Securus Technologies Helps Keep Investigations Alive

Technology is getting crazy these days. Everybody is walking around with a computer in their pocket that also makes telephone calls, records videos and takes pictures. You can even use your smart phone to locate yourself with GPS and navigate the roads of a foreign land.


As technology advances to make our lives easier, it also advances to help criminal investigations. One of the biggest breakthroughs in the criminal justice industry was the discovery of DNA. Forensic technology has become so powerful that it is more difficult to get away with a crime now than ever before in recorded human history.


That doesn’t mean law enforcement officers don’t run into walls from time to time. Occasionally, cases dry up and leads go nowhere. All a police officer needs at that point is a new lead or actionable intelligence that allows the investigation to continue. That’s where technological breakthroughs created by Securus Technologies help out.


It is no secret that criminals hang out with each other. When a criminal is convicted, they likely have criminal friends on the outside still perpetrating crimes. That is why Securus Technologies records every phone call that any prisoner makes. This allows law enforcement to review the phone calls to get new leads on investigations or to collect intelligence. Information contained in these phone calls can often prevent crimes on the inside and the outside of the prison.


And the telephone company makes it very easy for police officers to scan all of these recorded phone calls with a software innovation. The software combs through terabytes of digital data and is capable of pulling up every single phone call that a particular voice has been a part of. This allows law enforcement to easily and quickly pull up information that can give them new leads in an investigation that would otherwise go cold.

Susan McGalla And Finding Balance And a Center

One has to wonder why some people succeed while others ultimately resign to a life that is not quite what they wanted. To add to the mystery, those people that wind up settling for less tend to work very hard and tirelessly. However, there is a logical reason for this. When it comes to work and family, people need to find a center and some kind of balance for themselves. Otherwise, they will be overwhelmed with everything. Another thing that they will be faced with is that they will find themselves missing out on life. Then there is the possibility of burn out.


Susan McGalla herself has found the keys to ensuring success. One has to establish a balance between work and life. One has to make sure that she does not go too far into her work to the point that it takes away from other aspects of her life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that one could actually maintain a balance that will keep her energized on the journey towards her goals. Susan McGalla herself has found a lot of things that work in her favor. She offers one good tip that will help people find their element and succeed in what they are doing.  Also see


One very important tip is meditation. These days, if one is to hear about meditating in order to find the right type of balance in life, it would seem like an obvious answer. However, very few people actually take the time to meditate. When one meditates, he clears his mind and finds his center so that he can take on different tasks of the day. He can also handle some of the more stressful occurrences of the day. This will make the day seem smoother for him. Regular practice of meditation has a lot of short term and long term benefits for people who commit to it.  Read additional info on

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This is another thing that makes Susan McGalla successful. She commits to what she is doing. Even though she is committed, she does not try to rush into things. She approaches things in a reasonable manner. She knows that if she tries too hard, she will wear herself out. Her sense of balance is one of the reasons that she was very successful in many jobs that she has held. It is also a reason that she has managed to start her own business successfully.


How Did EOS Outsell Chapstick?

EOS is a name that you’ve probably heard mentioned a time or two in the past year or two. The Lip Balm Company first began selling their lip balm in 2008 at Walgreens pharmacies. Cosmopolitan and Elle magazine editors noticed the product, and before anyone knew what was happening, the orb-shaped lip balms were being sold at Walmart, Ulta and Sephora and even Target. Everyone knew the EOS lip balm was incredible, but few had any idea of just how big the brand and product would become.

Today, seven short years after this incredible start, EOS sells more lip balms than Chapstick. That is something to brag about, considering that, for over 100 years, Chapstick has been the top-selling lip balm on the market. How did the underdogs achieve such greatness in such a short period of time?

First, EOS listened to their customers and created the product they wanted. Chapstick hadn’t made any product changes since the start, and while everyone knew the product worked, they wanted something new. Second, they created a product that used natural ingredients, since they heard so many say this is what they want. Third, they kept the product reasonably priced, but enhanced options by providing eight fun flavors for users to choose from. Fourth, the brand targeted their product to millennials, using a variety of marketing techniques and tools to reach their audience, including a commercial and promotion with Ked’s shoes!

Evolution of Smooth ( is changing the way that women care for their lips. The brand has proven that it is okay to do something original and set new and exciting trends! Move over, Chapstick, EOS is in town.


Susan McGalla Finds Success on her own Merit

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Her entire career is grounded in the field of fashion, starting out at Joseph Horn Company, where she held several positions, including in management. She left Joseph Horn and went on to become the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She started as a buyer for women’s clothing. Before she left, she was running the entire business. After leaving American Eagle, she began a new leg of her career journey as CEO of Wet Seal.


McGalla’s had two older brothers, but their parents didn’t cut her any slack. If something was expected of her older brothers, it was also expected of her. That is what she credits for her extensive business success, disliking the idea of expecting things just because she is a woman. She doesn’t want preferential treatment in business and believes that her degree in college was enough to get her where she wanted to be in her career.


That attitude has served her well through the years. She graduated Mount Union University in Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Her education there helped her gain the necessary experience to start and run her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, which offers engineering solutions all over the world. McGalla believes she has been successful because of her ability to connect comfortably with men and women alike. In fact, when she began working for American Eagle, it was dominantly male, especially in high positions. Her entry helped pave the way for other women to join the ranks of success in executive positions there.


Susan McGalla urges other women to take the chip off their shoulders about being a woman and to stop feeling like they are owed something because of their gender. Any businessperson is served well to listen to what Susan McGalla, businessperson, has to say about how to be a success regardless of any perceived restrictions.

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Doug Levitt’s Tales Of The Greyhound Diaries

In the U.S., various artists have a tradition of taking to the road to explore and understand the American landscape and its population that exists beyond headlines. The value of such adventures increases even more when the country is experiencing struggles like economic downfall or political gridlock. It helps to understand the experiences that people have in common irrespective of their location or background. It also serves to remind those in power that another world exists beyond what they know.

Adam Levitt, an American singer and songwriter, embarked on the same project where he started riding Greyhound buses across America to interact with the different people who travel by bus. Most of them are struggling since only a small percentage of people in the U.S. travel by bus. The Greyhound Diaries is a collection of stories, pictures, videos and songs of Doug Levitt’s experiences while on the road since 2007. The Greyhound Diaries project also includes EP recordings and a web series.

About Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is the son of former D.C. Councilmember Carol Schwartz. He grew up in D.C. where he went to public schools. At school, Doug participated in sports and belonged to a gospel choir. In an interview with Dcist, Doug takes a journey through his childhood to where he is now. Growing in D.C. exposed him to diverse set of population that included blacks, whites, northern, and southern. With a civic orientation, adopted from his political mother and his involvement in sports at school, Doug said that it was easy to interact with people from different backgrounds.

Previously, Doug worked as an international correspondent. He worked for NBC, ABC and other media channels. Doug quit his job to embark on the journey across America due to the present poverty crisis. These stories inspire him to explore, write songs and tell such tales to the world. These experiences not only helped him to understand the world beyond the headlines, but also recover from losing his father. From his trip across America, Levitt said that he learnt that America is evocative and populous. The country has a diverse population. However, people find places of commonalities.

Adam Goldenberg Joins Fellow CEOs In Celebrating JustFab’s Achievements

When Adam anticipates a “big year” for their El Segundo-based fashion company, he is aware of the details as he has experienced it several throughout his career. Adam Goldenberg launched JustFab four years after founding ‘Intelligent Beauty,’ an internet sort incubator. It is interesting to realize that JustFab has made a remarkable pull within just four years, putting it in the limelight even more.

Incredibly, the company managed to raise $55 million in 2013, which gave so much hope to the CEOs, and particularly Mr. Adam Goldenberg who had high expectations right from the very beginning. The company also rejoices that their superstar stylist affiliation program has been embraced not only in the US but also in five other countries. The company’s constant growth seems to be unstoppable.

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A Leaf worth Picking from Goldenberg’s Book

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Adam Goldenberg is driven by numbers. As a company, they always have to keep evaluating their numbers. Should they keep fluctuating, then they get on the ground and do the necessary fixes before they lose it.

He believes in revolution, and this is one thing that has kept JustFab ticking. Fashion is in its way subtle as it changes periodically. It requires nimbleness to meet your customer’s ever-changing preferences at

Goldenberg believes in great hiring practices. To get hired at JustFab, you must be passionate and ready to carry the company’s vision at heart. An impressive resume is not enough to earn you a position in the enterprise on LInkedIn, if not coupled with zeal and passion, as goes one of their office mantras.

How JustFab’s Leadership Sustains Relevance in Fast-Changing Trends

Production of quality products keeps the company going. As opposed to other entrepreneurs who are merely aggressive advertisers, at JustFab they primarily focus on satisfying the client need. Maintaining quality is easy as they manufacture their products themselves. As a company, their goals are set to challenge the status quo. How hilarious!


It is amazing to learn that Adam has been a serial entrepreneur since his teenage years. He even became the youngest COO of some publicly operated enterprise. While in an interview, Adam confessed how it pleases him to help people unlock their potential through laying challenges and empowering them. He also expresses that creating teams of people drives him. You might also need to know that JustFab builds online brands and that equally plays a central role in developing their gauges.