How Companies Have To Ensure Their Business Remains Positive

Expanding the online exposure of a business or brand online is a great step to take in order to improve upon online reputation. There are a vast amount of websites on the internet that allows users to post company profiles free of charge. These websites are coupled to high profile domains which ensures that the website features on the first page of the search results. Therefore it is vital that companies and brands that want to ensure they are featured high up on the search results. Three websites that offer this opportunity and that stand out above the rest are, and On these websites users can create a simple account, add a brief description of the company or product and link the company website on that page. Other additional links should be any social media platforms that are currently being used.

Other options include taking advantage of free blogging sites which allow for the user to post a very detailed company or brand bio as well as a company description. Free blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are some of the most popular websites in use today when it comes to blogging. If this strategy is used in conjunction with automatic content syndication it will improve upon the results dramatically.

All these tips and tricks can be found in great detail on the website which features and interview with the expert on online reputation strategy, Don Sorensen. Don is known as the creator of Big Blue a company which specializes in the field of reputation management, specifically on the world wide web. Don believes it is possible to do the majority of management oneself however for those not comfortable doing these steps can seek out websites such as which can remove bad search results and assist in taking some of the necessary steps suggested by Don Sorensen. is a very easy website to use and the staff can assist in answering all questions users may have. This is how companies of today have to function properly.

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Dick DeVos Continues The Charity Work Of His Family

The charitable donations of the DeVos family have always remained a closely guarded secret, despite the world knowing the family provided millions in support to various organizations each year the family always stood firm in keeping exact figures a closely guarded secret. After years of pleading from the Forbes magazine the DeVos family have finally made their personal accounts available to the magazine in a bid to explain just how the family spreads its wealth around the community of Western Michigan and beyond; the release of figures has finally been made and shows the family headed by Rich DeVos and his son Dick have given around $1.2 billion to good causes throughout their lifetime and $94 million in 2014 alone, according to MLive.

Dick DeVos has taken over more than simply the role of the head of the family’s Amway business, but has also taken a major role in the charitable and political donations the family undertakes. Alongside his wife, Betsy, Dick DeVos has developed one of the best respected charitable groups in the shape of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that has provided funding for groups around the U.S. Many of the top educational programs in the U.S. based around charter schools are now operating because of the work completed by the foundation created by Dick and Betsy DeVos.

There are many areas of the life of Dick DeVos that are impressive for us all to enjoy, including the chance to understand just how he has transcended a number of different areas of industry to become one of the top executives in the U.S. After completing his education DeVos took over the foreign arm of the AmWay Group in a bid to make sure this neglected area of the company became a profitable business on its own. DeVos has never shied away from a challenge and even took control of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise after his father Rich sanctioned its purchase.

Adam Goldenberg’s amazing story as a successful businessman and co-CEO of JustFab Inc.

Adam Goldenberg is a businessman and the co-CEO of JustFab Inc, a global leader in online retail for fashion subscription with a wide range of selection that includes handbags, shoes, denim and jewelry. He is a well-known figure in fast rising technological world of business for quite some time. At just 15 years old, Adam Goldenberg started an advertising network of gaming sites and later sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media before his high school graduation, which is the parent company of MySpace. He later joined Intermix Media as the vice president of the strategic planning and later as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the age of 20 years old and was the youngest to hold that position in a publicly traded company.

It is while working at the Intermix Media that Adam Goldenberg met his longtime business partner Don Ressler who also has a success story with the sale of to Intermix Media in 2001. Together, they started an e-commerce brand incubator platform known as Intelligent Beauty in 2006 after Intermix was acquired by News Corp the previous year. Intelligent Beauty involved a personalized online shopping experience through social integration on They later started JustFab Inc in 2010 which currently has over 35 million members across the globe. JustFab has members in several other countries besides the US, which include Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

JustFab Inc is a parent company to other corporates such as Fabletics, FabKids and most recently ShoeDazzle. Adam Goldenberg has been instrumental in the success of his online companies through steering hard work and running of these internet businesses. In 2013, together with his partner managed to pool together $55 million in funding and also bought out their competitor, ShoeDazzle. He is also quick in seizing and utilizing every opportunity in his way like coming up with innovative ideas to capture the market niche. This is well defined when in 2013 they came up with Fabletics brand to market the active wear luxury brands together with his business partner Don Ressler and Kate Hudson; a renown actress and fashion icon.

Adam Goldenberg has also been improving the management of his innovative companies by listing the JustFab separately to improve their customer service at Such improvements include revamping its Fabletics FAQ and advancing the customer service across all the subsidiaries. With the number of years that Adam Goldenberg has been in online business, he understands the marketing needs and techniques that are used in the online retail industry.

White Shark Media Addresses Client Complaints And Improves Their Service

Often when a company experiences rapid growth there are a few growing pains that come with the process of change. White Shark Media admits that they have had a few of these problems.

The customers of White Shark Media have addressed their complaints and White Shark Media complaints team did what many companies fail to do, White Shark listened and made improvements to help address their customer concerns.

As a result, customers are happier with White Shark Media and the whole business is offering better customer service as a result. The company addressed the complaints because they don’t want them to get in the way of dealing with their customers.

Some of the most common complaints are that people said they lost touch with their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media realized that the reporting system that they had set up was not good enough for the small business customer. The company corrected this problem by taking the time to talk to each client about their campaign.

A group of customers also said they didn’t feel that communication was great. As a result the company set out to improve the communication company wide. White Shark Media added monthly calls by using a GoTomeeting program.

Each and every month or as often as a client requests, the client and a strategist can review the results of the AdWords campaign from the last 30 days. White Shark also sends out a report before the meeting so the client has time to review it on their own and make notes so they can ask questions.

Other customers expressed the need to talk to someone live and in person on the telephone. This is another part of customer service that is disappearing with many companies, however, White Shark Media listened to their clients and added direct extension numbers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Now, when a person calls in they can talk to their own expert and get their needs addressed quickly. It is a great help to customers to get in contact with a live person and White Shark Media took the steps to make this easy for their customers.

A few people said that every once in awhile they would get a person who just didn’t seem in touch with their needs. White Shark again answered this complaint by allowing a Senior SEM Consultant to follow up with every client and make sure that all the customer’s needs are met.

If a consultant needs to be changed up, White Shark offers the client the ability to get that done with ease. As you can clearly see, White Shark Media is a company who is moving forward with their customer’s needs in mind.

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Get Fit With The NutriMost Weight Program

NutriMost is quickly growing among weight loss users because their plan doesn’t require exercise or prescription drugs. You can lose weight with a meal plan that has proven results. It is technologically designed to be compatible with your metabolism and current weight. Eat and never be hungry, but lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. NutriMost has an amazing weight loss plan that seems impossible, but their rivals Healthy Living have ripped them off for their promotional video. Healthy Living is still posting the testimonials of NutriMost customers on their website despite a cease-and-desist order from a federal court.

 Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost has the best farm raised chicken and beef as main dishes under their programs. You can also get salmon and tuna. Customers love their healthy appetizers and dipping sauces. Each meal plan is designed for your unique weight loss goals. For example, their ketchup doesn’t have any additives so you consume less calories. NutriMost meal plans are highly doctor recommended and approved. Ask your physician about utilizing the meal plan as a part of your dietary supplement. You can save a fraction of the cost of prescription medication or joining a high end weight loss group.

NutriMost has had to sue their rivals for an unspecified amount in federal court. Their rival continues to threaten their goodwill reputation by stealing their promotional video. It has also been said that they are being accused of replacing NutriMost terminology with Can’t Lose Diet. They promise that nobody on their meal plan will ever go hungry. You can eat when you want because NutriMost has main course meals, appetizers, and snacks. Get fit in an effective safe manner with proven results. 
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Short Bio On a Financial Guru

David Osio is the proud founder and CEO of the Financial Group. He graduated from a top Venezuelan Catholic University by the name of Andres Bello. He majored in an advanced management program with special studies in banking law. He began his career in 1981 as a CEO and president for Oped Enterprises. Osio was responsible for coffee exports at one time in his career. Shortly after, he held an executive position at the LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANY with responsibilities that included structuring market programs, various industrial relations in the United States, and bridging the growth of successful marketing relationships.

His colleagues say he is the go to guy for business relationships and management programs. By 1984 Osio was with the law firm MGO in Carcas and was responsible for dealing with corporate clients and this began to give him valuable experience in banking law. David Osio’s experience in backing law gave him and outstanding tenure as a Legal Advisor with the company as well. He moved up to a higher leadership position and within two years he was promoted to President of Banking Commercial. He increased many customer portfolios to a considerable amount during his time as president.

David Osio believes in restoring the financial trust of his customers to build their financial growth. He knows the important of building a good portfolio for investing and retirement. Even though most of his experience is with the international financial market he has experience with the lucrative New York based financial market through his education at the Financial Institute of New York. He contributes this to a lot of his professional experience throughout his career. He is building the financial trust of investors of the financial sector encouraging them to build their financial growth in an uncertain economic system.

Osio also has a tremendous amount of experience in investment advising. More importantly, this led David Osio to go out on his own and he later founded the Davos Financial Group. He spear heads the company as the first Venezuelan company to give financial advise to a select clientele. He has grew the financial sector and grew his business in a short amount of time to make outstanding strides in the financial market. He has contributed to several independent licensed agencies in New York, Miami and Panama. David Osio continues his goal of building the financial market, restoring trust, and increasing wealth portfolios.

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