White Shark Media Addresses Client Complaints And Improves Their Service

Often when a company experiences rapid growth there are a few growing pains that come with the process of change. White Shark Media admits that they have had a few of these problems.

The customers of White Shark Media have addressed their complaints and White Shark Media complaints team did what many companies fail to do, White Shark listened and made improvements to help address their customer concerns.

As a result, customers are happier with White Shark Media and the whole business is offering better customer service as a result. The company addressed the complaints because they don’t want them to get in the way of dealing with their customers.

Some of the most common complaints are that people said they lost touch with their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media realized that the reporting system that they had set up was not good enough for the small business customer. The company corrected this problem by taking the time to talk to each client about their campaign.

A group of customers also said they didn’t feel that communication was great. As a result the company set out to improve the communication company wide. White Shark Media added monthly calls by using a GoTomeeting program.

Each and every month or as often as a client requests, the client and a strategist can review the results of the AdWords campaign from the last 30 days. White Shark also sends out a report before the meeting so the client has time to review it on their own and make notes so they can ask questions.

Other customers expressed the need to talk to someone live and in person on the telephone. This is another part of customer service that is disappearing with many companies, however, White Shark Media listened to their clients and added direct extension numbers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.thevalanx.com/white-shark-media-promises-continual-improvement-in-response-to-complaints/

Now, when a person calls in they can talk to their own expert and get their needs addressed quickly. It is a great help to customers to get in contact with a live person and White Shark Media took the steps to make this easy for their customers.

A few people said that every once in awhile they would get a person who just didn’t seem in touch with their needs. White Shark again answered this complaint by allowing a Senior SEM Consultant to follow up with every client and make sure that all the customer’s needs are met.

If a consultant needs to be changed up, White Shark offers the client the ability to get that done with ease. As you can clearly see, White Shark Media is a company who is moving forward with their customer’s needs in mind.

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