Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Takes on Insurance Group

No matter what part of the world you live in or what industry one works in, it’s best to avoid getting involved in lawsuits. Insurance companies know about this better than many others.

Recently, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC filed their own lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. Atlanta Hawks LLC is the name of the company that once held ownership over the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise. The lawsuit involved a real breach of contract with a settlement of claims that was made by the former manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson, one of the controlling partners part of the former ownership group, was included in this but not the current Hawks ownership. The lawsuit states that the insurance company, also known as AIG, had a breach of contract and insurance bad faith to go along with it. Atlanta Hawks LLC states that had a policy of coverage that it was insured for involving certain losses related to employment. The lawsuit further adds that AIG had refused to pay for any covered losses without any justification or in bad faith, despite a clause that said it was their obligation to pay them.

As for individuals in the matter, Bruce Levenson is one of the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchse. He got his start living in Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended Washington University in St. Louis and got a graduate degree from American University. Before becoming part of the Hawks franchise, he co-founded his own company called the United Communications Group (UCG) along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The group was based around analyzing data in oil, healthcare, energy and technology. Afterwards he and Peskowitz became majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004, which not only included the Hawks but also Phillips Arena, their home stadium.

George Soros Rises Again

Billionaire George Soros doubled back his giving during the United States presidential elections. The billionaire has committed more than $25 million to aid the Democrat elections from helping Hillary Clinton win the presidential elections to also aid other candidates to take the positions in the Senate. The investor has claimed more than $27 million to give to the political arena under the flag of the Democrats. During the 2004 Presidential elections, George Soros scaled more than $27 million to have President George Bush thrown out of power. According to a recent study conducted in the presidential elections, George Soros is one of the largest funders of the Democrat elections in the United States. He is one of the leading conservatisms in the United States.

More than $25 million has come in donations from George Soros for the sake of the 2017 presidential on Politico and general elections in the United States. He has struggled, through thick and thin, to help Hillary Clinton with the Presidential elections in 2017 however, the shocking victory of Donald Trump would make a difference in the political arena of the United States. George Soros has also worked to help numerous Democrats in their course in the 2017 general elections. According to the records presented in the Federal Electoral Commission, the interviews and records showed how much he had put aside to help his community in the quest to gain power in the 2017 political arena and general elections. They estimate that he had spent more than $24.9 million to help the Democrats win the general elections, according to the statements presented to the commission through interviews on NY Books. They also expect him to give more because he always believes in his course.

Soros has worked to become one of the most successful traders of the riskiest currencies in the world. He has also worked to develop initiatives on through which his money is spent to conduct the correct nature of the world through elections and supporting other courses in the United States. The 85-year-old New Yorker had it in his plans not to miss the first inauguration ceremony of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, he would not come to the meeting due to unavoidable circumstances. When he was asked why he was not in attendance, he said that there was a situation in the currencies in Britain which required his keen attention to make the most out of the situation as it is his duty.

During these latter times of his life, he has seemed to be more concerned with the political arena more than ever. He is one of the most seasoned political philanthropists in the United States at For this reason, his findings are the evidence of his anonymity. He has become more politically engaged than any other time of his life. He has all his faith in the Hillary as the best presidential candidate the world has ever seen. However, it all came to a sudden still when Donald Trump won the presidential elections in a shock. The most affected individual in the United States, perhaps, was George Soros.

Nathaniel Ru: The Co-founder of Sweetgreen and Sweetlife

Nathaniel Ru is the c-ofounder and the co-chief executive officer at Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a company launched in the year 2007 that focuses on providing scrumptious meals that fit the needs and the budget of their consumers. Together with the cofounders, Nathaniel believes in availing meals that are healthy, pocket friendly and that which gives the customer value for their money.



In an interview with Business Insider, Ru reveals the company’s strategic operations and how they have been able to create a name for themselves in such a short duration of time. One thing the company pays attention to is how they pick locations to open their offices. Their target is to place themselves strategically in places that their customers will likely pass by on their way to and from their offices. An extensive market research on the demographics and the location plays a major role in ensuring that the locations are excellent choice and are strategic.



Ru adds that customer involvement in the process is another aspect that has made the company flourish in its endeavors. In modern day customers are rather skeptical when it comes to meals. Therefore, by showing them the ingredients and how the meals are being handled it gives them confidence that the meals being prepared are healthy and clean. Moreover, the technology that companies incorporate into their operations should aid in the accuracy and effectiveness of the operations. For Sweetgreen the technology used enables the chefs to be more accurate and gives a personalized feel even when the customers are ordering using the app.



Nathaniel Ru career began after obtaining his degree in BS Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in the year 2007. He is a passionate business man with a desire to study and learn his target market. His ambition and hard work got him, together with his business partners launching Sweetlife in 2010. Sweetlife is basically a festival that is inspired by food and music. Their commitment and devotion into the project has made Sweetlife the largest festival entailing food and music in the region.



One thing that is constant in Sweetlife and Sweetgreen is the focus on healthy eating habits, overall well-being and the sustainability of the communities and their clients as a whole. these principles attract thousands of people in their events and also at their kitchen for healthy and delicious meals that promotes the well-being of the consumers.


Haircare: Too much vs Not Enough Washing

Everyone knows that grooming is one of the best ways to stay healthy. The same goes for our hair as we must do everything possible to properly take good care for these fine threads, but did you know that most people tend to wash their hair too much. That’s right! Over washing is the number cause of increased sebum production, which will leave your hair with that annoying greasy feeling. This action is too drastic as the person is actually stripping the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture. A “rule of thumb” to follow is to not wash your hair over three times per week.

On the other hand, not washing your hair enough causes major problems. Not only does it make your appearance look bad, dandruff, flakes, lice, dry scalp, itchy scalp, and breakage will surely occur. Many of the problems we encounter are self inflicted to some degree and for turning these dire situations around, intervention is the key.  Chaz Dean (, whom is a celebrity stylist, has created one of the best haircare lines of today. WEN is the brand and it’s full of beneficial ingredients such as:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Panthenol
  • Glycerin
  • Wild Cherry Bark
  • Aloe Vera Leaf
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Cucumber
  • And more

With over $40 Million units sold, WEN by Chaz is setting new trends, raising the bar, and changing the status quo. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to go about living your life and haircare is an important part of the equation. Throw away those highly contaminated products of yesterday and join the WEN by Chaz revolution of the future.

Visit or the brand’s Facebook page for more information.


Dallas Based Regional Bank Makes Big Announcement

Nexbank is proud to announce Mary Pirrello, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank, was appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA) for a one year term(2016/17). At Nexbank Ms. Pirrello’s main focuses are Buisness Development and managing relations for the regional Dallas based bank. She has been a board and committee member of the TMBA since 2007, and her involvement in the National Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) includes service on the MBA’s political action committee (MORPAC), she also graduated from the school of mortgage banking. Ms. Pirrello was also named a Future Leader, receiving the James Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA in 2010. The TMBA has aimed to preserve, enhance and advance the mortgage banking and real estate finance business in the State of Texas since 1917.
Nexbank Capital, Inc. is financial services company that serves their clients through three divisions: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. NexBank provides financial and banking services primarily to leading financial institutions, institutional clients, corporations and individuals nationwide. Their customers enjoy secure, convenient 24-hour access to their accounts through their online banking services. As well as their branch location at Preston Center 6121 Luther Lane Dallas, Texas 75225, Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm. Nexbank also provides top rate for interest baring Certificate of Deposits (CDs) to their valued customers. As well as location that provide commercial and personal mortgages. Nexbank continues to reach record levels or earnings, assets, loans and deposits. They continue to expand and strengthen their products.

Why Sweetgreen Is the Company to Watch in the Food Industry

Sweetgreen has defied all expectations in its quest to dominating the salad industry. Backed by influential personalities such as Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer, the high-end salad chain has encompassed all crucial factors in the food industry. The company’s ability to prepare fresh, healthy and organic salads has made it a favorite joint in the U.S. Additionally, the company currently operates in 40 locations as a testament to its commitment to service delivery.


Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen’s co-CEO & co-Founder, has reiterated the firm’s dedication to serving high-quality salads. Customer satisfaction ought to be the most important consideration in the food industry. Hence, they are prepared to go the extra mile to provide better meals to more customers.


Due to Sweetgreen’s meteoric rise to popularity, competitors ought to learn a trick or two to thrive in the food industry. Furthermore, Ru credits technology as an integral part of daily transactions within the salad chain. Through technology, customers can make payments via the website or mobile app. Such diversity is attributed to the co-Founders’ background in tech development and application.


Regarding expansion, the trio is in the process of opening more stores nationwide. Surprisingly, operations within the institution are not run through a central headquarter. Since the CEOs are bicoastal, they deemed it necessary to basic operations through all stores. According to Ru, decentralization is crucial in the promotion of creativity and efficiency within Sweetgreen stores.


Ru credits his co-Founders, Nicolas Jammet & Jonathan Neman, as pillars of motivation in the development of the business. With a background in entrepreneurship from Georgetown University, the Founders mobilized resources to form a successful startup. Moreover, their parents are active entrepreneurs, and their advice seems to have paid off remarkably.


Having spotted a gap in healthy foods in Georgetown, the trio shifted their focus from white collar jobs to filling this untapped potential. Since opening their first restaurant in 2007, the trio has overcome hurdles to become a force to reckon with.


Nathaniel Ru in Brief


Mr. Ru serves as the co-Founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. As a Georgetown graduate, Ru deemed it fit to partner with his friends and form a successful company. Ru credits the tremendous support of family and friends in the development phase of Sweetgreen.


More importantly, he sensitizes on the value of sustainability in the preparation of meals, hiring of staff and customer interaction. He also encourages entrepreneurs to appreciate the feedback from customers as it is a major determinant of success in any company.


Kate Hudson is HOT in her new Fabletics activewear!

Actress Kate Hudson, hot both on and off the screen, has teamed with JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Dan Ressler in launching Fabletics, a company that specializes in providing stylish, high quality activewear at prices consumers can afford.


Standing by their mantra “Live Your Passion“, Fabletics features products crafted with superior-quality fabrics, implementing innovative technology that provides a great deal of sweat-free functionality while featuring eye-catching colors and designs that really stand out.


Fabletics prides itself in providing yoga, running, gym, workout, and other activities outfits, all in cutting-edge style and technology that keeps up with current trends. With new styles coming out every month, customers can equip and accessorize their gear constantly, all the while looking and feeling great while doing so.


For customers that wish to take advantage of the fabulous deals Fabletics features every month, with savings up to 50 percent off of regular pricing, the process is very quick and easy.


Once you sign in to the Fabletics website, you can take a short Lifestyle Quiz to let Fabletics get to know your style and workout preferences. Once you’re signed in as a paid member of the VIP Membership Program, you’ll immediately get a terrific bargain opportunity as a new member.


Each month, you can shop or “Skip the Month“. If you elect to “Skip the Month” by the 5th of that month, you will not be charged anything for that month. If not, you’ll be charged $49.95 on the 6th, a charge that can be used as a credit to spend or save. And you can elect to cancel membership anytime.


Reviews have yielded some very happy and satisfied customer comments. A mere few from Trustpilot:


I love all my new purchases and the quality and comfort is amazing.”


“The products are great quality. I love how soft and stylish they are.”


“I love the material and style…customer service is always friendly and helpful. So many options and always more coming.


Heather at Krazy Coupon Lady had this to say about a select few product offerings:


Switch Back Tee: “A cool shirt and the quality is up to par.”

Lima Capri: 5-stars; Compression and styling is great.”

Salar Capris: 5-stars: “Nothing about these capris scream $10- and that’s all they cost! Great quality! The material is awesome, lots of stretch but strong enough to smooth you out.”


As a whole, Krazy Coupon Lady had this to say: “In the end, we think that it’s just silly not to take advantage of the first-outfit-for-$25 deal. It truly is a screaming bargain! In no way do we feel $49.95 per month is an unfair price. The value is still really good.”


COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company which provides consultancies and services for the development of the offshore petroleum fields with the utilization of specialized vessels. The company was founded in the year 1979. Its main headquarters lies in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.

Cotemar deals with the management, maintenance and overhauling of platforms and containers in offshore fields. It also provides decks for the construction of equipment, storage areas. The company offers the facilities of manufacturing of semi – submersible platforms, diving equipment for surveying purpose, assembly lines, integrated catering, services to accommodation. Cotemar also provides services like food preparation, laundry and ironing services, cleaning, recreational facilities to employees like cinemas, basketball, gymnasium, TV rooms.

The company is known for providing excellent quality specialized vessels for the transportation of the necessary equipment needed for oil drilling, removing abrasive materials, sand, barite, mud, etc., The company also provides services for the processing and refining of oils extracted from the sea. The refined oil is also transported to the required area of distribution.

Cotemar is known for providing an excellent firefighting service and hydrocarbon spill service. Cotemar is also known for providing air transportation services. It is well known for its marine operation and maintenance as well as construction. Cotemar uses the WiFi services of AeroScout Solution, another trusted company for tracking the locations of personnel and visitors on all its four offshore platforms which also serve as floating hotels for PEMEX employees. These employees work on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cotemar also has free fighting vessels, tow ships and barges at its service for transporting large structures. The company gives special attention to the close monitoring of the work processes in order to maintain the safety of the operating engineers and personnel. Cotemar has been the foremost company based in Mexico which is relentlessly working for the development of the oil industry there.

The company boasts of a group of dedicated people who contribute to the production of hydrocarbons by using efficient, sustainable processes. Cotemar is always interested in adopting new, environment-friendly and innovative technology for the oil industry and offshore oil production.

Cotemar has worked with many of its clients successfully. Grandweld Shipyards is one of the main clients who completed the delivery of the four units 42 m Aluminum Crew Boats to Cotemar. The vessel can reach up to about 26 knots and has luxurious accommodation. The vessel will operate in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Business of OSI Group LLC and Its Development

OSI Group is a company that has been recognized for the production of high-quality food and beverage products. Its products are distributed internationally, and its primary processing plant is based in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded in 1909, and it has currently grown and offers employment to approximately 20,000 people. The specialization of the enterprise is in fish, pizza, bacon, poultry, and meat patties. OSI is a privately held firm and the Forbes Magazine named it as the 58th business on its list of the leading 100 companies.

The enterprise has been acknowledged for the top notch services that it provides to its clients. It was ranked as the 66th business in the food and beverage industry’s top 100 companies. The firm’s development has been accelerated by Sheldon Lavin, who serves as its CEO. He is an experienced administrator, and the Visionary World Academy recognized his work by offering him the Global Visionary Award. His input has significantly helped in the transformation of the enterprise from a local business to an internationally recognized corporation that makes multi-billion dollars profit. The company has built 60 processing factories in 16 countries.

OSI Group has been focused on its development, and it plans to increase its production by acquiring a top processing plant that is located in Chicago. Kevin Scott, who serves as the chief executive deputy president of the company’s North America unit, believes that the acquisition of the enterprise will help OSI in offering a broad range of products to clients. The firm has been striving to fulfill the needs of its customers, and that is the primary objective of leading businesses in the food and beverage sector.

OSI Group’s business has grown due to its recent acquisition of Baho Food. The company’s former owners were the Dutch and the main products that it offers are portable foods, snacks, and deli meats. OSI Groups plans to use Baho Foods to gain clients in the Europe market. David G. McDonalds, who is the COO and president of the firm, thinks that the Baho Food’s acquisition will increase its ability to produce more products and brands.

Baho Foods is made up of five units that are located in Germany and Netherlands. These companies are Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Vital Convenience. OSI Group will have a broad variety of products and brands that it will offer to its clients across the globe.

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Chaz Dean & How He’s Changing The Game

Haircare is a multi billion dollar industry which includes the use of products and services. Walk in any store and notice just how full the haircare isle truly is. There are thousands of products and product lines on the market, but all aren’t created equally and this is why. Most products today are loaded with chemical additives. These additives may help you achieve a certain look, but they’re also destroying your hair’s health in the process. Too much of a so-called good thing will cause issues. Conditioners and shampoo are some of the most popular hair maintenance cleansers. They both have dangerous chemicals because they’re most synthetic materials. For the best haircare health you have to think natural.

Those very harmful synthetic ingredients should be thrown away and replaced with a more natural source. Any products from an organic source will provide you with nutrients and a lack of side effects. One of the best brands on earth at achieving this is Wen hair by Chaz. Coming from such a natural source, WEN by Chaz provides your hair and scalp with moisture, reduces oil build-up, and it’s gentle on the skin. Remember that every thing you put on your body gets absorbed through the skin and your scalp is apart of the skin.

Wen By Chaz comes in many different forms such as sprays, creams, gels, mousse, pomade, shampoo, and conditioner. The 5-in-1 Cleaning Conditioner ( is one of the line’s best sellers as it washes and conditions to give the user softer hair that is more manageable. During studies 97% of consumers stated that the conditioner gave their hair more shine. 100% said that the moisture came back. With daily or consistent use of (WEN) products, your locks will certainly be thanking you all the way down to the follicle itself.

For more information, visit Wen’s social media pages on Facebook, Wikipedia and on Twitter.