George Soros Echoes Hillary Clinton

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton had blasted her potential adversary in Novembers 2016 presidential elections, Donald Trump, by stating that his comments further alienate disgruntled Muslim youths living in the Western countries.

Trump commented that the United States should ban Muslims from entering its territory. This has led to much criticism in the liberal media, while some Persian Gulf sheikhs cut business ties with Trump’s enterprises in the region.

It even has come to the point where the United Kingdom’s Parliament is debating whether to ban this potential future President of the United States from entering the British territory, a rather discouraging development for a country that claims to have a special relationship with America.

Trump’s comments, however, have brought him many supporters. This worries Hillary’s team as well as other Republican candidates. But, here comes George Soros to the rescue.

During this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros blasted Trump by echoing Hillary Clinton’s claim that Trump’s comments help ISIS in doing their work by further alienating the already-alienated Muslims.

George Soros has been a clear supporter of Clinton’s presidential bid and has criticized another Republican candidate, Ted Cruz. As Soros predicted, Hillary will win in a landslide, but as of know, it’s becoming less certain.

With recent criticism of Trump, it appears we have a clash of multi-billionaires going on. Soros’s fortune is estimated to be around $24 to $27 billion dollars, while Trump got around $4.5 billion.

George Soros made his fortune as a financial speculator (he even made a billion dollars in a day back in 1992), while Donald Trump made it big in real estate.

As of late, Soros has been praising another powerful lady, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to him, she’s done a good job by inviting millions of Muslim youths to Europe, despite all the issues with terrorism, sexual assaults on European women, and increased crime.

He still feels Europe can handle the crisis and is encouraging the European Union nations to bring a million migrants form the Middle East each year for as long as necessary, while paying them subsidies.

George Soros Explains Why Investors Should Not Predict The 2016 Financial Market This Early

George Soros is a man who offers financial advisory services for the healthier well-being of the investors. He participates in political activism by defending the rights of the ordinary people. Being one of the most known billionaires, Soros gave up his Quantum management to become a philanthropist. He has been donating thousands of dollars to go fund me campaigns and the open society foundation. He has been running the hedge fund firm successfully for almost three decades.

His dedication to helping the needy has impressed many organizations, including the Oxford University. The University offered him a degree of honor for his significant roles in the society. He reported in the function that he is happy when people call him financial speculator. Analyst Soros always makes releases on the trend of economic behavior. According to George Soros, the best investor is one who knows when to buy and make sales in the financial market.

George Soros has been explaining on the financial scenarios since he ventured into business. His primary aim involves imposing quality advice to investors to manage stiff competition in the stock market. He has been using quotes such as differentiation of scenarios, credit crises, and soft commodities to help investors make wise decisions while buying or selling their stocks. He is the most trusted man in the world of investments. It is well known that he managed a thirty percent returns annually in the Quantum Fund investments.

Billionaire Soros investing standards revolves his market philosophy that states that governing of the market in general aspect and the stocks, in particular, is all caused by irrational behavior factor. Unlike other financial markets analysts, George Soros has the capability of unraveling the indicators in the stock market and know what they mean. His experience in the stock market and investments is what made him predict the 2008 economic recession, which he addressed on in Sri Lanka.

He has always been successful in his market predictions. Some analysts warned in the 2010 financial year, which instilled fear in many investors. Some of the investors continued with the optimistic worrying nature and bought shares in the biotech NASDAQ. In return, the investment encountered three hundred and seven percent returns. The investors who feared the bubble life did not enjoy the financial returns. Soros has cautioned the investors not to predict how the 2016 stock market will be due to the economic and geopolitical state of the economy. Read a comprehensive report by clicking the following link

Pet Food In Good Standing and Taste

We love our pets and want the best for our pets. Some of our pets are just like our children. We buy the best collars and leashes for our pets. We buy warm sweaters for our pets, and we buy them nice toys. Why would we ever want to purchase the cheap dog or cat foods for the pet we think of as family? This apparent issue came to light recently when dog and cat food companies began to develop quality food they call premium food.

Blue Buffalo is advertising their dog foods while showing wolves in the commercials. this is to say that every dog has the soul of a wolf. Our pets came from wild dogs but not in our lifetime. Dog food that is made of meat and wild game is good but fresh food is better.

Purina Beneful dog foods have been around for a long time. We have trusted Purina for many years. Pets that eat food that is free from all the chemicals and fillers is much healthier than the foods that have these ingredients. Beneful is one of Purina’s pet foods that are much healthier. Beneful provides the ingredients that give our pets their protein and calcium they need for strong bones and teeth. Beneful also helps give the pets the shiny healthy coat that impresses. So, when we are buying those cute sweaters, why not make sure to purchase the healthier food as well. Most of the foods are preparing fresh foods that are in refrigeration.

A fresh pet is creating a food that taste so good that you could eat it yourself. this is something that the chief manufacturer is talking about and showing by placing it in refrigeration. Hopefully, the pet food industry like Beneful has made great choices in refrigerating the food.

Pet foods in the refrigerator are dangerous. The shortage of storage in a refrigerator could cause people to not get enough of this new food. According to preview testing of these products, the dog food companies such as Beneful are making smart choices. This fresh food is a good thing for any pet owner that loves their pets enough to give them the best.

Europe & Ukraine: That Which should Be Done


The following is a summation from writer George Soros:

Because of the euros structural defects, the authorities in Europe have now become the lords the muddling art, muddling through one crisis and after another. This practice can best be described as rolling the jerry can down the road. I can best describe that practice as rolling the jerry can up the road and it keeps rolling back at me again. The European union is now facing five crisis at a single instance; four crisis that are internal and one that is external. The four include; migration, Greece, euro and the referendum Britain wants to hold so that it can decide whether to stay in the European Union or not and the external crisis is the aggression that Russia is concussing against Ukraine. Both the authorities as well as the public are all overwhelmed. What is it that the European Union can do to reverse and arrest the integration of the entire Europe?


It is very obvious that these five crises cannot be tackled at a single instance. There is a great need that in all those crises they find in that needs the highest priority over the others and takes the lead in being tackled. I have been strenuously argued that the Ukraine be given the highest priority ion all other crises and be dealt with. The internal crises are now dividing the European Union into two groups that is the debtor countries as well as the creditor countries, the continent and the United Kingdom and also the destination and arrival countries. In contrast, the aggression of the Russian against Ukraine is to be done to unite the entire European Union.


Ukraine is now a new country and this new Ukraine is determined to become exactly the old Ukraine if something is not done in the right time. The older Ukraine will be correlated to the older Greece that is very difficult to reform; the economic capability of Ukraine has much to share in common with the olden Greece and can be so difficult to be reformed. That economy of Greece was dominated by the exploiting group as well as its position to the private group for gain instead of giving service to the general public. If we take Ukraine to be likened as the second class Greece, Europe is in danger if it facilitates the reversal of the new Ukraine into the old Ukraine. That could be very fatal because one of the assets that is the most valued asset of the entire European Union is Ukraine. This is because Ukraine is the centre for resisting the Russian federation aggression as well as communicating the European Union solidarity.


I feel that in my position I ought not to resist the urge that enforces me to make this argument. This is because of my increased knowledge about the situation in Ukraine because of my open source foundations as well as my own involvement in the nation. I developed the so-called Ukraine winning strategy and the country’s involvement.

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Status Labs Gives Online Reputation Management Advice

Status Labs, a well known reputation management has addressed reputation management issues that is exampled by a particular incident that could have been avoided. This particular incident started in early December when the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, posted a photo on Instagram that contradicted his actions of firing dozens of his employees earlier that day. This photo that was posted on Instagram showed him holding a drink with the caption that said “cheers to all my homies”. This post received many negative comments in return from his recently laid-off employees. One particular comment that stood out was a comment that responded with “I love drinking after firing so many people”. In total, Mr. Holmes fired 65 employees from their San Francisco, Boston, as well as Singapore offices.

Status Labs’ founder, Darius Fisher, commented on this post by stating that this could be avoided. Status Labs is a company that specializes in reputation management. The clients that turn to Status Labs for help include executives, politicians, as well as political figures. This company has already helped over 1,500 different clients in over 35 different countries.

What makes Status Labs so successful is the fact that this company combines online marketing strategies with public management strategies. The goal is to minimize negative comments and maximize positive comments by using SEO. This company has talented writers and engineers that make the SEO of every marketing post a success. Darius Fisher states that the first page of Google is where the best impression can be made for an individual. To match with today’s day and age, a positive online reputation is necessary.

This company has helped to assist over 100 Fortune 500 companies from crisis related situations. Status Labs has realized that traditional public relational methods are not enough in order to make a large positive impression of anyone of their clients. This company is the best company to use in order to reduce collateral damage that can hurt an online identity right after a crisis. This company can also be used to create a plan to reduce collateral in case of a crisis that will hurt anyone’s personal image.

Nobilis Health Hailed By Analysts For Good Quarter Results

With the last quarter of 2015 quickly approaching, markets are not as good as is expected. However, despite this situation, one company continues to thrive. According to an analyst at Mackie Research Capital, Nobilis Health Corp, a healthcare management firm, continues posting good figures. The firm was picked by analyst Russel Stanley from a comprehensive report by his research firm. Based in the United States, Nobilis Health owns and controls various surgical centers in parts of the country. Mr. Stanley also talked about the growth that the company has enjoyed over the years of doing business. The firm has also proven its worth when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. On September 23rd, the firm announced to the world that it has acquired management and control over the former Freedom Pain Hospital, by buying 60% of the hospital’s stock  according to Google Finance for $3.2 million. The firm also announced in September that it had acquired the First Nobilis Hospital for $7.5 million in cash. Another research firm, Zacks, has also given their rating on Nobilis Health. According to the short-term rating of buy, the Zacks has given Nobilis Health the second position in their ranking. Another analyst has termed the company as a strong buy, whereas a brokerage firm has given Nobilis Health the top position in their ranking. Nobilis Health has seen a drop of 22.32% over the last three months. Despite this, the shares of the firm have seen a 4.02% increment over the last five trading days and an 8.17% increment over the last four weeks. Stephens Inc. has rated the shares of the healthcare manager as overweight. Equity analysts at the firm had predicted the price of Nobilis shares would be $10 per share. Nobilis Health Corp is a leader in the provision of healthcare. The firm specializes in the provision of ambulatory services as well as acute care services. The firm strives to provide patients with easy access to care. To ensure this is the case, the firm has invested in procedures that have a low cost and are minimally intrusive, all this being offered in an outpatient setting. Nobilis Health Corp. runs surgical centers in various parts of the U.S. that include Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale. The firm is also engaged in contractual partnerships with various facilities in areas such as Oregon, Minnesota, Arizona, Tennessee and New Jersey.