Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru: ‘Everything You Do Should Last Longer Than You’

While Nathaniel Ru was at his senior year at the Washington-based Georgetown University, he and his closest friends had no idea of what they would do after finishing university. As a matter of fact, the wanted to introduce healthy foods to the senior community in the country. For this reason, they have developed numerous capabilities which have worked for the sake of the population in the dire end. They also had a craving for healthy food. However, they had no place in the county where they would get what they wanted at the best price without compromising on quality. While they were thinking about the best place to start their business, they settled on one of the best places as to be the 600-aquare-fot tavern in the central business district part of the country.


For more than six years, the tried to grow their business using the formulation of their original business plan. They went on to secure a piece of land in the area to plant the green vegetables which are used for making the healthy food in the region. For this reason, they also developed the farm with the highest level of agricultural technology and had the greatest income. While they were working at their new restaurant, they had no funds to develop their business and innovation strategies. They also continued to develop high-end capabilities which were used to overcome the major business concerns in the area.


One time they were overhead by their landlord that business was coming to a standstill. However, the owner kept quiet for the first day because they have never delayed any business transaction. They used to pay their rent promptly. It was to their surprise that the same landlord of the space for planting the crops was the same landlord who owned the space in town. While they were calling to determine the new business deal, she hangs up and never answered to any of their calls. She was never eager to give them an opportunity because she believed that the children had no idea of what they wanted in life. For more than one month, they decided to call her until she finally agreed to talk to them. This was the same reason why they were determined to succeed in business. They went on and became one of the only people in the country with the highest level of education working at a local farmland without a vision in their mind.

Nathaniel Ru Serves Up Healthy Food and Customers Go Wild

Nathaniel Ru is in the business of serving up healthy food with his Sweetgreen restaurant chain. He has managed to make a lot of people consider the benefits of eating healthy when the world has become very obese. He has made people recognize that a company like Sweetgreen is in the business of making healthy eating a reality. This is something that he has done with great pride, and customers have taken to this.


They have been able to see the benefits of healthy eating, and Nathaniel Ru wants other people to recognize this. He has worked hard to bring this Sweetgreen dining establishment to life, and a lot of this has to do with farmers. There are many farmers out there that are presenting some really great vegetables and fruit. Nathaniel Ru has recognized that the farmers that are growing food have almost been taken out of the equation. There are so many processed foods out there. Companies are using less of the natural ingredients and bringing so many additives in the picture. This is what is causing so many Americans to gain weight.


Sweetgreen has been in the business of helping people engage in healthier meals. He has been able to do this by totaling changing the way that people think about food. There are a lot of people that may have never considered ordering food this way. Sweetgreen has workers that are preparing the food as people make the order. This is a mix of fresh vegetables and salads. This is the alternative that people are looking for, and Nathaniel Ru knew that he was filling up a void. People have a lot of places that they can go to, but Nathaniel Ru knows that there is no reason for people to settle for greasy fast food if there is a healthy alternative available. He knows that there is a lot of energy behind his company, and that is one reason that he has been able to continue expanding. His Sweetgreen fans love the restaurant and the atmosphere. They love the Sweetgreen Festival, and they love the app that gives them the ability to order from their phones.


Nathaniel Ru and his crew have shown that people do not have to be overweight. They can eat nutritious food that is still delectable and lose weight in the process. The Sweetgreen website shows people the number of calories that each meal will contain. This is something that is very informative to people that are counting calories. Nathaniel Ru has laid out a plan for better dieting. He has put together the type of menu that will be better for people that have been struggling with their diet plans.



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