Clay Siegall Helps Spread NPR’s Messasge

It can be difficult to find reliable sources of information in today’s day and age especially as there are news outlets that are actively pushing false stories. Though other outlets are spreading misinformation one news source has been providing reliable and accurate news stories despite the current political climate that has been cracking down on journalist and reporters who do not push stories deemed favorable.

Accurate and reliable as the stories are, without an audience the stories have very little opportunity to reach people and impact society. And as the internet is built upon the power of sharing, it is imperative that individuals take a grain of responsibility when sharing news stories.

Perfecting the image of reliable and responsible news sharing, Clay Siegall has actively maintained his personal blog to be a beacon of accurate information that is both pertinent and near and dear to the CEO.

A quick search of his latest posts show Clay Siegall’s affinity for the public broadcasting outlet.

Most recently the last two stories posted to Clay Siegall’s curate personal blog focus on two breaking stories sending show waves throughout the scientific communities. The first story Clay Siegall is sharing is quite an interesting read about an animal that was long thought to be extinct, the Tasmanian tiger. The interesting colored animal has long been absent from the public eye after the last member of its species was discovered to be dead. But now that a spate of sightings have been reported, both scientist and reporters are eagerly searching for the animal in hopes that the declaration of extinction was a bit premature. The entire story makes for a quick and interesting read, so please visit Clay Siegall’s blog to read the entire story.

Following up the interesting piece about extinct animals, Clay Siegall has curated a story about an interesting theory about why certain cultures may be more predisposed to scientific breakthroughs.

The curated stories are indicative of the Seattle Genetic’s CEO philanthropic mindset.