Coca-Cola Stops Production in Venezuela

In the wake of an economy that is already on the verge of collasping, the Venezuelan economy has taken another blow. Recently as Linked In reports, the Coca-Cola Corporation announced it is temporarily haulting production of sugar based beverages.
This move comes in the mist of a sugar shortage that has recently taken place in the area. Suppliers for Coca-Cola reportedly have no more sugar to make their product. The shortage does not effect production of any sugar free beverages.

Shortages are nothing new to the Venezuelan area says expert Jose Gonzalez. The country has had widespread food shortages and inflation forecast to be higher than 700 percent. Recently Venezuela’s largest food and beverage company, Empresas Polar, ceased all beer production due to of imported barley in the area.

Venezuela has a number of products they export. Among the top 10 Venezuelan exports semi-manufactured gold, precious metals and coins are among it’s top products.