Sugar is a Bad Brain Food

In America, the consumption of sugar is at an all-time high, and it is quite evident in its citizens’ waistlines. However, consuming sugar has another bad effect on health: it can be detrimental to your brain function.

At Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, studies have proven exactly that. This because the sugar taken in interacts with the gut bacteria. This gut bacteria communicates with the brain, which means a high amount of sugar in the diet can affect biological processes in the body.

According to Zeca Oliveira, in their study, they’ve found that a diet high in sugar not only decreases your overall cognitive abilities, but it can also affect your memory, both in the short term and long term senses.

As a country, the intake of unhealthy amounts of sugar and fats has proven to be extremely harmful to both the mental and physical health of people. Healthy habits promote a longer lifespan, so if people can decrease or eliminate sugar from their families’ diets, both children and adults alike can pick up healthy dietary habits that will ensure they will be around for each other’s lives for a long time. America needs to follow suit and have healthy exercise and diet habits like the rest of the world.

Bird Flu May Affect Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays will soon be upon us, Thanksgiving is a mere five months away. Come late October or early November people will begin shopping for their annual meal of thanks. Food lovers at FreedomPop know that the star of the meal in most American families is the roasted, or fried, turkey. Due to the bird flu sweeping the Midwest there is going to be a potential turkey shortage and prices will likely be higher than usual. Chicken eggs are already feeling the heat as prices spike at grocery stores nationwide. Turkey farmers are scrambling to get themselves in a good place for when the annual slaughter will take place. Perhaps people will bake a ham, tofurky, or a lasagna in lieu of the traditional meal. The situation is reminiscent of the pumpkin shortage a couple of years ago when prices were higher and stock less abundant yet that year the traditional meal carried on as normal, this year likely will as well.

The Foods with the Most Trans Fat

When it comes to trans fat most know just how damaging this fat can be on a body.  There are still foods out there that contain quite a bit of this dangerous fat. Which foods are the hardest on a body? Which foods that are available today contain the most trans fats? There is a list out, and this list might surprise you – or, it might not.

Foodies at Boraie Development know that canned frosting is one of the food items that contains a large amount of trans fat. Those who rely on the frosting that they pick up in the store might want to be careful when doing that. Canned frosting can be damaging to a body, and it would be a better idea to just whip up frosting at home. Another food item that can contain a high amount of trans fat is coffee creamer.  Trans fat is harmful to a body, and certain foods need to be avoided because of the large amount of this fat that they contain.

FDA Eliminates Artery-Clogging Trans Fats

There’s been a lot of talk but the FDA officially announced the alluring taste of artery-clogging hydrogenated oils is being overhauled. Within three years, food manufacturers must eliminate trans-fats.

In fact, according to the New York Times, it’s estimated by the FDA “that by completely eliminating trans-fats about 20,000 heart attacks could be averted and about 7,000 deaths that result from cardiovascular disease prevented.”

Manufacturers have used the cheap oil for decades, and although its already been removed from many products, the oil is lurking in popular items like cake frosting, frozen pizzas and other packaged foods.

According to the Institute of Medicine, trans fats is simply not safe – not on any level.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, hydrogenated oils are conveniently popular because the product is much cheaper than the healthier butter.

McDonalds: Trying To Save Their Reputation

McDonald’s is at it again. In an attempt to “revamp their reputation” they have hired a former press secretary,Robert Gibbs who worked under the Obama administration. I guess they gave up on trying to make the sexy Hamburglar theif improve their reputation and are going to try to use a politician instead. Great concept McDonalds. What reputation exactly is it that you’re trying to save? Could it be you offer great customer service by hiring nothing but immature children who do nothing but stand around and text all day on their phones while their jobs are automated. Or could it be the great quality food that you offer? We all know that that pink slime and our cardboard hamburger buns are bringing us all the nutrition and vitamins that we need.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for showing me this story.

New Yorkers May Soon Find Something New on Their Restaurant Menu – a Salt Shaker Icon

New York City officials are very interested in what their fellow constituents eat. First the trans-fat was banned from restaurants, then calorie counts had to be posted next to each menu item so patrons would know how many calories they were consuming with each meal. The last attempt to alter what New Yorkers were consuming was the unsuccessful attempt to limit the size of sugary soft drinks sold in restaurants.

Now Mayor De Blasio administration is targeting the amount of salt put in restaurant fare. If the administration is successful, a tiny salt shaker icon will have to be placed beside of any menu item that contains 2,300 milligrams or more of salt. 2,300 is the amount of sodium deemed as safe for consumption within one day. Health analyst Paul Mathieson estimates that amount to roughly equal to one teaspoon of salt.

Dr. Sonia Angell, who is a deputy commissioner at New York City’s Health Department, feels that most people don’t understand which food items may have too much salt for them. A salt shaker icon placed beside high-sodium menu items would enable consumers to make better food choices.
Restaurant groups in New York City are none too happy about Mayor De Blasio’s proposal.

Taco Bell Gets Rid of Artificial Ingredients but Adds Cap’n Crunch Doughnut Holes

Taco Bell still plans to satisfy your sweet tooth even though the company recently made drastic changes to their menu by removing artificial ingredients from 95 percent of their choices. Part of the remaining 5 percent will include Taco Bells’s new creation of Cap’n Crunch doughnut balls that will be covered in the sugary cereal.

Clearly, the new dessert item on the menu contains artificial ingredients and flavors. Also, their famous Doritos Locos Tacos will still be on the menu as well. The doughnut holes will become available on July 2 and are called Cap’n Crunch Delights.

Even though these doughnut holes aren’t considered a health food, indulging a sweet tooth now and then can actually be good for you. Just like Steve Murray always says, everything in moderation.

Taco Bell is owned by the same company as KFC and Pizza Hut, a company among many others who have decided to get rid of artificial ingredients due to concerns from consumers.

G.M.O. May Or May Not Be Harmful

If you have started eating G.M.O free do you know why you have done it? Is there a reason behind your fears of eating this way, or are you doing it just because that is what you feel is best?
Genetically modified food items might not be as bad as you have feared. There aren’t a lot of facts out there to prove that these kinds of foods are actually bad for you. There aren’t a lot of studies on them, and how they can affect those who eat them.
So, why are you eating G.M.O. free? Is it because those kinds of foods just seem bad to you? Do you have any real evidence of how bad they are?
Maybe G.M.O. foods are bad for you, and maybe they are not. There aren’t a lot of studies that prove that they are, but then again, there’s not really anything to prove that they for sure aren’t, either says Ivan Ong. It’s up to you what you choose to eat, but all of this is definitely something to think about.

Making Way for the Future

The Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle is known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Very few know about how well the company takes care of its loyal employees. Employee loyalty just got a huge reason to stay amongst the Chipotle Company. Hourly paid workers at Chipotle are in the process of getting paid sick days and vacation days. As it turns out, the company isn’t stopping there. Chipotle is also looking to reimburse its employees for their college tuitions as well. Previously these benefits are only given to salaried employees but the company has decided to share these benefits with the rest of the workforce. Chief marketing associates at Chipotle have decided to make room for the future. Instead of hoping that employees will stay around just for a paycheck, the company wants to give the employees something to look forward to. The company is very keen to the idea of promoting from within and getting the best potential out of every employee that they have on their roster. The recent news coming out of Chipotle has made heads turn not just amongst their customers and employees, but among their competition as well. Keith Mann ( agrees that Chipotle’s raise in benefits and perks will surely have numerous restaurant and fast food giants tripping over themselves to ensure that their employees receive similar, if not the same, type of benefits.

Make Your Own Soup, BPA IN Canned Foods May Pose A Threat To Your Health

A recent report, published by the Environmental Working Group, indicated which food manufacturers canned brands incorporate bisphenol A (BPA) in the can’s interior lining. BPA, in generic terms, is a plastic additive that takes on the appearance of and imitates the female sex hormone, estrogen.

Daniel Amen also said that it is believed that three-quarters of the manufactured, canned food on the North American continent, are packaged in cans that are interior lined with BPA, to prevent the container metal from corrosion and the entry of harmful bacteria.The primary concern for advocates for the prohibition of BPA is that the chemical seeps into the cans contents.

The United States Food and Drug Administration contends that BPA is “safe at the current levels occurring in foods,” though there is plenty of scientific research that confirms that prolonged exposure to BPA has been associated with major health issues.

The Environmental Working Group surveyed 252 canned food brands and of those manufacturers responding, 50% reported BPA lining in all their canned items, and 24 % using BPA in some products. The companies that use BPA in all their canned products, included brands, Progresso, Hormel, Green Giant, and Ocean Spray.