Sriracha Doughnuts Are Here

Sriracha has been dominating the menus of menu restaurants, but is often used as a savory condiment for Asian dishes. A bakery in Harlem, Jolie Patisserie, has used the spicy sauce as a topping for one of America’s favorite desserts to bring you the sriracha doughnut.

Sriracha is an ingredient in cocktails, and has even made its way to snack foods and fast food entrees, so the doughnut was a natural progression. In addition to the peppery sauce, the doughnuts are also served with almonds and sour cream.

This doughnut isn’t the first to feature sriracha. Dough Loco, another bakery in New York, introduced the raspberry sriracha doughnut a few years ago. This confection is a little more sweet than spicy, and has a devoted following.