James Larkin’s Astonishing Career

James Larkin was an activist and an Irish labor organizer who formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ union. James Larkin was born on 21st January 1876 in Liverpool England and established ITGWU-Irish transport that later became one of the region’s biggest union. After the Dublin Lockout, the ITGWU fell apart, and James Larkin traveled all the way to the U.S in 1914, where he would get deported. Larkin was a fervent Marxist who went on with his labor organizing up to the 1940s. He passed on 30th January 1947 at Dublin in Ireland.

James Larkin had a very little formal education while growing up Liverpool slums. So that he could supplement the income of the family, Larkin worked in some jobs in his youth, and eventually, he became a foreman at the docks in Liverpool.

A staunch socialist who had the belief that workers were unfairly treated, Larkin became a member of NUDL-National Union of Dock Laborers and later became a full-time organizer in the trade union in 1905.

The NUDL was alarmed by James Larkin’s strike methods which made him be transferred in 1907 to Dublin where he established the ITGWU whose primary goal was to bring together all industrial workers in Irish both unskilled and skilled into a single organization.

Jim later formed a party known as the Irish Labor Party that had the mandate of leading some strikes. The most important was the Dublin Lockout that occurred in 1913 where over 100,000 workers were involved in a strike for almost eight months, finally winning the fair employment right.

During the World War I outbreak, Mr. James Larkin staged huge anti-war demonstrations that took place in Dublin. Larkin also traveled all the way to the United States of America so that he could raise money to fight the British.

He was then convicted of communism and criminal anarchy, and three years later he was pardoned and deported to Ireland. In Ireland, he was involved in organizing the Ireland’s workers union which made him secure recognition in 1924 from Communist International.

James has been featured in poems by Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Beham, DonaghMacDough, Frank O’Connor and Lola Ridge. Mr. Larkin has also been memorialized by a band known as New York Irish band in the song titled ‘The day the set Larkin free’. Also, there is a big statue of “Big jim” that is in Dublin. Those are some of the incredible ways in which James Larkin is remembered.

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Evaluating Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement in the Ubuntu Fund

More than 600,000 Sterling Pounds was raised at a recent charity gala hosted by the Ubuntu Fund Charity in London. The gala was the brainchild of corporate guru and philanthropist Andrew Rolfe. The aim of the event was to raise funds in aid of disadvantaged kids in Africa. The funds will be used to expand the student enrolment capacity of Ubuntu Education Fund-sponsored school in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Part of it will similarly be channeled towards a pediatric clinic that is associated with the education institution.

The Ubuntu Education Fund has made a name for itself in the philanthropy world by supporting numerous charities across Africa. Since its establishment, the organization has used its resources and manpower to support more than 400,000 underprivileged children in Africa. At its Port Elizabeth campus, for instance, the organization has set up a program for deprived children. This program ensures that their education and health needs are met until they venture into their respective careers.

Modest Beginnings

The Ubuntu Education Foundation was established in 1999. Initially, it was a small charity that mostly focused on education availability and tools. With time, its founders noticed that there were more urgent problems such as HIV and hunger, which hinder children from realizing their potential via education. As a result, they decided to also fund health, home stability, and nutrition programs.

Andrew Rolfe in Brief

Mr. Rolfe serves as the head of private equity at US-based financial services firm, TowerBrook. In addition, he is also the chairman of the firm’s portfolio committee and a member of its management committee. Here his role is to identify investment opportunities in the food service, hospitality, and retail sectors. In the past, Mr. Rolfe held senior positions at notable corporations including Gap Inc. International, Pret A. Manger, Booker Foodservice, Pepsi, and WH Smith PLC.

Andrew Rolfe graduated with a B.A degree from Oxford University before pursuing an MBA at the prestigious Harvard Business School. This solid academic background has helped him achieve immense success in the corporate world. He is also involved in charity through the Ubuntu Education Fund, which he chairs. Under him, the organization has supported tens of community health, education, and social welfare programs in Africa.

Using Securus Technologies to Get Fugitives in Custody

One of the most challenging parts of being a fugitive hunter is trying to get people to cooperate who we know have information on our suspect. This month we were dealing with a dangerous individual who was still in town and still committing violent crimes. He had such a dangerous reputation that no one would come forward with information for fear he would go after their family. Even those in his support group would never help the police get him into custody.


In order to try and stay ahead of the crimes this suspect would be committing, we needed to use a resource that was miles away but very effective for a number of reasons. The answer to our question was in the local prison, and Securus Technologies was the company that was going to be instrumental in helping us to get this fugitive into custody once and for all. Securus Technologies is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he has his inmate call monitoring system in thousands of prisons around the country. If there was a company you wanted in your corner helping collect information on a fugitive, it was this company.


Soon as we arrived at the prison and were brought up to speed on the LBS software, we decided to see if this suspect was the topic of conversation between inmates. He could have ruffled a few feathers along the way, you never really know in this line of work. It wasn’t too long after monitoring the calls that the alert came through from one inmate asking his sister to relay a message to the suspect that my team was here in the jail poking around. We quickly did some surveillance on the sister and she was able to easily lead us right to the hiding spot of our suspect.


OSI Group Finding Its Path To Success

OSI Group is a food manufacturing company founded in Aurora, Illinois. It is a company that’s thought to be one of the world’s biggest meat deli’s. They process the meat that businesses need across the world to sell to customers. This implies OSI is tasked with ensuring the world never runs out of burger patties and sandwich meats required for our comfort foods.

It’s based in Aurora Illinois and has a presence in the USA, Europe, and China with over 50 facilities in 17 nations. This meat business has a history with being established in the year 1909. OSI Group has a workforce of approximately 20,000 people. In sales, it listed six billion in 2015 and is a world leader in offering a top notch of merchandise to the food market. The business is rooted in supplying quality meats and snacks for meals. The business began as a household meat market in Oak Park in 1909 and is one of the very best companies in the whole world. For many years, OSI Group was hiring people who share the exact same vision as them and this could be the reason why their client base is massive. Its services have spread to Asia, and Europe and the company would be considered highly entrepreneurial.

OSI Group is a provider that has played a major part in stocking meat to the shelves of supermarkets and also supplying inventory for fast food restaurants. OSI has always been about bringing products with the best quality while at the exact same time adhering to security standards. The business is a creation of Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who originally opened the business up in Illinois. The group, called Sons and Otto, had divisions from the areas of Illinois. After entering into a contract to be its meat provider, the business expanded in the 1950s. Now, the business provides poultry, vegetable products, meat patties, pork, and seafood. Working as an employee can be exciting at times because OSI Group knows that treating their employees is a ticket to success. The company ensures that they produce an environment for their members of personnel. The workers are motivated by this ambiance and are pleased to have the opportunity to work there.

Climbs Higher in Financial Services

NexBank, stationed in Dallas, Texas, works hard to provide the best institutional, mortgage banking, and commercial banking services to its clients and financial institutions. NexBank also provides financial and banking services to larger corporations, real estate investors, and middle-market companies. As of March 31, 2017 the bank had $5.3 billion in assets. NexBank is a member of the FDIC.

As a company, NexBank works to provide a progressive yet stable service to their clients at every possible opportunity. They have proven themselves to be reliable thanks to an impeccable track record of success since 1922.

On August 15, 2016, NexBank released the news that it had finally completed a large common equity capital raise, which was said to be used for a variety of average corporate tasks. John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank, released a statement proclaiming his pleasure at the success of the capital raise and believes it will reflect positively on their shareholders. It will also allow the bank to continue growing and expanding at such an exponential rate.

At the beginning of 2016, NexBank had an impressive net income of 38.1 million dollars and an average equity return of over 37 percent. The bank’s total assets exceeded 3.5 billion dollar and ultimately they saw an increased of over 60 percent in that department. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of NexBank Capital, Matt Siekielski, believes that this large capital raise puts them in a great position to expand their growth and access to different business throughout the banking company.

NexBank recently was awarded for their good work with improved ratings from Kroll Bond Rating Agency that showed a steady outlook for them in the future. This is likely to positively affect the bank’s liquidity profile, earnings, and impressive capital levels. The Bank also received an improved debt rating for its senior unsecured debt rating and deposit rating that rose from BBB to BBB+.

Incredible Reviews Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the finest website design and content creation companies in the world, and they have a blog where their customers offer reviews. This article explains how reviews are given to the company, and there is a look at what they do to ensure that each customer is given the best experience possible. Someone who contacts White Shark Media for help will have a number of options to improve their website and online marketing campaign.


#1: The Blog


The blog is a place where people may come to share their reviews, and it is a fun place to interact with the company. White Shark Media enjoys giving their customers feedback, and they will provide the company with input that helps them grow. Growing White Shark Media has been a collaborative process, and it has seen many customers giving suggestions that made the firm better. It is important to remember that the blog is open at all time, and it is one of the easiest ways of contacting the firm.


#2: Customer Interaction


Customers may contact the company at any time, and they may schedule time to speak with their designers. The company is willing to give customers the time they need to feel comfortable, and someone who plans to speak with the company will receive regular updates on the progress of their projects. There are many projects that may be completed by White Shark Media, and they will ensure their customers know what is happening at every step.


#3: Design Adjustments


There are many aspects of a design that will be changed at any time, and the company may adjust designs given what the customer needs. Customers must feel free to ask for changes when they feel they are required, and White Shark is open to these changes. Someone who is searching for the perfect designs may go back and forth with their designer at any time.


#4: The Blog Comments


The blog comments are the best place to come for testimonials on the site, and the company allows customers to add their comments at all hours. Someone who is researching the company will find all they need to know in this place.


White Shark Media is one of the best SEO and content creation companies in the world, and their blog is open to customer comments. There are many customers who will have a better experience with this company.


The Rise of Yanni Hufnagel

Succeeding as a college coach can be quite the challenge. It seems each year college coaches have more and more responsibilities put on them. Each year there are numerous coaches that are fired or step down simply because they can not manage these many responsibilities. Yanni Hufangel is a coach who has been able to manage these many roles. Hufnagel has built an impressive resume that show he has more than what it takes to succeed as a college basketball coach.


Hufnagel got his start many years ago at the University of Oklahoma. Working as a simple graduate assistant Hufnagel got an opportunity to work with the mens basketball team. He took that opportunity and never looked back. Hufnagel quickly showed that he had a great talent for helping to develop young talent. He was credited for working with future NBA player Blake Griffin. This work began to earn him lots of attention.


After a few years at Oklahoma, Yanni Hufnagel took a job at Harvard University. Working with head coach, Tommy Amaker, Hufnagel continued to demonstrate his ability to find and improve talented players. During his stay at Harvard Hufnagel worked exclusively with Jermey Lin, former New York Knick, and Wesley Saunders, a collegiate standout. Harvard’s baskeball program achieve lots of success while Hufnagel was there. The word continued to spread about Hufnagel’s abilities.


Harvard was not the last stop for Hufnagel. He would spend time under Kevin Stallings at Vanderbilt and Cuonzo Martin and California University. He continued to recruit and develop very good players including the likes of Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown. Today Yanni Hufnagel finds himself on the sidelines at Nevada University. With his impressive resume and years of experience it should be only a matter of time before he is the head coach at a major university.


Philadelphia Provides the Whole Spectrum of Wedding Venue Locations

For those who are planning a wedding in Philadelphia, PA, George Street Photo and Video can provide you with high quality, unique photos at a reasonable cost. The George Street team is familiar with photographing in beautiful locations like the Awbury Arboretum, and can set you up with the best backgrounds for memorable wedding day photos. The historic Cope House, built in 1860, makes a beautiful rustic background for photos. 55 acres of English landscaping surround this location, and Awbury Arboretum only schedules one wedding per day, so you can be sure to have a surplus of secluded and natural photographs.

For those looking for a more elegant backdrop for their wedding, the Cescaphe Ballroom delivers. The facility blends old and new seamlessly with a courtyard, lounge areas, and wrought iron balconies. The full-service venue is equipped to accommodate all your wedding details with plenty of places to take breathtaking photos.

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White Shark Media; A Leader in Online Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is an innovative digital marketing agency that is led by a team of seasoned professionals. The Agency delivers customized online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Customer service is a top priority at the company. It also utilizes cost-effective strategies for its clients. This has enabled it to remain on top of the highly competitive online marketing landscape. Its strength lies in using a hybrid system of marketing that incorporates both offline and online marketing.


White Shark Media has had incredible success in managing AdWords campaigns for its clients. This is what has delighted its growing customer base. White Shark Media has maintained a close relationship with Google. A team from White Shark Media was invited to the headquarters of Google in 2012 to discuss how they can collaborate in providing better service to customers. Google assigned them a team of account manager to offer support where necessary. White Shark Media is also the 2014 winner of Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership.


Most of the clients who engage this company are unfamiliar with Google AdWords or online advertising. White Shark Media has taken the challenge as part of its duty to make sure that customers understand how their money is spent. Customers are kept up to date on the performance of various keywords. The Agency periodically sends them the reports of the performance of their campaigns. It has a dedicated team of knowledgeable and professional account managers who provide answers to the questions that customers ask. They also walk with them to the end of the campaign. Clients also benefit from its bilingual team. The clients can target external markets with their offering.


White Shark Media has a long list of successful projects that it has completed for various customers in the US and Latin America. The result oriented model of the company has kept customers rest assured that they get value for what they spend. Customers should expect nothing but improved ROI and better online presence. Clients with little or no knowledge of campaign management have a partner who takes away the challenge so that they can focus more on other aspects of running a business.


The company has also set up more communication channels. Customers who have had a challenge of reaching out to the enterprise now have options of using email, a new access phone system, and monthly GoToMeeting schedule calls. The company always strives to improve its offering and how it interacts with clients. It is open to any complaints, suggestions, or compliments.

Brad Reifler, employment history and entrepreneurship

Brad Reifler is the chief executive of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler was previously the founding co-partner and chief executive officer of Pali Capital. Pali employed over 300 people and had offices on four different continents. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bradreifler-226

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler also sat on the board as a chairman for Pali. Brad’s grandfather was Ray E. Friedman whome was the founder of Refco. Early in his career, Brad worked at his father’s company and became a leading trader. He decided to embark on his own and open his own business, Reifler Trading Company.

He founded his company in the 1980’s. In 2000 Brad’s grandfather’s business, Refco, acquired Brad’s business Reifler Trading. Refco is the largest future’s company in the world.

Brad Reifler worked for many well known trading companies such as Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Wins Finance Holdings. His previously held “director” as his job title and became a founding director for Wins Finance.

Forefront Capital is Brad’s main focus. He has several subsidiaries. Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory LLC are subsidiaries of Forefront Capital. These subsidiaries attract all types of business for Mr. Reifler. Top investment bankers, registered investment advisors and business leaders are all drawn to the services Forefront Capital offers.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-forefront-capital-advisors-ceo-announces-new-partnership-with-easter-seals-2104550.htm