Mom and Handy are handy

Handy cleaning actually raises my blood pressure. I hate to clean, but I also love the spaces that I inhabit to be spotless, or I will not be comfortable. Imagine the problems that this caused in college. When I was home as a kid with my parents, my mother was the superstar cleaner. I realize more everyday just how awesome mom really is. She got me through times in college that I would have gotten myself evicted or attacked by roommates because she kept our place spotless. Of course, I would never allow her to clean up for my friends, but obviously, they had much practice with cleaning because they kept their part of the space reasonably clean. They were jealous of how much my mom did for me and how discreetly she did it. She often cleaned my space when I was out, so it was never like she was constantly around. However, when I moved away, I had to get it together.

On my first real job, I had to be out of town with co-workers. Things like being dirty can actually dim people’s view of you. It is actually a point that can get you fired. Additionally, it does say something about you if your space is not clean. I did get it together, and I have not had any complaints, but I still do not like to clean. I promised myself that when I got the good job, I would hire a cleaner, but I still had a very small place when I got this job, so I was able to manage. Eventually, I began to have larger spaces and entertaining potential business prospects at my place became a normal activity. However, cleaning after these events was an arduous task, and I did not have mom to do this for me. It would take several hours to get the place back to some semblance of sanity, but I could never effectively clean as well as it was before entertaining. If the events occurred too close together, I would have to hide clutter in closets and mostly wherever it would fit.

Eventually I had to hire cleaners to help, at least after these events, but hiring home cleaners was a chore in itself. Cleaning services had weird restrictions about what they would and would not clean. The price magically mushroomed if they were cleaning after an event even if we had cleaned a lot before they came. However, mom came to the rescue again. She has recently become enveloped in apps, but it paid off for me because she found an app called the Handy on techcrunch app. It is a home cleaning app with some great features. The cleaners are ranked according to their experience, and the less experienced cleaners are cheaper. They basically have their own business, so they are hardworking people that really have pride in doing a good job. They have been indispensable in my entertaining efforts, and my place can get back to normal quickly now. Mom’s great.