Could Shake Shack Be Becoming A Chicken Shack Too?

The ever popular Shake Shack just reopened the doors to its original location in New York City this month, and now there is speculation from the customers that there will be a new kind of shack in town: A Chicken burger shack! According to an article found on, the company will not confirm or deny that they are going to be branching off and doing new ventures, but there is proof that they bought the rights to the name “Chicken Shack” says Qnet. As of right now there is only one chicken product on the Shake Shack’s menu but the owner as openly explained that he is all for trying new things, so there is a good chance that this will actually come to fruition.

Shake Shacks are extremely popular on the East Coast and aside from the one in Las Vegas, they are tending to stay over on that side of the country. However, if there are any new things coming out in the near future, this could mean that they will be expanding all over the United States. Of course this is all just thoughts at the moment as nothing firm has been released by the company. It would be great if the company had an opportunity to expand into chicken sandwiches, because that is what the American dream is all about. Plus, you got to give the customers what they want to eat!