed. They wouldn’t have skyrocketed if he hadn’t had the insight to make extremely wise investments or didn’t know all there was to know about consumer behavior and psychology. Because of his know how, he has been able to make each of his investors profitable time and time again and continues invest with similar zeal today.

He is a very impressive man in the world of investing because he has a knack for picking the right stocks. His makes incredible stock picks by educating himself on not only consumer behavior but the behavior of the CEO/founder and/or the board members as well as other key players on the team of any company that he is evaluating to potentially invest in. Because of his thorough assessments of every company, he is able to predict with a very high certainty that his investments will score well.

The Fight for Human Rights

The right to live peacefully in accordance with your own beliefs and desires is one that few share in the world. Small freedoms such as reading a book of your own choosing or listening to the music that you like is becoming more and more rare. The harsh structure of governments has lead to many power hungry leaders declaring that only what they think and feel is important. Anyone who dares to disagree is imprisoned or sentenced to death. Dictators choose who should be worshipped, how many children a family can have and what they do each day. Basic rights that human beings should have are dismissed as frivolous to nations that inflict heavy penalties on those who try to stray. You can only suppress people so long before their growing anger inside fuels them to resist. Shoving and pushing against those who hold them down, they create a resistance against the cruelty of this suppression. This is how the fight for human rights always begins.

In North Korea, the people are treated as cattle, and all of them are ruled accordingly. Kim Jong-Un is the leader there. Whatever he says must be followed precisely. An example of his treacherous acts against human is in his complete lack of caring for anyone. He had one woman put to death because she had movies in her home. She had dared to watch one that he said she couldn’t. Deciding to make an example of her in case anyone else thought they could watch movies, he had her shot. Anyone attempting to flee this horrific country that gets caught ends up with the same fate.

Kim Jong-Un’s power has made everyone in North Korea live in fear for their lives. This is why the remarkable story of a petite young woman who managed to escape is so powerful. Her tiny size is no example of her courage. Yeonmi Park began the fight for human rights after she became a defector of North Korea. Her journey of escape was told at a convention for young people called “One Young World”. The audience sat in shock as they listened to her story. It began with her father returning home after being sentenced to hard labor. He encouraged his family to flee North Korea and find a safer location. Her sister left without them. They didn’t know that she was in South Korea. Because he was sick, her father stayed behind in North Korea while Park and her mother traveled on</em> without him. Later, when he was reunited with them, he died. It was human traffickers that helped Park and her mother escape, but it was at a cost. The suffering they endured to find freedom was horrific, but now, Park helps others that are trying to escape North Korea. She is studying criminal justice and is continuing to do human rights work.

One Man’s Career Achievements and Success

Kenneth Griffin is a secretive and extremely successful trader based in Chicago. He is the president of Citadel Investment Corporation. He started his career in 1986 just after joining the University. He traded stock options from his hostel room in his second year at Harvard; Mr. Ken Griffin on valuewalk started up the convertible-bond computer assisted trading fund. Griffin investment strategies were impermeable to the infamous stock market crash of 1987 and consequently made huge profits from his stock. He had accumulated over $1 million in the inventor’s funds for the strategy by the time he started his senior year. Citadel is a diverse alternative asset management institution. Citadel Securities, a branch of the Citadel Company, is a leading liquidity solution provider for investment management technology.

In an interview with the Worth Magazine, Kenneth Griffin revealed that he spent most of his time in Harvard doing trading, and the strategy worked favorably to him. His greatest strength is not in analyzing the market trends but in evaluating the models his mind-trust shows him. He added that his potential to convert investment ideas into cash makes his company very successful. His main goal is to concentrate on trades that remain in the headlines for as long as he is the game. Citadel Company is characterized by the rigorous application of technology and quantitative trading techniques; apparently, it deploys 16 separate and different strategies. It currently manages $7 billion for a broad range of investors. Citadel is the largest hedge fund corporation in the entire world.

Harvard University Renames Office after Griffin
Griffin donated a total of $150 million to the Harvard College to support the need-based financial program for the needy university undergraduates. In return, the university renamed the office of the program in his honor to show their overwhelming appreciation and gratitude. The ceremony, which was held at the Brattle Street office, was graced by numerous public figures such as William Fitzsimmons, who is the dean of admissions, his Excellency President Drew Faust and the entire staff of faculty of arts and sciences. The university officials, alumni , and the student fraternity thanked him for the precious gift, which would have tremendous impact in the forthcoming Harvard generations. In his acceptance speech, the University chancellor Mr. Faust assured the audience that he would ensure the funding was allocated fairly to all needy students. He added that the money would help underpin the long-standing commitment of the university to make education affordable to all interested candidates regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Griffin serves as a board director of the public education fund in Chicago. He is a champion for initiatives that foster community improvement. In the commercial community, Griffin belongs to numerous business groups such as Commercial Club of Civic Board, the G100, and Chicago Economic Club. Besides, he also supports cultural and civic organizations in his areas. He encourages the youth to be creative and self-reliant. He also belongs to the board of trustees of Chicago University, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the Whitney Museum.

Power Ranking the NBA

Last season we saw some pretty incredible things happen in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks, led by owner Bruce Levensons masterful moves, made it to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in the past 50 years. The Golden State Warriors cracked 70 wins and won their first title with star Steph Curry ta the helm and the Cleveland Cavaliers nearly upset the overpowered Warriors. In the 2015 – 16 season we should be seeing even more shocking twists and turns. So with that frame of reference let us take a moment to power rank some of the best teams in the NBA while including one surprise addition. Bruce Levenson sold the hawks this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James nearly tasted another NBA Championship only this time with nobody really helping him at his side. It was a flashback to the old Cavalier days and one that James likely didn’t appreciate. Now with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving returning to the mix along with a re-signed JR Smith and Tristan Thompson, Cleveland should be out for blood. The Cavs are going to tear through the NBA as long as they stay healthy and should be destined for the NBA Finals once more.

Houston Rockets
Houston had an amazing off season if only for one unexpected addition: Ty Lawson. Lawson was cut by the Nuggets after another run in with the law and he quickly found himself signed to the Rockets. Houston boasts one of the deepest starting 5s in the league: Ty Lawson, James Harden, Corey Brewer, Terrence Jones, and Dwight Howard. They’re going to compete with the Warriors all year long out in the West. While Ty Lawson isn’t a slam dunk fit, he dominates the ball too much for Harden’s liking, he’ll add so much more on offense than Patrick Beverly or Jason Terry.

Miami Heat
One of our surprise teams. Miami got healthy and they loaded up on talent this past off season. A completely healthy Chris Bosh is a Top 15 player in this league and the same goes for Dwyane Wade. Add in another year of Goran Tragic and a healthy combo of Luol Deng/Gerald Green/Amare Stoudemire and you have the makings of an NBA Finals ready team. If the Cavaliers have any huge competition within their own conference then we think it will come from Miami. Just think of the ratings, too. Again, Miami’s chances are completely predicated on how healthy they can stay and that is a big presumption.

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs had the biggest off season of all as they grabbed LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency. Aldridge will carry the torch as the new franchise centerpiece as Tim Duncan and Tony Parker slowly phase out. Add in the resigning of Danny Green and another year of Kawhii Leonard and this may be the team that upsets Golden State.

Bernardo Chua Looks To Extend OrganoGold’s Success Into Turkey

The gourmet coffee direct selling giant OrganoGold has been reported by PR newswire to be expanding its area of operations to include the historically important country of Turkey. Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua is looking to build the brand based in Canada across the ocean in the country that has historically linked Europe, Asia and North Africa as he feels this area is the perfect fit for his ever expanding multi level marketing empire to move into.

Bernardo Chua has been a well known figure in the world of direct selling for a number of years and has seen his own companies become profitable in Asia and North America throughout the 21st century. Chua eventually moved his headquarters to British Columbia, Canada, but continued to find the best ways to use Ganoderma extracts in the products he produced. Bernardo Chua has been a champion of this mushroom based extract for many years and has looked to bring it to the attention of the world in a variety of different products.

The OrganoGold brand has been one of the fastest growing since it was established in 2008 in the city of Richmond, British Columbia. The brand is now bringing its healthy style of instant gourmet coffee to the country of Turkey as Bernardo Chua believes the arrival of a healthy, more active younger generation in Turkey provides the perfect client base for his company. Turkey is well known as the site of the world’s first coffeehouse and the level of coffee drinking in the country remains high. The inclusion of Ganoderma in the beverage allows drinkers to create a high level of antioxidants in their body and can lower cholesterol levels, according to some studies. Executives at OrganoGold also believe the arrival of the company in Turkey allows them to seek further expansion across Europe, Asia and North Africa.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Investments

Highland Capital Investments LLC is an alternative investment management company, which means that they manage investments other than the usual suspects such as stocks and bonds, such as tangibles like gold, real estate and hedge funds. Their hedge fund specialties include structured products, leveraged loans and high yield bonds.

A structured product is pre-packed investment based on derivative instruments such as commodities, single- or basket-securities and foreign currencies. A leveraged loan is a very risky gamble to make as it involves purchasing assets on borrowed money. The main bet is usually that the asset’s price growth will be more than the borrowed money. A high-yield bond is a bond that received a low credit worthiness (or investment grade). They contain very high risks of credit events such as defaults (or failures to meet legal obligations) but typically come back with higher yield payments, which is why it’s fairly popular among investors.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in Dallas, Texas in 1997. They started out as a partnership with Protective Life Insurance Corporation and initially specialized in fixed income markets. It was 1993 when Protective Life Insurance branched out into Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) As of 2014, their reported asset worthiness was over $18 billion. Then Dondero and Okada bought out Protective Life’s stake with PAMCO and replaced it with Ranger Asset Management L.P., which they re-named Highland Capital in 1997.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the credit market. Before founding Highland with Okada, he worked for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and American Express. He succeeded in his responsibilities for more than $2 billion worth of assets at the former. With American Express, he was successful in managing $1 billion in fixed funds. Aside from his work with investment and banking, he also serves as Chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. He serves with the Board of Directors for MGM Studios. At Highland, he is responsible primarily for designing and executing their operational initiatives (or the inner system workings) and strategic investments.

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James Dondero The Olympian Of Credit Managers

The Alternative Investment Management field is full of excitement and challenges. On a day-to-day- basis the professional and experienced teams deal with the twists and turns of the economy, which venture would bring the most profit, handling an unforeseen crisis and solving the problem and rebuilding ailing companies. The adrenaline is constantly pumping to the brain, eager to take on the next investment adventure and this is an investment management firms normal day.

James Dondero the Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Or HCM has $21 billion of assets under their management. The employee partnered firm is independently owned. Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas with other offices in New York, Seoul, South Korea, Singapore and San Paulo, Brazil.
He has been in the financial field of investing and management for 30 years. The firms’ specialties are distressed and special situations private equity, credit strategies, collateral loan obligations, long only funds and separate accounts and hedge funds.
James was awarded his Bachelor of Science in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia and is an SEC registered investment adviser. His Chartered Financial Analyst status is the Olympic Gold Medal in the investment field. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant because his management skills coupled with financial accounting aid’s him in devising outstanding business strategies.

The Distressed Investment team will study the company’s predicament and decide which route to follow if liquidating the company’s assets is prudent or restructure the company’s financial debts so they are sustainable.
Distressed Investments include filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy where liquidation of a company’s assets is used to pay creditors. The companies aren’t able to reorganize to make any profits. Absolute priority means the debts are paid to financial lenders that have the failed business as collateral for any loans made to the business. The investment firm has a Trustee who will make sure that whatever assets can be sold the monies will be put in the proper creditors. When there is cash left over that goes to pay off the last of the creditors which are usually unsecured loans by the banks. In other words, businesses that used their company as collateral those creditors are paid first, then unsecured loans that were based on the borrower’s ability to pay and stellar credit ratings are paid last.

When the investment firm is interested in a business that has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the professional investment management teams organize to design and develop a plan to rescue the business. Filing for Chapter ll does not mean the debts owed will disappear. The specialized investment management team will devise a reorganization plan that will allow the company to stay in business and make a profit. This includes locating financial investments to help the business make monies to help them stabilize and pay off their debts.
The investment management firm will contact the creditors and negotiate a new contract involving the interest rates, amount of payment and a payment schedule. The Trustee that is supervising the assets of the business will make sure the debts are paid.

Placing a business in the hands of an Alternative Investment Management firm that has years of experience in their chosen field, a firm with solid global connections will lead to profit, profit and more profit.

Dating, Again After 10 Years

I re-entered the dating world with great trepidation. I did not want to be those older men that are trolling dating applications for younger women. I have daughters, and even if I did not, I find these men creepy and would not want to be associated with them on any measure. I have been divorced for quite a while now, and since I had custody of my daughters, I kind of exited the world to raise them. I had no thought of dating and only saw old girlfriends every once in a while. No one wants to be single at our age, so they move on quickly looking for those attachments using Skout app on skoutorganic. Even now that my girls are grown with their own families, I do not want to rush into anything mainly because I feel so awkward meeting people.

My girls are getting pushy about me meeting someone. I actually am okay alone and do not want my children hooking me up. That is the only thing weirder than dating at this point. It is different at this age and dating. In your younger years, there are many things to plot and plan about life that bring people together as a team. At this age, most people are accomplished, so it is not about the wonderment of having dreams with someone and achieving them like it is when people are young, dating and deciding who they will spend their lives with. For me, I have been penned up so long with raising the girls that I kind of want to just meet many people and their personalities. I want to familiarize myself to what is out there and with being without responsibility for anyone except myself for the most part.

Because of this, I am looking for a group experience of sorts, so I can get opinions on this stage of life from other people with my same circumstances without the commitment of dating and things like which date means what. Imagine asking your darling daughters which date should I traditionally be intimate with the person that I am dating. I simply refuse, so I tried the dating applications, and felt just like the old tired trolls that I despise. After searching for any alternative that could suit me, my daughters told me that there were dating apps that separate people by their peer groups among other things.

She said that Skout was one these sites, and I have not had to try another one. It is great because it has a social media-type setting where I am able to find compatible friends through posting on topics and chatting. This is basically how people meet in real life, and actually, this app is real life. It is simply a platform that makes the experience easier and safer for many, and for me, less awkward. It is the best and only dating advice that I can proudly say that I have taken from my daughters, so far.