Beneful Is Doing It All When It Comes To Their Products

Every brand out there is always trying its hardest to gain some new customers. Brands want to be as popular as they can be, so that they can rake in as much money as they can, and it is no different for dog food brands. There are many things that this kind of brand can do to try to attract new customers, and when they do them all, then their sales will likely go up.
Beneful is a brand of dog food that is doing it all. The company behind Beneful is working hard to make sure that the dog food that they sell is made with quality ingredients, and they are also making sure that they put out some cute advertisements. Their recent ad featuring a group of dogs all working together to make a Rube Goldberg machine work definitely fits into the category of cute advertisements. Beneful will be sure to draw in some new customers just from that ad alone. It shows the whole world how Beneful is a brand that dogs love, and it shows everyone how much Beneful cares about dogs.

Make Your Own Soup, BPA IN Canned Foods May Pose A Threat To Your Health

A recent report, published by the Environmental Working Group, indicated which food manufacturers canned brands incorporate bisphenol A (BPA) in the can’s interior lining. BPA, in generic terms, is a plastic additive that takes on the appearance of and imitates the female sex hormone, estrogen.

Daniel Amen also said that it is believed that three-quarters of the manufactured, canned food on the North American continent, are packaged in cans that are interior lined with BPA, to prevent the container metal from corrosion and the entry of harmful bacteria.The primary concern for advocates for the prohibition of BPA is that the chemical seeps into the cans contents.

The United States Food and Drug Administration contends that BPA is “safe at the current levels occurring in foods,” though there is plenty of scientific research that confirms that prolonged exposure to BPA has been associated with major health issues.

The Environmental Working Group surveyed 252 canned food brands and of those manufacturers responding, 50% reported BPA lining in all their canned items, and 24 % using BPA in some products. The companies that use BPA in all their canned products, included brands, Progresso, Hormel, Green Giant, and Ocean Spray.