Talks about Joes vs. Pros

“Follow the money” is a catch phrase directed towards pretty much any form of investigative journalism. Even when the journalism focuses on reporting about sports betting news the phrase is employed. Following the “sharp money” in regards to NCAA football betting should tells gamblers and fans alike who the odds-makers favor. The favors are not based on any personal biases. Based on a video presented on, CG Analytics’ Matthew Holt reveals sportsbook experts are picking teams who may are not the favorites of the public.

Doing so is the opposite of pandering to a segment of sports fans. Solid reasons exist for going against public opinion. Sportsbook experts do have to maintain their credibility. Otherwise, their opinions won’t carry any weight with the public in the future.

The interview with Matthew Holt is interesting and does give some insight as to why professionals may disagree with the public at times. In this case, the disagreements center on the college football’s week 12.

The Oklahoma Sooners are facing the West Virginia Mountaineers in a quintessential “Joes vs. Pros” game. Holt noted that Oklahoma is preferred by the public due to the incredible offensive power of the Sooners. Teams have to score to win so the public tips its favor to the Sooners. Sportsbook pros, however, seem to lean a bit towards West Virginia. In order for a team to score, the team has to get past a defensive line. The pros have strong faith in West Virginia’s defense.

The Washington State Cougars are facing the Colorado Buffaloes in a matchup between two teams with the exact same record: 8 – 2. Public money, Holt reveals, drove the sports line on this game down. Eventually, the line went up based on the pros’ assessments that the home team was going to have a better advantage. The conclusion of the game will reveal who had the better pulse on the game.

In addition to the Big 12 teams, the video addresses some “Joes vs. Pros” assessments with the Big 10. As is the case with all analysis on, the insights are carefully thought out and presented with solid clarity. Anyone wishing to learn about football betting lines, college or pro, is going to find a valuable resource.

The pros may end up knowing a bit more than the Joes, but the Joes have been right now and then as well. In the end, the final say rests with the team that wins.