JeanMarie Guenot: What You Should Know About Her Historic Career

JeanMarie Guenot is one of the most outstanding American entrepreneurs today. She is a motivation both to the male and female folks. With over 20 years doing the seemly impossible, no one is in doubt of her entrepreneurial qualities. She has worked for others and grew their companies to enviable height on This did not stop her from founding and building her own companies into a force to be reckoned with. For instance, she founded SKS Ocular and spent quality time building it before relinquishing its leadership to someone else. These are some of the few reasons why most companies will go to any length to get her service.

Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is undoubtedly fortunate to have this industrial giant as President and CEO. According to, The company is sure to scale heights and already the results have been coming in. Amphivena Therapeutics is no mean company as it always deliver the best, which is the reason it only settles for the best of hands. Amphivena is a preclinical stage company based in San Francisco, California. Here is a company with the lofty mission of eradicating blood cancers by discovering new and effective therapies that works in conjunction with the human immune system for the complete extermination of tumor cells and all that aid their growth. In a nutshell, the company is out to restore the flow of life.

JeanMarie Guenot has worked in virtually all departments available in the industry. There is no capacity you put her that will not perform. When it comes to Pharmaceutical R &D, she has an edge; in Corporate & Commercial Development, she is never a push-away; in Project &Alliance Management, her wealth of experience counts; in Venture Capital, she understands its complexity. She has brought a number of companies from a state of collapse to the acme of the industry.

JeanMarie Guenot specializes on therapies that address autoimmune diseases, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, neurology and ophthalmic diseases. She is a PhD and MBA holder from the University of California, San Francisco and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania respectively.

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Adam Goldenberg Joins Fellow CEOs In Celebrating JustFab’s Achievements

When Adam anticipates a “big year” for their El Segundo-based fashion company, he is aware of the details as he has experienced it several throughout his career. Adam Goldenberg launched JustFab four years after founding ‘Intelligent Beauty,’ an internet sort incubator. It is interesting to realize that JustFab has made a remarkable pull within just four years, putting it in the limelight even more.

Incredibly, the company managed to raise $55 million in 2013, which gave so much hope to the CEOs, and particularly Mr. Adam Goldenberg who had high expectations right from the very beginning. The company also rejoices that their superstar stylist affiliation program has been embraced not only in the US but also in five other countries. The company’s constant growth seems to be unstoppable.

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A Leaf worth Picking from Goldenberg’s Book

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Adam Goldenberg is driven by numbers. As a company, they always have to keep evaluating their numbers. Should they keep fluctuating, then they get on the ground and do the necessary fixes before they lose it.

He believes in revolution, and this is one thing that has kept JustFab ticking. Fashion is in its way subtle as it changes periodically. It requires nimbleness to meet your customer’s ever-changing preferences at

Goldenberg believes in great hiring practices. To get hired at JustFab, you must be passionate and ready to carry the company’s vision at heart. An impressive resume is not enough to earn you a position in the enterprise on LInkedIn, if not coupled with zeal and passion, as goes one of their office mantras.

How JustFab’s Leadership Sustains Relevance in Fast-Changing Trends

Production of quality products keeps the company going. As opposed to other entrepreneurs who are merely aggressive advertisers, at JustFab they primarily focus on satisfying the client need. Maintaining quality is easy as they manufacture their products themselves. As a company, their goals are set to challenge the status quo. How hilarious!


It is amazing to learn that Adam has been a serial entrepreneur since his teenage years. He even became the youngest COO of some publicly operated enterprise. While in an interview, Adam confessed how it pleases him to help people unlock their potential through laying challenges and empowering them. He also expresses that creating teams of people drives him. You might also need to know that JustFab builds online brands and that equally plays a central role in developing their gauges.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello: From Math Whiz To Top Paid Successful CEO And Philanthropist

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Anthony Petrello was know as a genius when it came to math. And even though it seemed to come naturally to him, he still devoted countless hours to working on challenging theorems. Even in the lunchroom in high school he could be seen doing math problems on napkins.

All that hard work paid off and Petrello was awarded a scholarship to Yale. While there he studied under internationally known mathematician Serge Lang on the way to earning his BS and MS degrees in mathematics. He then decided to forgo a career in academia doing innovative work in math to attend Harvard Law School.

Once he completed his doctorate in law, Petrello accepted a position with Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. His work ethic, drive and training enabled him to make a positive impression at the company. Within a few years of being hired Petrello was promoted to managing partner of Baker & McKenzie’s New York office. In 1991 he left the law firm and became chief operating officer of the Houston, Texas based mammoth oil and gas drilling company Nabors Industries. In quick succession Petrello was promoted to president, CEO and finally chairman of the board.

After graduating college, Tony Petrello married the beautiful and talented actress Cynthia Carrafa. Sadly, the couple’s daughter, Carena, suffered a premature birth and doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. Petrello quickly went into action. Tony Petrello donated $7 million for the hospital to build a neurological research center. He also continued to work to help the hospital in any way he could. Eventually his philanthropic efforts led to him become director of Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated. He also continued to give generously to a number of other charitable causes and organizations.

Anthony Petrello has enjoyed a great deal of success in his career. But it was no accident. He’s been working hard since high school to improve his skills. He’s also done the work required to earn degrees from two of the nation’s top universities. Now the kid from Newark is showing the world what is possible with a solid work ethic and a dream to accomplish great things. Petrello is the type of person inner-city kids can look up to for inspiration and as a role model. He’s made his way from the mean streets of Newark to become the highest paid CEO.

How the Swiss Startup Company is Fueling Ideas and Nurturing Dreams

The Swiss Startup Factory, which was established in 2014 by founding partners Oliver Walzer, Mike Baur and Max Meister, is a leading startup incubator based in Zurich. The company has been working with thriving digital entrepreneurs and has been providing startups with valuable information and technical support that has allowed many dreams to grow into reality. Along with other resources, the company offers a three-month accelerator program, which offers a viable platform with services, mentoring and coaching. There is also an entrepreneurial network that has been benefiting ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for a ground to launch their ideas.


Acceleration program

Through the acceleration program, the Swiss Startup Factory selects the most talented startups and offers three months incubation, which is usually reserved twice every year. The program entails building, measuring and learning about business commodities and how to maneuver the market. It also imparts skills to the talented individuals to help them structure their ideas in a more relevant manner that would suit the market. A demo day is created to help bring a real experience to the applicants and to acquaint them with what really happens in the real market.


Once the training and incubation is through, the Swiss Startup Factory releases the talented individuals, who become legal entities and execute what they have learned through the program. Additionally, every successful member to the program receives a 5-months post-acceleration support.


360° service platform

Swiss Startup Factory makes bold promises, which are achieved through their 360° service platform. The platform offers individual services that help to lift ideas from the ground through the A to Z acceleration program. The program brings a startup and its products to the market and offers information necessary to push a startup to growth and maturity.


Appreciating Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an experienced professional who has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. He is the brain behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory (raising funds and financing), which is helping startup entrepreneurs to get off the ground. Mike Baur launched Swiss Startup Factory in a bid to support entrepreneurs in the digital technologies industry. He has also invited renowned professionals in business like Hartweg, who will be responsible for coaching and overseeing the development of the startups. Mike is a University of Rochester graduate and he holds an MBA from the same institution. He also holds an executive MBA, which he earned from the University of Bern.

The Multi-Faceted Work of Dick DeVos

Business magnate and influencer Dick DeVos was born in Michigan to Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. He began working at Amway himself in 1974, and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Vice President. His hard work at the company was lauded by all, as he increased sales outside the United States by 50%. When he rejoined Amway as President, he was responsible for creating numerous subsidiary companies and expanding operations into 50 countries and six continents. Through the years, he has increased the standing of his father’s company and made waves in his own right in the world of business, sports, politics and, now liquor. 

Dick and his wife, Betsy, have set about purchasing Coppercraft Distillery via their own company, Windquest Group. Though the transfer of a liquor license and approval for the purchase will take up to six months to approve, the owner of Coppercraft, Walter Catton III, is excited about the prospect of expanding the distillery, adding inventory, and distributing to and increased number of customers. The DeVoses, with their business expansion experience and expertise, are natural partners who are sure to take the Coppercraft Distillery to the next level.

DeVos’ Windquest Group is an investment management firm. Through it, DeVos has gained influence in finance and technology. Additionally, DeVos is an active supporter of environmentally conscious efforts, and the Windquest Group promotes his desire to find alternative and sustainable energy sources. On his own, DeVos is co-chair of the Education Freedom Fund. The Fund assists children from low income Michigan school afford and attend high quality schools. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship also exists for the purpose of helping students who would like to obtain Master’s degrees at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. DeVos won the Art of Giving award in 2010, presented by the Spectrum Health Foundation for his philanthropic work. He is the author of Rediscovering American Values, a book that seeks to inspire hope in others by encouraging the use of personal responsibility to solve problems.

Dick has long been a donor for the Republican party even receiving some notoriety in the popular Netflix series House of Cards for his political leanings. Read the full interview here:

In addition to all these accomplishments, Dick is an avid pilot and championship winning sailor.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

As a businessman, author, philanthropist, and now distillery operator, DeVos is proving himself to be a man of many talents.

Source: New Netherland Institute research