Kate Hudson is HOT in her new Fabletics activewear!

Actress Kate Hudson, hot both on and off the screen, has teamed with JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Dan Ressler in launching Fabletics, a company that specializes in providing stylish, high quality activewear at prices consumers can afford.


Standing by their mantra “Live Your Passion“, Fabletics features products crafted with superior-quality fabrics, implementing innovative technology that provides a great deal of sweat-free functionality while featuring eye-catching colors and designs that really stand out.


Fabletics prides itself in providing yoga, running, gym, workout, and other activities outfits, all in cutting-edge style and technology that keeps up with current trends. With new styles coming out every month, customers can equip and accessorize their gear constantly, all the while looking and feeling great while doing so.


For customers that wish to take advantage of the fabulous deals Fabletics features every month, with savings up to 50 percent off of regular pricing, the process is very quick and easy.


Once you sign in to the Fabletics website, you can take a short Lifestyle Quiz to let Fabletics get to know your style and workout preferences. Once you’re signed in as a paid member of the VIP Membership Program, you’ll immediately get a terrific bargain opportunity as a new member.


Each month, you can shop or “Skip the Month“. If you elect to “Skip the Month” by the 5th of that month, you will not be charged anything for that month. If not, you’ll be charged $49.95 on the 6th, a charge that can be used as a credit to spend or save. And you can elect to cancel membership anytime.


Reviews have yielded some very happy and satisfied customer comments. A mere few from Trustpilot:


I love all my new purchases and the quality and comfort is amazing.”


“The products are great quality. I love how soft and stylish they are.”


“I love the material and style…customer service is always friendly and helpful. So many options and always more coming.


Heather at Krazy Coupon Lady had this to say about a select few product offerings:


Switch Back Tee: “A cool shirt and the quality is up to par.”

Lima Capri: 5-stars; Compression and styling is great.”

Salar Capris: 5-stars: “Nothing about these capris scream $10- and that’s all they cost! Great quality! The material is awesome, lots of stretch but strong enough to smooth you out.”


As a whole, Krazy Coupon Lady had this to say: “In the end, we think that it’s just silly not to take advantage of the first-outfit-for-$25 deal. It truly is a screaming bargain! In no way do we feel $49.95 per month is an unfair price. The value is still really good.”

Fabletics Brought To You By Kate Hudson And JustFab

Raving About JustFab

If you haven’t already heard of the most convenient and luxurious way to buy clothing online, then this post is just for you. Members of JustFab and Fabletics are giving it some positive reviews, and I’ve have my eye on the site for sometime now, so I decided to give it a try. My friend mentioned it to me when we went out a few months ago. I noticed how cute her purse looked, and she told me where she got it. It sounded intimidating at first because I have never had someone handpick my clothing out for me like JustFab does, but I have been loving it ever since I started using their service.

They tailor some of the best designs together to meet my needs every month. I just started using it, but I think I understand how it works. I’m looking at my first outfits now in my Personalized Boutique at http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Fabletics-Retail-Stores-Opening-38342683. I would have never imagined that I would have a Personalized Boutique filled with clothing options and apparel that fit my style. I really have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with what the style team at JustFab decided to pick out for me. I have such a unique style and personality that I was skeptical at first, but I have really enjoyed what they picked out so far.

The membership of Fabletics is always optional, so if you decide that you don’t want to shop for a month, then you can just click the “Skip Month” button on their site. It’s that easy. They’re very upfront with their membership plan details. That was something that also impressed me. They have a whole customer care team set up to help guide VIP members. The Membership Services Team at JustFab is friendly, and they’re easy to get in contact with if you have any questions. I had a question about my shipping address on Twitter, and they helped me with that in a jiffy.

The JustFab team joined forces with Kate Hudson in 2013 to create their line called Fabletics. This line is really impressive if you are looking for women’s activewear. I have never found such a thoughtful and stylish set of clothing for activewear.

Fabletics is a line that Kate Hudson personally culls herself. Their clothing options has the appeal of living a luxurious lifestyle while working out. They also don’t cost a fortune. JustFab is a great choice for online shopping for women’s clothing in general because they offer affordable prices and handpick their items for you.