Domino’s Pizza Ordering Via Twitter System

A new form of delivery food has hit the internet, and that is now Domino’s is working on creating an app that allows Twitter users to order pizza straight from the social media platform itself. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grubstreet, the application is set to go into motion starting on May 20 and is designed to appeal to the growing technology in today’s world. Apparently all that needs to be done in order to get a pizza coming your way is to send a certain emoji to the Domino’s Twitter account, and then they will private message you to make sure that you intended for the order to happen.

In some ways this is a truly genius idea, however, I am not too sure that I would use this method over the regular Domino’s mobile phone application. Pizza lovers at Amen Clinics ( know that the reason for that is because on the mobile apps you can make a selection from a lot of different things to customize what you will be ordering, and there is also a section to look over current specials and deals. Although, I won’t be the first one to bash it before it comes out and gets put to use, so I think I will reserve judgement on the idea until I see it in motion. Who knows, maybe next week would be a good time to test it out to see how accurate it is.