Securus Evolving to Offer the Best Prison Communication System

A June 7, 2016, press report posted on PR Newswire issued by Securus Technologies detailed the Louisiana Public Service Commission Investigation of wrongdoings committed by Global Tel Link (GTL) in the operation of GTL’s communication program servicing inmates with family, friends and attorneys on the outside. It is the intention of Securus to force GTL into operating within the bounds of business integrity. Some of the charges include inaccurate timing of messages between persons inside an institution and family and friends on the outside. An important consideration when the charges are based on a per minute rate.

Securus, an A+ accredited business by the BBB is the leading provider of video and audio communication between prisoners and family and friends who chose to communicate with their loved ones without making the trip to visit inmates inside a state, local or federal prison facility. For many years the anguish of having a loved one, a family member, or a friend in prison was increased by the strict visitation requirements imposed between a prisoner and visitors. The onus and expense of visitation were imposed on those on the outside. Those already suffering emotional damage caused by the illegal transgressions of their family members or loved ones, who are made to suffer losses of time and money to keep the emotional connection with the prisoner and to make his reentry to society possible. Friends and family can not simply turn their backs on those forced to pay for their crimes.
Securus proposed and offered an alternative, saving time and money and allowing the emotional connection to continue while not being affected by walls, barbed wire, and armed guards. The idea of video and audio communication was simple, but the commitment made by Securus was high in initial cost, time and implementation. Now the people on the outside had a way to maintain contact and communication with loved ones inside an institution. With Securus, everybody was a winner.


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