Making Way for the Future

The Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle is known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Very few know about how well the company takes care of its loyal employees. Employee loyalty just got a huge reason to stay amongst the Chipotle Company. Hourly paid workers at Chipotle are in the process of getting paid sick days and vacation days. As it turns out, the company isn’t stopping there. Chipotle is also looking to reimburse its employees for their college tuitions as well. Previously these benefits are only given to salaried employees but the company has decided to share these benefits with the rest of the workforce. Chief marketing associates at Chipotle have decided to make room for the future. Instead of hoping that employees will stay around just for a paycheck, the company wants to give the employees something to look forward to. The company is very keen to the idea of promoting from within and getting the best potential out of every employee that they have on their roster. The recent news coming out of Chipotle has made heads turn not just amongst their customers and employees, but among their competition as well. Keith Mann ( agrees that Chipotle’s raise in benefits and perks will surely have numerous restaurant and fast food giants tripping over themselves to ensure that their employees receive similar, if not the same, type of benefits.