How the Swiss Startup Company is Fueling Ideas and Nurturing Dreams

The Swiss Startup Factory, which was established in 2014 by founding partners Oliver Walzer, Mike Baur and Max Meister, is a leading startup incubator based in Zurich. The company has been working with thriving digital entrepreneurs and has been providing startups with valuable information and technical support that has allowed many dreams to grow into reality. Along with other resources, the company offers a three-month accelerator program, which offers a viable platform with services, mentoring and coaching. There is also an entrepreneurial network that has been benefiting ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for a ground to launch their ideas.


Acceleration program

Through the acceleration program, the Swiss Startup Factory selects the most talented startups and offers three months incubation, which is usually reserved twice every year. The program entails building, measuring and learning about business commodities and how to maneuver the market. It also imparts skills to the talented individuals to help them structure their ideas in a more relevant manner that would suit the market. A demo day is created to help bring a real experience to the applicants and to acquaint them with what really happens in the real market.


Once the training and incubation is through, the Swiss Startup Factory releases the talented individuals, who become legal entities and execute what they have learned through the program. Additionally, every successful member to the program receives a 5-months post-acceleration support.


360° service platform

Swiss Startup Factory makes bold promises, which are achieved through their 360° service platform. The platform offers individual services that help to lift ideas from the ground through the A to Z acceleration program. The program brings a startup and its products to the market and offers information necessary to push a startup to growth and maturity.


Appreciating Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an experienced professional who has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. He is the brain behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory (raising funds and financing), which is helping startup entrepreneurs to get off the ground. Mike Baur launched Swiss Startup Factory in a bid to support entrepreneurs in the digital technologies industry. He has also invited renowned professionals in business like Hartweg, who will be responsible for coaching and overseeing the development of the startups. Mike is a University of Rochester graduate and he holds an MBA from the same institution. He also holds an executive MBA, which he earned from the University of Bern.

Vintners’ Hall; the Most Welcoming Place for Livery Companies in London

Vintners’ Hall is the home to the Worshipful Company of Vintners. On 27 September 2016, the Hall welcomed more than 120 leading members of The City of London’s Livery Companies. It was at an event that showcased the venue’s grandeur, service, and innovative catering skills. The occasion brought together many Livery Companies’ clerks and wardens who often hold many events in London. Searcy is the manager of catering and events at the business hall. He served up different foods at the reception which included smoked eel croquettes, prosciutto ham, salads and white chocolate.

Kim Lyons, the Assistant Clerk of the Worship Company of Distillers, recommended the Hall for its flexibility and high-quality services. Kim says that their company needs to start event management process with spirits and create a menu that matches their needs. The firm’s team is ready to incorporate this idea and will bring a creative touch that will make every event memorable and inspiring.

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Patricia Paixao, Sales and Selling Manager for Searcys at Vintners’ Hall said that the event was the most successful showcase that they had ever had. He says that they received vast positive feedback and a variety of explorations. They were impressed by Vintners’ Hall that provided special catering services, unmatched by other Halls. Searcys’ members are looking forward to holding such events in the future.

About Vintners’ in the UK

The Company got its first charter in 1363, and it is one of the greatest Livery Enterprises in London. They consist of over 500 Liverymen and Freemen. The business is well known for its imports, regulations and sale of wine in the UK. The Industry has created strong links with the UK wine industry. It has played an exceptional role in maintaining its trade, educational and charitable works.

The unique facilities at the company’s hall provide an attractive venue for special events in London. They have collaborated with the Crown and the Dyer’s Company to establish traditional Swan’s ceremonies. The celebrations take place in July, on certain stretches of the River Thames and it brings together enormous crowds.

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Markus Rothkranz Weight Loss Video Tips

The bookstores are filled with books that offer advice on losing weight. Even online bookstores provide thousands of books on the same subject. Of course, health experts like to share their dieting tips too. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar a year industry and continually growing because people are willing to pay big bucks for weight loss advice. One lifestyle guru would like people to know about the ultimate solution to losing weight. In fact, this weigh loss solution is already in just about everyone’s home. The lifestyle guru and motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz, shares this valuable message in this video.

Markus RothKranz Weight Loss Advice
Rothkranz delivers some very valuable advice to the constant dieter or the person that would just like to lose a couple of pounds. In the video, he reveals the solution to losing weight is simply drinking more water. Well, most people realize that their body is made up of mostly water. Water actually fuels the body. Rothkranz shares advice about water. He believes that most people do not drink enough water. In fact, the average person might be suffering with dehydration. Studies show that dehydration leads to all sorts of health problems. Check out this video and this lifestyle guru’s very important tips on weight loss.

Markus Rothkranz
This lifestyle guru and motivational speaker has produced an interesting group of videos that deliver passionate messages about living a healthier lifestyle. This inspirational motivational speaker has also written books that have been translated into 30 languages. Rothkranz has appeared on television delivering his motivational messages. He has also appeared in personal speaking engagements sharing his messages about positive living. He has inspired thousands of people around the world to live a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Watch Rothkranz’s YouTube videos for inspiration and advice about living a positive lifestyle.

WEN by Chaz, Innovative Salon Style Hair Care at Home

There are hundreds of hair care products to select from on the market. Shampoos, conditioners, oils, leave-in conditioners, heat protectant sprays, gels, styling creams and hair sprays, are all products highly sought after by women seeking to clean, moisturize and feel good about their hair. Many women feel that great hair enhances their youth and beauty, therefore, women want a brand that meets their expectations.

Brand name Wen hair by Chaz, formulated by Chaz Dean, are especially desired products for the polished results women like to achieve. Driven by his passion as a stylist, Chaz Dean has helped numerous Hollywood celebrities like Brooke Shields, and Vitoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson achieve perfect hair for events and shows. His product line WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that combines shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and a leave-in conditioner; five products in one.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner innovative formula cleans without lathering harsh sulfates. Botanicals and herb ingredients clean without leaving residues on your scalp or hair producing stronger, fuller, shinier and softer hair. WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment’s formula is made to strengthen color treated, and damaged hair. Further, WEN Nourishing Mousse controls fly-a-ways, adds body and hold without chemicals that cause a sticky residue that may be the reason for dry hair and scalp.

WEN by Chaz simplifies the beauty process and the time it takes to achieve it. And, WEN de-clutters the products in your cabinet. Hair is as unique as each woman is matchless. And while you may not be able to have Chaz Dean style your hair personally, you may get that salon hair care look with WEN by Chaz at home. To learn more visit the brand’s Wikipedia page.


IAP WORLDWIDE is truly a unique and one of a kind business which there for your needs….yes, around the world and around the clock. Count on IAP Worldwide when you most need them. They will never leave your side and are there especially to assist you!

IAP stands for INGENUITY AND PURPOSE, and as the name implies….delivers exactly what is promised. Do not just take it from me….no, no, listen to the very words of the company itself as stated on their main web site page online link: Monster

“Our 1,600+ employees operate in over 110 locations in more than 20 countries. We support more than 175,000 personnel at dozens of military installations in the continental U.S. and the Middle East. Our science and technology work helps our customers focus on their missions…”

What else is interesting about this most outstanding quality organization and its wide group of employed leaders? I will tell you what! It is the mere fact alone that IAP WORLDWIDE is always there for disaster relief and response….throughout numerous areas known and unknown throughout the world. Now that, folk, is outstanding service with a smile if I ever saw it! That is IAP!

Let me tell you a bit more. IAP WORLDWIDE’s main website job search page offers dozens upon dozens of job possibilities for either gaining an entry level start into the company or field of industry….or for even advancing further and further within, to great things both with and through the company itself! Indeed I say, that the possibilities here are beyond the sky, so to speak……they are just endless and ever growing! Now is the time to board this train of opportunities.

IAP WORLDWIDE employs people all across the globe in career areas which include, but are most certainly NOT limited to those of: accounting and finance, clerical and administrative, customer service, human resources, legal operations, manufacturing, technology and IT, transportation, and even logistics. College level internships and fully staffed positions are included as well. There is truly much blessing and talent within this large organization, as any one can note….and as the company is also known for in its reputation, among outstanding timely delivery and service.

Among IAP WORLDWIDE’s mission are values, there are included the key core components which make or break any a great organization. They are most certainly not in lack here, which helps IAP.

Nathaniel Ru: Sweetgreen Values

Nathaniel Ru was leading the simple college life in Georgetown. But, as graduation came closer, Nathaniel and his close colleagues, decided that they didn’t want the life of a graduate. They wanted something more. As the three friends took a few entrepreneurship classes in college, they began to develop a plan. Eight years later, a salad chain was created, called Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen was founded by Nathaniel Ru, and his fellow CEO’s, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. All three met at Georgetown and after graduation, they knew they wanted to create healthier and more nutritional food chain for fellow citizens of Georgetown. The first Sweetgreen restaurant was opened in August of 2007, right after the three graduated from college together.


Sweetgreen is not just a piece of lettuce on a salad, it was developed with very fresh, organic, farm-to-food standards. Nathaniel Ru wanted to develop Sweetgreen with values in place. He wanted to outreach to farms and communities with his salad chain. According to Nathaniel, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.” “We want to feed people more better food.” Fresh, organic, wholesome salads, which actually create more of a meal is exactly what can be found at a Sweetgreen salad restuarant. In addition to the Georgetown Sweetgreen, there are also 40 different high-end salad chains across many U.S. cities and nationwide cities.


In additional to developing exceptional salads, the trio have also taken on technology with their chain. “Technology has always been part of our DNA,” Ru states. Technology is definitely a great part of their business, but they have also been rethinking management strategies. In order to stay true and close to customers, the company shuts down the corporate offices, at least five times a year, so that everyone can work in the restaurants.


Nathaniel Ru was focused and disciplined, creating one of the fastest growing high-end salad chains nationwide. He set out with a vision, creating a brand that truly stands for something. Sweetgreen stands for values, communities, farm markets, while giving people a healthier lifestyle of food choices. Sweetgreen has truly developed into a beautiful restaurant, where care is given to the customer in every taste.