White Shark Media; A Leader in Online Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is an innovative digital marketing agency that is led by a team of seasoned professionals. The Agency delivers customized online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Customer service is a top priority at the company. It also utilizes cost-effective strategies for its clients. This has enabled it to remain on top of the highly competitive online marketing landscape. Its strength lies in using a hybrid system of marketing that incorporates both offline and online marketing.


White Shark Media has had incredible success in managing AdWords campaigns for its clients. This is what has delighted its growing customer base. White Shark Media has maintained a close relationship with Google. A team from White Shark Media was invited to the headquarters of Google in 2012 to discuss how they can collaborate in providing better service to customers. Google assigned them a team of account manager to offer support where necessary. White Shark Media is also the 2014 winner of Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership.


Most of the clients who engage this company are unfamiliar with Google AdWords or online advertising. White Shark Media has taken the challenge as part of its duty to make sure that customers understand how their money is spent. Customers are kept up to date on the performance of various keywords. The Agency periodically sends them the reports of the performance of their campaigns. It has a dedicated team of knowledgeable and professional account managers who provide answers to the questions that customers ask. They also walk with them to the end of the campaign. Clients also benefit from its bilingual team. The clients can target external markets with their offering.


White Shark Media has a long list of successful projects that it has completed for various customers in the US and Latin America. The result oriented model of the company has kept customers rest assured that they get value for what they spend. Customers should expect nothing but improved ROI and better online presence. Clients with little or no knowledge of campaign management have a partner who takes away the challenge so that they can focus more on other aspects of running a business.


The company has also set up more communication channels. Customers who have had a challenge of reaching out to the enterprise now have options of using email, a new access phone system, and monthly GoToMeeting schedule calls. The company always strives to improve its offering and how it interacts with clients. It is open to any complaints, suggestions, or compliments.

How Companies Have To Ensure Their Business Remains Positive

Expanding the online exposure of a business or brand online is a great step to take in order to improve upon online reputation. There are a vast amount of websites on the internet that allows users to post company profiles free of charge. These websites are coupled to high profile domains which ensures that the website features on the first page of the search results. Therefore it is vital that companies and brands that want to ensure they are featured high up on the search results. Three websites that offer this opportunity and that stand out above the rest are resume.com, tackk.com and about.me. On these websites users can create a simple account, add a brief description of the company or product and link the company website on that page. Other additional links should be any social media platforms that are currently being used.

Other options include taking advantage of free blogging sites which allow for the user to post a very detailed company or brand bio as well as a company description. Free blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are some of the most popular websites in use today when it comes to blogging. If this strategy is used in conjunction with automatic content syndication it will improve upon the results dramatically.

All these tips and tricks can be found in great detail on the Forbes.com website which features and interview with the expert on online reputation strategy, Don Sorensen. Don is known as the creator of Big Blue Robot.com a company which specializes in the field of reputation management, specifically on the world wide web. Don believes it is possible to do the majority of management oneself however for those not comfortable doing these steps can seek out websites such as searchcleanup.com which can remove bad search results and assist in taking some of the necessary steps suggested by Don Sorensen. Searchcleanup.com is a very easy website to use and the staff can assist in answering all questions users may have. This is how companies of today have to function properly.

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Building a Reputation for Your Company

Having a great online reputation can make a world of difference for your company. If your company has a good online presence, more people will be apt to visit your site and actually make use of your services. If your reputation is lacking, you might have tried your best to repair and rebuild it to not avail. This is when hiring an online reputation management firm can be the best thing for you and can help your entire company to grow to its full potential.

A great company known as Search Cleanup and their site searchcleanup.com can help you to manage your reputation. The way that they work is by building a damaged reputation and getting it to where it needs to be. The first step you will want to take when using Search Cleanup and their site searchcleanup.com is to contact them to find out about their services. They can help you to get the type of work done that will help your business to grow and this can be just what you need to feel confident in the work being done. It will then help people to find you easier on search engines as well as for them to get better and more positive reviews that will benefit those utilizing your business.

There are a lot of reasons for you to consider building your company using an online reputation management firm. The first step that you might want to take is contacting this specific type of company and seeing what they are able to do for you. This type of firm is ideal for just about anyone and can even fit into your budget. You do not have to worry that hiring a company like Search Cleanup is going to be too expensive because they will be able to fit it into your budget and allow you to find it affordable in many different ways. There are many ways to change your company’s reputation, but you need to consider the benefits of hiring a reputation service so that they are able to do the heavy work for you.