Susan McGalla Finds Success on her own Merit

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Her entire career is grounded in the field of fashion, starting out at Joseph Horn Company, where she held several positions, including in management. She left Joseph Horn and went on to become the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She started as a buyer for women’s clothing. Before she left, she was running the entire business. After leaving American Eagle, she began a new leg of her career journey as CEO of Wet Seal.


McGalla’s had two older brothers, but their parents didn’t cut her any slack. If something was expected of her older brothers, it was also expected of her. That is what she credits for her extensive business success, disliking the idea of expecting things just because she is a woman. She doesn’t want preferential treatment in business and believes that her degree in college was enough to get her where she wanted to be in her career.


That attitude has served her well through the years. She graduated Mount Union University in Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Her education there helped her gain the necessary experience to start and run her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, which offers engineering solutions all over the world. McGalla believes she has been successful because of her ability to connect comfortably with men and women alike. In fact, when she began working for American Eagle, it was dominantly male, especially in high positions. Her entry helped pave the way for other women to join the ranks of success in executive positions there.


Susan McGalla urges other women to take the chip off their shoulders about being a woman and to stop feeling like they are owed something because of their gender. Any businessperson is served well to listen to what Susan McGalla, businessperson, has to say about how to be a success regardless of any perceived restrictions.

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