Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Takes on Insurance Group

No matter what part of the world you live in or what industry one works in, it’s best to avoid getting involved in lawsuits. Insurance companies know about this better than many others.

Recently, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC filed their own lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. Atlanta Hawks LLC is the name of the company that once held ownership over the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise. The lawsuit involved a real breach of contract with a settlement of claims that was made by the former manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson, one of the controlling partners part of the former ownership group, was included in this but not the current Hawks ownership. The lawsuit states that the insurance company, also known as AIG, had a breach of contract and insurance bad faith to go along with it. Atlanta Hawks LLC states that had a policy of coverage that it was insured for involving certain losses related to employment. The lawsuit further adds that AIG had refused to pay for any covered losses without any justification or in bad faith, despite a clause that said it was their obligation to pay them.

As for individuals in the matter, Bruce Levenson is one of the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchse. He got his start living in Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended Washington University in St. Louis and got a graduate degree from American University. Before becoming part of the Hawks franchise, he co-founded his own company called the United Communications Group (UCG) along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The group was based around analyzing data in oil, healthcare, energy and technology. Afterwards he and Peskowitz became majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004, which not only included the Hawks but also Phillips Arena, their home stadium.

How the Swiss Startup Company is Fueling Ideas and Nurturing Dreams

The Swiss Startup Factory, which was established in 2014 by founding partners Oliver Walzer, Mike Baur and Max Meister, is a leading startup incubator based in Zurich. The company has been working with thriving digital entrepreneurs and has been providing startups with valuable information and technical support that has allowed many dreams to grow into reality. Along with other resources, the company offers a three-month accelerator program, which offers a viable platform with services, mentoring and coaching. There is also an entrepreneurial network that has been benefiting ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for a ground to launch their ideas.


Acceleration program

Through the acceleration program, the Swiss Startup Factory selects the most talented startups and offers three months incubation, which is usually reserved twice every year. The program entails building, measuring and learning about business commodities and how to maneuver the market. It also imparts skills to the talented individuals to help them structure their ideas in a more relevant manner that would suit the market. A demo day is created to help bring a real experience to the applicants and to acquaint them with what really happens in the real market.


Once the training and incubation is through, the Swiss Startup Factory releases the talented individuals, who become legal entities and execute what they have learned through the program. Additionally, every successful member to the program receives a 5-months post-acceleration support.


360° service platform

Swiss Startup Factory makes bold promises, which are achieved through their 360° service platform. The platform offers individual services that help to lift ideas from the ground through the A to Z acceleration program. The program brings a startup and its products to the market and offers information necessary to push a startup to growth and maturity.


Appreciating Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an experienced professional who has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. He is the brain behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory (raising funds and financing), which is helping startup entrepreneurs to get off the ground. Mike Baur launched Swiss Startup Factory in a bid to support entrepreneurs in the digital technologies industry. He has also invited renowned professionals in business like Hartweg, who will be responsible for coaching and overseeing the development of the startups. Mike is a University of Rochester graduate and he holds an MBA from the same institution. He also holds an executive MBA, which he earned from the University of Bern.

Europe & Ukraine: That Which should Be Done


The following is a summation from writer George Soros:

Because of the euros structural defects, the authorities in Europe have now become the lords the muddling art, muddling through one crisis and after another. This practice can best be described as rolling the jerry can down the road. I can best describe that practice as rolling the jerry can up the road and it keeps rolling back at me again. The European union is now facing five crisis at a single instance; four crisis that are internal and one that is external. The four include; migration, Greece, euro and the referendum Britain wants to hold so that it can decide whether to stay in the European Union or not and the external crisis is the aggression that Russia is concussing against Ukraine. Both the authorities as well as the public are all overwhelmed. What is it that the European Union can do to reverse and arrest the integration of the entire Europe?


It is very obvious that these five crises cannot be tackled at a single instance. There is a great need that in all those crises they find in that needs the highest priority over the others and takes the lead in being tackled. I have been strenuously argued that the Ukraine be given the highest priority ion all other crises and be dealt with. The internal crises are now dividing the European Union into two groups that is the debtor countries as well as the creditor countries, the continent and the United Kingdom and also the destination and arrival countries. In contrast, the aggression of the Russian against Ukraine is to be done to unite the entire European Union.


Ukraine is now a new country and this new Ukraine is determined to become exactly the old Ukraine if something is not done in the right time. The older Ukraine will be correlated to the older Greece that is very difficult to reform; the economic capability of Ukraine has much to share in common with the olden Greece and can be so difficult to be reformed. That economy of Greece was dominated by the exploiting group as well as its position to the private group for gain instead of giving service to the general public. If we take Ukraine to be likened as the second class Greece, Europe is in danger if it facilitates the reversal of the new Ukraine into the old Ukraine. That could be very fatal because one of the assets that is the most valued asset of the entire European Union is Ukraine. This is because Ukraine is the centre for resisting the Russian federation aggression as well as communicating the European Union solidarity.


I feel that in my position I ought not to resist the urge that enforces me to make this argument. This is because of my increased knowledge about the situation in Ukraine because of my open source foundations as well as my own involvement in the nation. I developed the so-called Ukraine winning strategy and the country’s involvement.

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One Man’s Career Achievements and Success

Kenneth Griffin is a secretive and extremely successful trader based in Chicago. He is the president of Citadel Investment Corporation. He started his career in 1986 just after joining the University. He traded stock options from his hostel room in his second year at Harvard; Mr. Ken Griffin on valuewalk started up the convertible-bond computer assisted trading fund. Griffin investment strategies were impermeable to the infamous stock market crash of 1987 and consequently made huge profits from his stock. He had accumulated over $1 million in the inventor’s funds for the strategy by the time he started his senior year. Citadel is a diverse alternative asset management institution. Citadel Securities, a branch of the Citadel Company, is a leading liquidity solution provider for investment management technology.

In an interview with the Worth Magazine, Kenneth Griffin revealed that he spent most of his time in Harvard doing trading, and the strategy worked favorably to him. His greatest strength is not in analyzing the market trends but in evaluating the models his mind-trust shows him. He added that his potential to convert investment ideas into cash makes his company very successful. His main goal is to concentrate on trades that remain in the headlines for as long as he is the game. Citadel Company is characterized by the rigorous application of technology and quantitative trading techniques; apparently, it deploys 16 separate and different strategies. It currently manages $7 billion for a broad range of investors. Citadel is the largest hedge fund corporation in the entire world.

Harvard University Renames Office after Griffin
Griffin donated a total of $150 million to the Harvard College to support the need-based financial program for the needy university undergraduates. In return, the university renamed the office of the program in his honor to show their overwhelming appreciation and gratitude. The ceremony, which was held at the Brattle Street office, was graced by numerous public figures such as William Fitzsimmons, who is the dean of admissions, his Excellency President Drew Faust and the entire staff of faculty of arts and sciences. The university officials, alumni , and the student fraternity thanked him for the precious gift, which would have tremendous impact in the forthcoming Harvard generations. In his acceptance speech, the University chancellor Mr. Faust assured the audience that he would ensure the funding was allocated fairly to all needy students. He added that the money would help underpin the long-standing commitment of the university to make education affordable to all interested candidates regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Griffin serves as a board director of the public education fund in Chicago. He is a champion for initiatives that foster community improvement. In the commercial community, Griffin belongs to numerous business groups such as Commercial Club of Civic Board, the G100, and Chicago Economic Club. Besides, he also supports cultural and civic organizations in his areas. He encourages the youth to be creative and self-reliant. He also belongs to the board of trustees of Chicago University, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the Whitney Museum.

James Dondero The Olympian Of Credit Managers

The Alternative Investment Management field is full of excitement and challenges. On a day-to-day- basis the professional and experienced teams deal with the twists and turns of the economy, which venture would bring the most profit, handling an unforeseen crisis and solving the problem and rebuilding ailing companies. The adrenaline is constantly pumping to the brain, eager to take on the next investment adventure and this is an investment management firms normal day.

James Dondero the Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Or HCM has $21 billion of assets under their management. The employee partnered firm is independently owned. Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas with other offices in New York, Seoul, South Korea, Singapore and San Paulo, Brazil.
He has been in the financial field of investing and management for 30 years. The firms’ specialties are distressed and special situations private equity, credit strategies, collateral loan obligations, long only funds and separate accounts and hedge funds.
James was awarded his Bachelor of Science in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia and is an SEC registered investment adviser. His Chartered Financial Analyst status is the Olympic Gold Medal in the investment field. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant because his management skills coupled with financial accounting aid’s him in devising outstanding business strategies.

The Distressed Investment team will study the company’s predicament and decide which route to follow if liquidating the company’s assets is prudent or restructure the company’s financial debts so they are sustainable.
Distressed Investments include filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy where liquidation of a company’s assets is used to pay creditors. The companies aren’t able to reorganize to make any profits. Absolute priority means the debts are paid to financial lenders that have the failed business as collateral for any loans made to the business. The investment firm has a Trustee who will make sure that whatever assets can be sold the monies will be put in the proper creditors. When there is cash left over that goes to pay off the last of the creditors which are usually unsecured loans by the banks. In other words, businesses that used their company as collateral those creditors are paid first, then unsecured loans that were based on the borrower’s ability to pay and stellar credit ratings are paid last.

When the investment firm is interested in a business that has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the professional investment management teams organize to design and develop a plan to rescue the business. Filing for Chapter ll does not mean the debts owed will disappear. The specialized investment management team will devise a reorganization plan that will allow the company to stay in business and make a profit.
The investment management firm will contact the creditors and negotiate a new contract involving the interest rates, amount of payment and a payment schedule.
Placing a business in the hands of an Alternative Investment Management firm that has years of experience in their chosen field, a firm with solid global connections will lead to profit, profit and more profit.

When to Ignore Your Phone


There are times when you really need to answer your phone, no matter where you are or what you are doing. If someone in your family is going through an emergency situation, then you want to have your phone on hand. But, people use their phones too much these days. I understand this. I have a problem with this, too. Most of the time, we don’t really need to have our phones on hand. Most of the time we will be okay if we choose to ignore the ringing of our phones. When I was reading a blog post that was featured on the blog of Marc Sparks, I got some of the advice that I needed in regard to using my phone. There are times when I just should not be answering my phone, and the post that I read helped to identify some of those times for me.

There are times when using a phone is unprofessional. There are times when using a phone can make me appear to be someone that I am not – someone who is rude, impolite, and unprofessional. I don’t want to appear to be someone who does not care about others, and I don’t want my obsession with my phone to end up costing me a job. The blog post that I read shared how I should not answer my phone when I am in any kind of a meeting, and I think that this is advice that I should be following. My phone is important to me at times, and I really want to have it on hand, but I need to ignore it when I am in a professional situation and taking part in a meeting.

Taco Bell Gets Rid of Artificial Ingredients but Adds Cap’n Crunch Doughnut Holes

Taco Bell still plans to satisfy your sweet tooth even though the company recently made drastic changes to their menu by removing artificial ingredients from 95 percent of their choices. Part of the remaining 5 percent will include Taco Bells’s new creation of Cap’n Crunch doughnut balls that will be covered in the sugary cereal.

Clearly, the new dessert item on the menu contains artificial ingredients and flavors. Also, their famous Doritos Locos Tacos will still be on the menu as well. The doughnut holes will become available on July 2 and are called Cap’n Crunch Delights.

Even though these doughnut holes aren’t considered a health food, indulging a sweet tooth now and then can actually be good for you. Just like Steve Murray always says, everything in moderation.

Taco Bell is owned by the same company as KFC and Pizza Hut, a company among many others who have decided to get rid of artificial ingredients due to concerns from consumers.

Making Way for the Future

The Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle is known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Very few know about how well the company takes care of its loyal employees. Employee loyalty just got a huge reason to stay amongst the Chipotle Company. Hourly paid workers at Chipotle are in the process of getting paid sick days and vacation days. As it turns out, the company isn’t stopping there. Chipotle is also looking to reimburse its employees for their college tuitions as well. Previously these benefits are only given to salaried employees but the company has decided to share these benefits with the rest of the workforce. Chief marketing associates at Chipotle have decided to make room for the future. Instead of hoping that employees will stay around just for a paycheck, the company wants to give the employees something to look forward to. The company is very keen to the idea of promoting from within and getting the best potential out of every employee that they have on their roster. The recent news coming out of Chipotle has made heads turn not just amongst their customers and employees, but among their competition as well. Keith Mann ( agrees that Chipotle’s raise in benefits and perks will surely have numerous restaurant and fast food giants tripping over themselves to ensure that their employees receive similar, if not the same, type of benefits.

Haidar Barbouti and a Love of Animals

When first examining the life of Haidar Barbouti, it’s very apparent that he is incredibly well versed in business and real estate transactions. He’s worked on all manner of projects, including the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, TX. Land development projects are the key, and he has been working in this field since the mid 1980s, so he has seen all sorts of economic landscapes, from booms to recessions. He knows exactly how to utilize any of these properly and has had such great success by figuring out how land can best be used going forward, no matter what the climate is like. However, when you get past all of this success, you’ll find that he has a second love, as well: Animals.

On the whole, Barbouti’s goal is to find animals who need help and to provide them with what they cannot get for themselves. He understands that many animals have no homes and are unwanted. As domesticated animals, though, they can’t survive in the wild on their own. They been specifically conditioned and bred for life with people, and they need loving families to take care of them, much like children. Seeing the lack of these families as a sad reality, Barbouti has created the Highland Village Adoption Center to help find homes for them.

The center brings in all manner of dogs and cats, taking those who are turned over on purpose and those who are found trying to live as strays because they have nowhere to go. It provides them with food, water and shelter, and volunteers and staff members come in to take care of the animals. Vets are hired when needed to provide medical care and to make sure all of the animals have a clean bill of health. When they’re ready to be adopted, online postings are put up to alert those who want to adopt, and then connections with the center are made so that the pets and people can meet in person.

Animals need these types of shelters, and they need this type of active outreach. There are far too many animals in shelters who just need loving homes, and Barbouti has worked hard to make sure that they move through the system as quickly as possible.

Haidar Barbouti: Write an Article About This Individual

The Many Passions of Haidar Barbouti

Most successful businessmen usually only have one passion and that passion is their business. However, when it comes to Haidar Barbouti that could not be further from the truth. That is not to say that Barbouti is not passionate about is business adventures because he is. It is because of his passion for life and for others that he has become very successful in the business world.

Barbouti’s passion for business gave Houston its first premier shopping center. Not only did this bring some of the top of the line stores to the area, but it also brought with it a place for people to go and shop, eat, and relax with family and friends. Barbouti, himself, oversees many of the operations of this center as well as being the owner and broker.

Barbouti also has a passion for children and animals. He donates a large amount of time and resources to both these causes. He invests heavily in making sure that underprivledge children will have the resources that they need to have a positive future. Barbouti does not stop there, however. One holiday program he assisted with a program called Home for the Holidays. This program began as a way to save the number of cats and dogs that were getting euthanized in the Houston area. The program was only meant to run through the four weeks of the holiday season and many hundreds of animals were adopted and saved thanks to this program. However the many volunteers wanted to keep the program going. Barbouti donated the space to make that happen and the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals opened its doors and is run by a volunteer staff.

Food is another passion of Barbouti. He believes that when someone is out dining at a restaurant that the food should be good and it should be plentiful. He wants people to enjoy the experience.