Bowlful of Beneful

For over 16 years now, Beneful has been one of the major brands to provide healthy and natural ingredient based dog foods. If you don’t mind getting emails about deals, you can sign up for coupons for Beneful dog treats by going to their website. Or check out their Facebook page, in magazines, even on dog food packaging.

The most popular and highly rated dog treats tie between :

Baked Delights-Snackers

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

Both have excellent reviews, being popular with big and small dogs.

For a puppy, smaller treats are a better option. To those who choose to buy pre-cut, a few options are available.

Incredibites : Crunchy Minis

Incredibites : Meaty Minis

Incredibites : Dental Minis

Also the calorie range from the dog treats goes from 4 calories/piece, to 23 calories/ piece.

If you have a senior dog in your life, a special diet is important for them. They require ingredients that are easily digestible. Example chicken, perhaps rice and barley. Unfortunately, in order for Beneful dog treats to hold together, ingredients like wheat flour and corn flour are added. So for this reason, it wouldn’t be the best to start your senior dog on a diet including these treats.

Aging Dog Needs And Care

Being the owner of an aging or elderly dog means providing extra care and attention and helping them age gracefully so they are healthy in their last years. Aging dogs have different dietary needs, play and exercise drives and require more medical care than most younger dogs. An aging animal is much like an aging human, as we mature we require less calorie intake, more vitamins and nutrients and our digestive system tends to slow down.

One thing to consider doing to ease your dog into their senior years is switching to a dog food such as Beneful Playful Life that is formulated for middle aged dogs to get the best nutrition without the fillers that younger pups need. Other foods contain too many calories and not enough vitamin and mineral content to support aging bones, and the extra calories can pack on unwanted pounds. Extra weight can really stress a dogs digestive system as well as have an impact on the dogs exercise routine and joint health, so it is important that regardless what you decide to feed your dog that you monitor their weight carefully and watch for sudden fluctuations.

Another thing to consider is switching from kibble to soft food, or smaller kibbles. The puppy chewing drive is insane but as a dog grows up, they no longer need to gnaw for cutting new teeth. Also, teeth and gums in older dogs tend to become sensitive and jaws get tired easier resulting in food sometimes being ate that has not been properly chewed. This is a choking hazard as well as a nutritional issue, as the food will pass through their system without proper digestion and they may become under nourished.

Treats for older dogs should include softer chews, low calorie, high calcium fortified biscuits and licking treats versus raw hides and bones. As the natural need to chew declines, you should also be brushing your dogs teeth with a dog toothpaste and toothbrush. This will help keep plaque and tartar down and keep their gums and teeth in good working order for years to come.

Veterinary care is the final ingredient for a healthy senior life for dogs. Yearly exams are extremely important during this time as their body begins to change. A trained veterinary professional will know to monitor the dogs eyes, skin, coat, and digestive system for potential problems and be able to further assist you in caring for your four legged friend.

Puppies need the most time and training, the reward for all you do early on can be seen in the years to come. Older dogs are already trained, loving and know what is expected from them, making them the perfect companion. Remember to keep your dogs needs in mind as the years pass and they will thank you in the many years to come.

Feeding A Dog Beneful Can Help To Keep Them Healthy

Dog food has changed tremendously over the years. Back in the day many people were familiar with finding dog food in a can, and only a can opener would be able to allow the pet owner to open the can to give the food to their dog. Canned dog food was very popular before, and in certain cases it was more well-known than dry dog food. Dry dog food is something that most people prefer to feed their dogs, especially since they can easily stock up on it when they’re ready. Maybe more people prefer to get bags of dog food because it stacks up better than cans of dog food.

Most dog foods aren’t even in cans these days, but manufacturers have switched over to putting dog foods in bowls. Although a can will preserve the freshness of a certain food, it may also change the taste as well. Putting a dog food in a plastic bowl that is sealed may seal in the flavor a lot better, and the dog may enjoy eating the food a lot more. Not every dog food will be in a bowl if it’s wet dog food because some manufacturers will still use cans. There’s nothing wrong with canned dog food, but dog owners need to be selective when purchasing dog food.

As long as the ingredients in dog food is something that is good for the dog, then the dog food can be purchased. One would think that all dog food is created to be edible for dogs, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Many dog food manufacturers have gotten into trouble for the ingredients that they are putting in their food, especially since the food may end up harming the dog. Pet owners must always be particular about the ingredients that are in the food they will be feeding to their pet.

Many pet owners who know good dog food will choose Beneful, especially because of the fact that it has all the balanced nutrition that a dog needs. Dogs will want a well-rounded meal, just like any human would. Humans like to have several different foods on their plate when they are eating, so there’s no reason why a dog wouldn’t want variety in their food is well. Beneful combines different types of foods into one meal, and the food has all the nutrients that a dog could possibly need. Dogs not only get nutrients from Beneful, but they can gain energy as well.

Having a dog stay healthy is one of the top priorities of any pet owner, and having a healthy dog starts by feeding them good dog food. Beneful is a top brand when it comes to dog food, and many pet owners will only buy Beneful brand foods. If a pet owner wants snacks and treats for their dog, they may only buy Beneful. A pet owner may also purchase the wet and dry dog food that Beneful offers, just so they stay within the Beneful family of dog foods.