CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is an equity firm that deals with buyout and growth equity investments in Europe as well as North America. This global privately owned company on has four targeted industries and works with exceptional management teams to combine its proprietary operating resources with deep industry expertise that drives the company’s growth and operational efficiency. The name CCMP originates from the company’s heritage organizations namely Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan, and Partners.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital invests up to $500 million of equity in each transaction and specializes in companies worth between $250 million and $2 billion. This allows the company to provide estate diversification solutions specifically for privately owned businesses, manage buyouts and corporate carve-outs, make public companies private, develop new businesses to the desired growth, and brings equity to over-levered capital structures. One may argue that CCMP Capital’s deep industry experience is the reason behind significant transaction experience, which means the company has invested in four targeted sectors long enough to understand their multiple industry business cycles and the variations of each market conditions. This kind of knowledge on specific issues as well as opportunities has established CCMP Capital as the choice company to invest with in consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare and energy sectors.

Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch who focus on providers of healthcare services, specialty product companies, medical products distributors and managed care organizations or payers lead the healthcare industry. With over 27 years’ experience in this field, the company focuses on LHP Hospital Group Inc., CareMore, Warner Chilcott, MedPace and MedQeust Associates. Lastly, Christopher Behrens leads the company’s 25 years of experience to focus on exploration and production, power, midstream services, and oilfield services, lead the energy sector. Some of the companies CCMP Capital invests with in this sector include Chaparral Energy, Vetco, Newark Energy, Latigo Petroleum Inc., and Noble Environmental Power.

The company invests at least $7.1 billion in the consumer/retail sector, and over 31 years’ experience in this sector has directed the company to focus on specialty retail, service businesses, mass channel supply, information services and multi-channel marketing sub-sectors. CCMP Capital has put Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino in charge of the consumer/retail sector. Some of the companies that CCMP Capital invests with in this sector include Jamieson, The Hillman Group, Aramak, Infogroup, and Ollies Bargain Outlet. For the industrial sector, CCMP Capital has invested more than $ 5.5 billion and has over 29 years of experience in the following sub-sectors: manufacturing, distribution, industrial services, and chemicals. The person in charge of this sector is Timothy Walsh, who prefers investments on selected platforms such as Jetro Cash & Carry, PQ Corporation, Generac, EcoServices and Milacron.

Stephen Murray once served as the president and CEO of CCMP Capital. He is a graduate of Boston College with an honorary degree in economics and later attained his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Business and Technology Expert, Shaygan Kheradpir

Internationally, business organizations are using technology effectively to achieve their goals. As per the saying ‘survival’ for the ‘fittest’, organizations that do not adopt modern technology in carrying out their operations collapse immediately after commencing. Information Technology in business majorly plays the role of transforming the entire organization. Through effective use of technology, organization can keep its clients updated about its progress. However, for this to work effectively and efficiently, a team of highly skilled professionals in information technology must be employed. These professional then integrate their expertise knowledge together with a core aim of achieving business goals. Proper use of technology in organization also contributes majorly in upholding customer services both internally and externally. Early life and education of Shaygan Kheradpir In the field of Business and Technology, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is among the famous individuals who have made countless achievements. He is a business and Technology executive with over 28 years of experience in telecommunication industry. Currently, he is the CEO OF Coriant Company. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in 19th December 1960 at London, United Kingdom. Mr. Kheradpir has amazing academic records. Having secured a chance in Cornell University, he graduated with bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Later, he earned his masters and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the same University. Shaygan Kheradpir’s career Kheradpir’s career started in 1987 in GTE. In this company, he performed management roles, controlling of operations and at the same time network routing. Owing to his hard work and commitments, Mr. Kheradpir was promoted to the position of chief information officer of the company. While still in GTE, he earned respect for maintain timely delivery of new products on schedule. The act of GTE merging with Bell Atlantic in 2000 led to the formation of Verizon communications. Earlier after the merge, Kheradpir acted as the president Verizon’s e-business division. He was later promoted to become the company’s first CIO. In his position, he was fully committed and through his efforts, the company was in a position to diversify and expand its telecommunication services. Owing to his intellectual ability and leadership experiences, Mr. Kheradpir conceived an ideal which worked perfectly. He came up with a strategy to form small groups which were trusted with the responsibility of coming up with new product ideas. In addition, he executed a 30 day prototype which was aimed at testing and adapting new skills in development stage. In 2003, Kheradpir’s team succeeded in creating iobi. This iobi had the capability to manage call ID, address books and other feature across the device. In leadership tenure, Shaygan Kheradpir contributed to the reduction of the company’s operation budget by reducing the costs of operations. Through his aggressive negation with vendors, prices of technology equipment and materials reduced significantly. He also employed the outsourcing technic in employing programming experts. After leaving Verizon Company, Kheradpir got a chance to work with Barclays Bank. Here, he worked in position of the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Rail and Business Banks. Kheradpir left a hallmark after coming up with mobile payment software. This software assisted customers to make their payments using their phones. Later in 2013, he was promoted to become the Chief operations and Technology officer. Early 2014, he became the CEO OF Jupiter Networks where he came up with a plan of reconstructing and cutting down costs of operations. On 28th September 2013, Kheradpir was announced as the new CEO of Coriant company.

Help the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society Save Denver’s Cats

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society or ARAS is a no-kill cat shelter that is dedicated to giving Denver area cats without a home a safe harbor to live in. They are longtime advocates against any type of cruelty to animals. ARAS is a nonprofit organization and all monies donated for them go to help Denver’s homeless cats.

Jon Urbana said on Facebook that he wants to help ARAS in their mission to help homeless cats in the Denver area. Urbana is a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database and also is a member of the Ellipse USA team. Using his background as a successful Villanova lacrosse defenseman,  Urbana also owns a lacrosse camp and works to help young people. He is therefore dedicated to both people and animals, and is encouraging people to donate and help ARAS raise money via their Crowdrise campaign at: They are trying to raise around $1,200. You can find out more about ARAS by calling them at their phone number 303-744-6076, or email them at or by sending a fax to 303-744-6205. They also have a website at

Urbana posted to his Twitter account that he wants you to help ARAS meet their goal because he has a big heart and wants to help animals in need and knows that they are dedicated to helping helpless cats and saving them from sure death on the streets or being put to sleep. In a blog post, Urbana summed up the reasons he believes ARAS is the best charity to support. And just a few days later, he launched a GoFundMe drive for Earth Force Inc., another local charity.

ARAS also works to educate the public about the plight of these homeless cats and kittens via referrals and community outreach programs. They also give out the names of other rescue groups in the area when they are unable to help.

The bottom line is that Jon Urbana and ARAS need your help, and all of the reasons are up on Slideshare. Every single penny adds up towards reaching their monetary goal and goes to help the cats. Crowdrise helps organizations like ARAS to meet their needs every day, so please be generous and save a homeless Denver area cat or kitten today! Go to his website and click the widget to make your generous donation right away! A homeless Denver area cat or kitten desperately needs the services of ARAS and your kind donation can make it possible!

Discovering Yeonmi Park as a Human Rights Activist

Yeonmi Park was born in Ryanggang that is found in North Korea. Her father used to work in an hall that was in Hyesan, but her mother was a nurse working for the Korean Army. Her father used to do smuggling of metal in the city of Pyongyang. While he was busy smuggling metal, his wife together with his daughter Yeonmi Park were in Hyesan. While Yeonmi was growing up, her family was well off economically as per the standards of the North Korea. Her father was eventually imprisoned for dealing in illegal business. This incarceration of their father marked the beginning of many problems for the family. They faced many challenges including starvation. Her father was subjected to very hard labor when he was imprisoned. The turning point for Yeonmi Park came when she watched a titanic movie. The movie opened her eyes to the authoritarian and the oppressive nature of the North Korean government. Through the film, Yeonmi Park learned a lot about how human beings should express love to each other, and it also gave her a test of freedom that she so greatly admired.

While they were at North Korea, live was not easy. Life was like living in hell because of the constant power outages and lack of proper means of transportation. She used to notice many of her friends disappear without ever being noticed again. While at that youthful age, she used to regard the ruler of South Korea Kim Jing sung as a god capable of reading her thoughts. Yeonmi Park’s father eventually joined his family and an escape trip to China was immediately planned. With the help of brokers, they were smuggled into China. In China, they were assisted by the Chinese people and other Christians, and they eventually made it to Mongolia. After a short while, the diplomats at the South Korea did facilitate the family’s entry into Seoul.

The end of this tumultuous journey made Yeonmi Park resolve to become a human rights activist. Initially, the family did experience a little anxiety while they were trying to adjust to the life in Seoul. With the help of friends, they finally got employment as waitresses and shop assistants. Yeonmi Park joined Dongguk University to advance her education.

Currently, Yeonmi Park has been working in non–profit making organizations. These groups are concerned with providing aid to the North Koreans who have fled their homeland and are currently residing as refugees in nearby states. When they are rescued, they are resettled in the United States or South Korea. Yeonmi Park also is actively involved in educational summits that are intended at educating people at the state of affairs in the North Korea. People are also briefed on what they should do to provide help to the refugees who have fled to the close by countries. Yeonmi believes in imparting information as the best way of making the people of North Korea start questioning the meaning of their lives, therefore, driving the change in the country. Yeonmi Park mostly regards the North Korean ruler as somebody who is heartless, and somebody who feels contented when his people are suffering.

Doe Deere – The Rise of A Makeup Industry Icon

Doe Deere is a Russian immigrant who moved to America with a plan and has succeeded in making her name a brand in itself. In 1999 she immigrated to America to marry a 25 year old man named Mark. The pair couldn’t have been more perfect for each other.
The couple and two friends formed a rock band named Sky Salt in 2002. The band played mostly night clubs and small fashion shows and released a CD titled “I Believe in Fairytales”. In 2006 they disbanded. Doe took the loss of the band quite hard and decided to take the leap into a solo career. She was incredibly excited about her solo release and posted on her MySpace page that she was featured as song of the day on PopJustice and was also number one on Electroqueer’s chart for two weeks in a row.
Even though she was thoroughly ecstatic about her music career she decided that she wanted to go in a different direction. In 2003 she began selling DIY clothing on eBay and named her business Thunderwear! It also included an invitation only LiveJournal community called LittleBigGirls that helped other DIY eBay designers advertise on storyexchange their auctions. In 2004 after her business was growing she decided to change the name of the line to Lime Crime.
In 2008 she ventured into the world of cosmetics. With her eccentric personality she quickly realized that her bright, poppy color palates had a wonderful market with teens and young women. Each color palate that was introduced came with a fun name and interesting back story created by Deere herself.
As her business continued to grow, Deere joined the world of blogging. She wanted something to showcase her uniqueness, something to reach out to her fans and give them style and fashion tips, makeup tutorials and her amusing tales of her life in New York City. She created the Doe Deere Blogazine.
As her brand grew, her fans wanted more and more from her. In order to satisfy the need she created a fan club. She invited those that she deemed her best and most loyal fans and called them her Futurettes.
More recently, Dough has become more involved in social and humanitarian issues. She now sells her products lines as vegan. She also began donating percentages of her profits from her lipsticks to animal charities. In May of this year an artist by the name of Richard Prince found one of her old Instagram photos online and added it to his exhibit, it sold for $90,000.
Though eccentric and different, Doe Deere has created an extensive and admirable career for herself. First immigrating and then turning herself into a brand, she has achieved the American dream.

The Young Crowd, Adores, Sergio As He Loved Michael Jackson

The best part about Sergio Cortes is that he is someone who attracts the young fans. No, seriously, just the other day outside of one of his venues were a crowd of fans. There was not one that were over about 15 years old. See they can relate to him. They to want to be famous and they see how he has become famous by impersonating someone. In fact anytime a young boy or girl meets Sergio they are often asking if they can show him their act. They want to do the moonwalk, sing and dance, to show him what they are made of.

It is with grace that Sergio just like Michael Jackson gets down at their level smiles and encourages their one moment of happiness. This is as the one person they look up to is enjoying their rendition of his act. He is not just an entertainer but a world class humanitarian. There has even been sometimes where he gets up and does the routine with them. That is an awesome thing to see. He then offers an autograph and goes about his business, leaving the young talent children so excited. For he was not there just to sign an autograph but for one moment to allow these young ones the chance to see what it is like to entertain someone.

He has often said that it is because he was able to entertain others. He knows how much it means to their souls to be able to show off for even five minutes. He often gets a kick out of how they dress. It is not rare to see a young teen wearing a tilted hat, white and silver sparkling glove and anything else that makes them look like Michael Jackson or Sergio Cortes. It is an honor for both the kids and the entertainer. He wishes that he could be seen by his idol Michael Jackson but hopes not to take that trip anytime soon. So with much excitement he does his best to stay well through his healthy life style. Often taking time to meditate and relax so that it does not become too much.

He never wants to get in the place that Michael Jackson himself was often trying to go from, one extreme to the other. Things often come full circle but he makes sure to have plenty of down time as that’s one full circle he does not want to come.

Aging Dog Needs And Care

Being the owner of an aging or elderly dog means providing extra care and attention and helping them age gracefully so they are healthy in their last years. Aging dogs have different dietary needs, play and exercise drives and require more medical care than most younger dogs. An aging animal is much like an aging human, as we mature we require less calorie intake, more vitamins and nutrients and our digestive system tends to slow down.

One thing to consider doing to ease your dog into their senior years is switching to a dog food such as Beneful Playful Life that is formulated for middle aged dogs to get the best nutrition without the fillers that younger pups need. Other foods contain too many calories and not enough vitamin and mineral content to support aging bones, and the extra calories can pack on unwanted pounds. Extra weight can really stress a dogs digestive system as well as have an impact on the dogs exercise routine and joint health, so it is important that regardless what you decide to feed your dog that you monitor their weight carefully and watch for sudden fluctuations.

Another thing to consider is switching from kibble to soft food, or smaller kibbles. The puppy chewing drive is insane but as a dog grows up, they no longer need to gnaw for cutting new teeth. Also, teeth and gums in older dogs tend to become sensitive and jaws get tired easier resulting in food sometimes being ate that has not been properly chewed. This is a choking hazard as well as a nutritional issue, as the food will pass through their system without proper digestion and they may become under nourished.

Treats for older dogs should include softer chews, low calorie, high calcium fortified biscuits and licking treats versus raw hides and bones. As the natural need to chew declines, you should also be brushing your dogs teeth with a dog toothpaste and toothbrush. This will help keep plaque and tartar down and keep their gums and teeth in good working order for years to come.

Veterinary care is the final ingredient for a healthy senior life for dogs. Yearly exams are extremely important during this time as their body begins to change. A trained veterinary professional will know to monitor the dogs eyes, skin, coat, and digestive system for potential problems and be able to further assist you in caring for your four legged friend.

Puppies need the most time and training, the reward for all you do early on can be seen in the years to come. Older dogs are already trained, loving and know what is expected from them, making them the perfect companion. Remember to keep your dogs needs in mind as the years pass and they will thank you in the many years to come.

Factors Behind Shaygan Kheradpir’s Success

Every time we hear about very successful businessmen and women we would not miss the name of one Shaygan Kheradpi a business man and an executive in a technology firm. We would always remain pondering on the secret that some people have within themselves that would always propel them into achieving great things while others would never rise beyond the fame of the neighborhood. A lot of myths would surface on and among them is the belief in mere good luck. Something about the background information of such people as Shaygan Kheradpir could be helpful in our quest to know the reasons behind their success. This article will talks about Shaygan Kheradpir an icon in technology and business and the factors that could be influencing him forward.

Shaygan Kheradpir was raised under a very normal livelihood, and most of his education history is scattered. Growing up in London and going to his grade school in Switzerland, Shaygan finally flew to the United States to pursue his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Cornell University the same University where he acquired his doctorate and master’s degree. The one thing that could his accolade could be based in is the fact that he went through the education system of United States. This is one education system that has been recognized to instill value unto its subjects and to always have quality in their education. It offers skills that are applicable in the real world, and Shaygan is one student who embraced these virtues and it sure did him well.

Kheradpir as the people he had worked with will tell you is someone who is quite flexible in deeds that would influence the organization. He has held a lot of positions in several companies and in every other position; he is always very smart and often even outsmarting some of his seniors. The one secret behind this success is the fact that he is always willing to accept new ideas and inventions. He has in mind the fact we live in such a changing world and what happens is that the moment one refuses to embrace new ideologies into business, they are bound to stagnate. This is evident through the fact that he introduced network routing during his reign at Verizon and many other innovations in his other companies.

How one goes bout dealing with his or her staff members dictates a lot about them and their success. Shaygan is someone who is very organized and disciplined in the ways he handles his co-workers especially those on the lower ranks. He has the ability to dissect his staff members into different groups. These groups is supposed to be assigned a task of dealing with some issues in the organization and with the sole desire of achieving the set goals of the organization. He has a hidden ability to tell he kind of staff he has and how to group them and eventually come up with a very productive group[s that will foster success. Shaygan is exceptionally organized, and that could be one of the reasons behind his success.

Bruce Levenson, More Than a Dreamer

Bruce Levenson has been working hard and succeeding for a very long time. After graduating from American University in 1971, he went on to cofound United Communications Group in 1977. He and his partner worked out of a storage room above a liquor store owned by Levenson’s father. A year later UCG won its first award. Always looking forward, UCG was one of the first businesses to use the internet to deliver content.
Levenson didn’t stop there. TechTarget was nurtured in the heart of UCG, but it went public in 2003. Levenson was a founding member of the board. TechTarget works to aid enterprise technology buyers in their research and decision making. Add in his association with the well known website and app, GasBuddy, and it becomes clear that Levenson tries to always be on the cutting edge. From 1980 to the present, this is a man who sees technological opportunities and seizes them.
Of course, Bruce Levenson is most well known for his association with the Atlanta Hawks. In 2004 he was able to realize the dream of many a young boy, and was part of the purchase of that team. A majority partner in Atlanta Hawks, LLC, Levenson stayed involved for a decade before deciding to sell his share of the team.
That isn’t to say that Levenson will be resting on his laurels. An active philanthropist, he has been associated with charities running the gamut from the Seed School to the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.. He was a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and is the reason the Bringing the Lessons Home program is a thriving program. This program focuses on getting students invested in their education, as well as expanding their knowledge of the Holocaust. Their aim is to get students to examine the implications of the Holocaust for their own lives, and for the students to spread that knowledge within their communities.
Bruce Levenson and his wife have had to watch well-intentioned charities that were fulfilling a need fail more than once. Believing that this happened because they often lacked professional management, the couple funded the start of a new Center at the University of Maryland. Part of the School of Public Policy, the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management will train future leaders of nonprofits in order to prevent them from repeating problems failed charities have faced in the past. They also hope that the Center will help engender a spirit of philanthropy withing the student body, so that the next generation can produce some Levensons of their own.
Bruce Levenson has been dreaming for a long time. He is not a dreamer with his head in the clouds and little idea of practicality. No, Bruce Levenson does more than dream, he works hard and makes dreams a reality.

Feeding A Dog Beneful Can Help To Keep Them Healthy

Dog food has changed tremendously over the years. Back in the day many people were familiar with finding dog food in a can, and only a can opener would be able to allow the pet owner to open the can to give the food to their dog. Canned dog food was very popular before, and in certain cases it was more well-known than dry dog food. Dry dog food is something that most people prefer to feed their dogs, especially since they can easily stock up on it when they’re ready. Maybe more people prefer to get bags of dog food because it stacks up better than cans of dog food.

Most dog foods aren’t even in cans these days, but manufacturers have switched over to putting dog foods in bowls. Although a can will preserve the freshness of a certain food, it may also change the taste as well. Putting a dog food in a plastic bowl that is sealed may seal in the flavor a lot better, and the dog may enjoy eating the food a lot more. Not every dog food will be in a bowl if it’s wet dog food because some manufacturers will still use cans. There’s nothing wrong with canned dog food, but dog owners need to be selective when purchasing dog food.

As long as the ingredients in dog food is something that is good for the dog, then the dog food can be purchased. One would think that all dog food is created to be edible for dogs, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Many dog food manufacturers have gotten into trouble for the ingredients that they are putting in their food, especially since the food may end up harming the dog. Pet owners must always be particular about the ingredients that are in the food they will be feeding to their pet.

Many pet owners who know good dog food will choose Beneful, especially because of the fact that it has all the balanced nutrition that a dog needs. Dogs will want a well-rounded meal, just like any human would. Humans like to have several different foods on their plate when they are eating, so there’s no reason why a dog wouldn’t want variety in their food is well. Beneful combines different types of foods into one meal, and the food has all the nutrients that a dog could possibly need. Dogs not only get nutrients from Beneful, but they can gain energy as well.

Having a dog stay healthy is one of the top priorities of any pet owner, and having a healthy dog starts by feeding them good dog food. Beneful is a top brand when it comes to dog food, and many pet owners will only buy Beneful brand foods. If a pet owner wants snacks and treats for their dog, they may only buy Beneful. A pet owner may also purchase the wet and dry dog food that Beneful offers, just so they stay within the Beneful family of dog foods.