Arthur Becker – Inside the Portfolio of a Brilliant Investor

Arthur Becker’s main occupation has always been investing. In the past, he focused mostly on technology and biotechnology in particular. Today, however, he occasionally makes headlines for his success in the real estate industry. You may have heard of him, but you may not really know him. So, who exactly is Arthur Becker? More details can be found on Crunchbase.

An Investor at Heart

Arthur Becker is a technology wizard who has made his fortune from investing. As a technologist, it comes as no surprise that his initial investments were in biotechnology. He claims to be passionate about this particular sector, and he is particularly passionate about the eradication of chronic conditions, such as cancer and heart disease that can be cured through biotechnology. After all, researchers are making revolutionary discoveries in biotechnology, and this comes as good news to everyone especially investors.

However, Arthur Becker is most notable for his success in the real estate industry. Like many smart investors, Becker has focused his efforts on real estate since it began booming. To this end, he has invested in numerous real estate projects throughout the U.S.A through his investment company: Atlantic Investors, LLC; he is speculated to have invested over $500 million to date.

One of his real estate investments, in particular, has brought him under the spotlight for its prominence: three townhouses on 10 Sullivan Street.

The Best of New York

New York has a lot of good things to offer, and for New Yorkers a house on 10 Sullivan Street would be a dream-come-true. Arthur Becker is one of the street’s newest residents, and he owns not one but three luxury houses. According to reports, Becker settled for the houses in exchange for his stake in an adjacent real estate project.

Analysts speculate that his stake in the said project was about $20 million. Considering that the townhouses have a combined value of $29 million, it is understandable why this particular investment made the news.

Becker has already made plans to move into one of the houses, and renovations are already underway to suit his preferences. The other two are up for sale or rent, and Becker is set to make a killing off them. You can also visit Madison Partners.

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Bruce Levenson Really Cares About People

In the last few years, I’ve really gotten involved in a lot of charity work. I find that doing charity work helps me feel better about myself. I have directed much of my energy to helping kids who really need help. During this time, I’ve really gotten to know Bruce Levenson very well. Bruce Levenson is a huge businessman with an even bigger heart. A native of this area, I’ve met him multiple times during the course of our mutual charity efforts. Like me, he cares very much about the future and helping all kids get a great education to prepare them for it.
Locally Based Charity

Like me, Bruce Levenson understands that charity work is often best done up close by people who are living in the area. He has also been involved in many charity programs aimed at those living in the inner city just as I have. He knows the importance of providing leadership skills and mentoring to those who really need it. I have seen him time and again working closely with students in the city who warm up to a personalized touch from someone they know they can count on who cares greatly about their needs.

A Hands On Approach

According to PR News, his charity work is not just about giving funding and then walking away. He knows that people respond well to involvement in charity. Charities need people they can count on to provide them with the kind of assistance that helps the use all donated funds as effectively as possible. He also knows that it is imperative to be there when people really need you. I have seen how he shows he cares about people many times. This is one of many reasons why I have truly enjoyed working with him and why he is a great person. Information about Bruce Levenson can be sourced from


Adam Goldenberg’s amazing story as a successful businessman and co-CEO of JustFab Inc.

Adam Goldenberg is a businessman and the co-CEO of JustFab Inc, a global leader in online retail for fashion subscription with a wide range of selection that includes handbags, shoes, denim and jewelry. He is a well-known figure in fast rising technological world of business for quite some time. At just 15 years old, Adam Goldenberg started an advertising network of gaming sites and later sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media before his high school graduation, which is the parent company of MySpace. He later joined Intermix Media as the vice president of the strategic planning and later as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the age of 20 years old and was the youngest to hold that position in a publicly traded company.

It is while working at the Intermix Media that Adam Goldenberg met his longtime business partner Don Ressler who also has a success story with the sale of to Intermix Media in 2001. Together, they started an e-commerce brand incubator platform known as Intelligent Beauty in 2006 after Intermix was acquired by News Corp the previous year. Intelligent Beauty involved a personalized online shopping experience through social integration on They later started JustFab Inc in 2010 which currently has over 35 million members across the globe. JustFab has members in several other countries besides the US, which include Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

JustFab Inc is a parent company to other corporates such as Fabletics, FabKids and most recently ShoeDazzle. Adam Goldenberg has been instrumental in the success of his online companies through steering hard work and running of these internet businesses. In 2013, together with his partner managed to pool together $55 million in funding and also bought out their competitor, ShoeDazzle. He is also quick in seizing and utilizing every opportunity in his way like coming up with innovative ideas to capture the market niche. This is well defined when in 2013 they came up with Fabletics brand to market the active wear luxury brands together with his business partner Don Ressler and Kate Hudson; a renown actress and fashion icon.

Adam Goldenberg has also been improving the management of his innovative companies by listing the JustFab separately to improve their customer service at Such improvements include revamping its Fabletics FAQ and advancing the customer service across all the subsidiaries. With the number of years that Adam Goldenberg has been in online business, he understands the marketing needs and techniques that are used in the online retail industry.

Discovering Yeonmi Park as a Human Rights Activist

Yeonmi Park was born in Ryanggang that is found in North Korea. Her father used to work in an hall that was in Hyesan, but her mother was a nurse working for the Korean Army. Her father used to do smuggling of metal in the city of Pyongyang. While he was busy smuggling metal, his wife together with his daughter Yeonmi Park were in Hyesan. While Yeonmi was growing up, her family was well off economically as per the standards of the North Korea. Her father was eventually imprisoned for dealing in illegal business. This incarceration of their father marked the beginning of many problems for the family. They faced many challenges including starvation. Her father was subjected to very hard labor when he was imprisoned. The turning point for Yeonmi Park came when she watched a titanic movie. The movie opened her eyes to the authoritarian and the oppressive nature of the North Korean government. Through the film, Yeonmi Park learned a lot about how human beings should express love to each other, and it also gave her a test of freedom that she so greatly admired.

While they were at North Korea, live was not easy. Life was like living in hell because of the constant power outages and lack of proper means of transportation. She used to notice many of her friends disappear without ever being noticed again. While at that youthful age, she used to regard the ruler of South Korea Kim Jing sung as a god capable of reading her thoughts. Yeonmi Park’s father eventually joined his family and an escape trip to China was immediately planned. With the help of brokers, they were smuggled into China. In China, they were assisted by the Chinese people and other Christians, and they eventually made it to Mongolia. After a short while, the diplomats at the South Korea did facilitate the family’s entry into Seoul.

The end of this tumultuous journey made Yeonmi Park resolve to become a human rights activist. Initially, the family did experience a little anxiety while they were trying to adjust to the life in Seoul. With the help of friends, they finally got employment as waitresses and shop assistants. Yeonmi Park joined Dongguk University to advance her education.

Currently, Yeonmi Park has been working in non–profit making organizations. These groups are concerned with providing aid to the North Koreans who have fled their homeland and are currently residing as refugees in nearby states. When they are rescued, they are resettled in the United States or South Korea. Yeonmi Park also is actively involved in educational summits that are intended at educating people at the state of affairs in the North Korea. People are also briefed on what they should do to provide help to the refugees who have fled to the close by countries. Yeonmi believes in imparting information as the best way of making the people of North Korea start questioning the meaning of their lives, therefore, driving the change in the country. Yeonmi Park mostly regards the North Korean ruler as somebody who is heartless, and somebody who feels contented when his people are suffering.

Doe Deere – The Rise of A Makeup Industry Icon

Doe Deere is a Russian immigrant who moved to America with a plan and has succeeded in making her name a brand in itself. In 1999 she immigrated to America to marry a 25 year old man named Mark. The pair couldn’t have been more perfect for each other.
The couple and two friends formed a rock band named Sky Salt in 2002. The band played mostly night clubs and small fashion shows and released a CD titled “I Believe in Fairytales”. In 2006 they disbanded. Doe took the loss of the band quite hard and decided to take the leap into a solo career. She was incredibly excited about her solo release and posted on her MySpace page that she was featured as song of the day on PopJustice and was also number one on Electroqueer’s chart for two weeks in a row.
Even though she was thoroughly ecstatic about her music career she decided that she wanted to go in a different direction. In 2003 she began selling DIY clothing on eBay and named her business Thunderwear! It also included an invitation only LiveJournal community called LittleBigGirls that helped other DIY eBay designers advertise on storyexchange their auctions. In 2004 after her business was growing she decided to change the name of the line to Lime Crime.
In 2008 she ventured into the world of cosmetics. With her eccentric personality she quickly realized that her bright, poppy color palates had a wonderful market with teens and young women. Each color palate that was introduced came with a fun name and interesting back story created by Deere herself.
As her business continued to grow, Deere joined the world of blogging. She wanted something to showcase her uniqueness, something to reach out to her fans and give them style and fashion tips, makeup tutorials and her amusing tales of her life in New York City. She created the Doe Deere Blogazine.
As her brand grew, her fans wanted more and more from her. In order to satisfy the need she created a fan club. She invited those that she deemed her best and most loyal fans and called them her Futurettes.
More recently, Dough has become more involved in social and humanitarian issues. She now sells her products lines as vegan. She also began donating percentages of her profits from her lipsticks to animal charities. In May of this year an artist by the name of Richard Prince found one of her old Instagram photos online and added it to his exhibit, it sold for $90,000.
Though eccentric and different, Doe Deere has created an extensive and admirable career for herself. First immigrating and then turning herself into a brand, she has achieved the American dream.

Bruce Levenson, More Than a Dreamer

Bruce Levenson has been working hard and succeeding for a very long time. After graduating from American University in 1971, he went on to cofound United Communications Group in 1977. He and his partner worked out of a storage room above a liquor store owned by Levenson’s father. A year later UCG won its first award. Always looking forward, UCG was one of the first businesses to use the internet to deliver content.
Levenson didn’t stop there. TechTarget was nurtured in the heart of UCG, but it went public in 2003. Levenson was a founding member of the board. TechTarget works to aid enterprise technology buyers in their research and decision making. Add in his association with the well known website and app, GasBuddy, and it becomes clear that Levenson tries to always be on the cutting edge. From 1980 to the present, this is a man who sees technological opportunities and seizes them.
Of course, Bruce Levenson is most well known for his association with the Atlanta Hawks. In 2004 he was able to realize the dream of many a young boy, and was part of the purchase of that team. A majority partner in Atlanta Hawks, LLC, Levenson stayed involved for a decade before deciding to sell his share of the team.
That isn’t to say that Levenson will be resting on his laurels. An active philanthropist, he has been associated with charities running the gamut from the Seed School to the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.. He was a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and is the reason the Bringing the Lessons Home program is a thriving program. This program focuses on getting students invested in their education, as well as expanding their knowledge of the Holocaust. Their aim is to get students to examine the implications of the Holocaust for their own lives, and for the students to spread that knowledge within their communities.
Bruce Levenson and his wife have had to watch well-intentioned charities that were fulfilling a need fail more than once. Believing that this happened because they often lacked professional management, the couple funded the start of a new Center at the University of Maryland. Part of the School of Public Policy, the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management will train future leaders of nonprofits in order to prevent them from repeating problems failed charities have faced in the past. They also hope that the Center will help engender a spirit of philanthropy withing the student body, so that the next generation can produce some Levensons of their own.
Bruce Levenson has been dreaming for a long time. He is not a dreamer with his head in the clouds and little idea of practicality. No, Bruce Levenson does more than dream, he works hard and makes dreams a reality.

Human Rights Activist, Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park, a human activist and young girl from North Korea dedicates herself in trying to disclose the plain truth about the violence in North Korea. North Koran renegades have often been attacked. They have often been falsely accused of lying and exaggerations in what they say. Death threats to them has become nothing new. Many activists have been able to escape the bite of death by the regime, but some including Park Sang-hak have died in cold blood assassination. Park Sang-hak was assassinated shortly after he wrote a publication exposing the family of the dictators. The government mostly uses the weapon of assassination to kill those against it. There were many attempts to kill Park Sang-hak.

Park was born and raised in the most brutal parts of North Korea. He grew to be a privileged child but not until his beloved father was arrested and charged with the crime of selling and sending metals to China. His father was then sent to manual work camps. Park together with her mother set off to on a long journey to escape the brutal government. Parks explains that her mother told her not to whisper even for whatever little she could utter be heard and carried by the birds of the air to the government. When they arrived in the west, they saw a great difference that she had never seen ever since she was born. She saw parents trying to encourage their children to speak up or express their feelings. Something that made her so perplexed. Park goes further to explain about the secretiveness of the mysterious North Korea. By the rule of the Hermit Kingdom makes it be the worst country in the world.

Few countries in the world that are as mysterious as North Korea. It by far depicts secretiveness. For those who know anything about the Hermit Kingdom, tears roll down their chicks by the mention of that name. Over twenty-four million people are now living in imposed poverty led by the dictator Kim Jong Un, who has seen the Orwellian poverty strategy. During Parks time in school as a young pupil, they were told that the rest of the world was contaminated and ghastly only and that they had nothing to envy about the world. They were told that North Korea was the best country. Park shared on youtube decided to flee from North Korea to China. While in China, she was raped for promise protection but were later sold to human traffickers. Her father followed them to China and later on died there in the hands of Park, and she burnt her father’s body to the middle of the night.

For the very first time in her life, park can own herself and that she wants the world to know. She used to belong to the Kingdom where she was born or whichever man who bought her. This kind of freedom is the one that has given her the chance to speak for the world and the entire people of North Korea still under immense poverty and dictatorship and wicked governance.