Hippeas: The Vegan Snack Even a Bacon Lover Can Enjoy

hippeas far out fajita livio bisterzo
Hippeas produce products that are aimed at appealing to the hippies. These people believe that love and peace are very essential in the modern society. They are mainly from the baby-boomer generation and are associated with anti-government and anti-violent groups. The group is also highly associated with drug abuse. Hippies are always willing to try out new things in life and are not easily conformed to the traditional ways of life.

The founder of Hippeas aimed to come up with products that would appeal to this group and is in line with their beliefs and culture. This generation needs the energy to carry out various activities, but their choice of food are sometimes not healthy. Hippeas, therefore, came up with products that are similar to fast-foods but have a more nutritional advantage than the normal fast foods. Their products are good for the soil, other plants and to the health of an energetic youth. Hippies want to remain slim and active. The products produced by Hippeas are healthy as they are snacks that do not make one to be fat.

Hippeas are involved in activities in sub-Saharan Africa that aims at improving the lives of the farmers of chickpeas. The plant does not only help in improving the soil fertility but is a way in which the farmers can use to get themselves out of poverty. It would use every pack that it sells to improve the lives of chickpeas farmers in East Africa. The snacks are gluten-free. The founder believes the snacks addressed the need for a trendy item for consumption that is resonating with clients.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur of an Italian origin, residing in Los Angeles. Mr. Bisterzo is married and blessed with 3 children. He had shifted to the UK in 1999, at just the age of 18 years. He studied at the esteemed London University of Arts. His first venture was an event business in 2003, and since then, his business portfolio has continued to grow, even receiving recognition from major business magazines.

His line of business has mainly been in the food industry. In 2010, he acquired a little miracle, an organic mix of juice and tea. In 2016, he established a food improvement business called Green park holdings. The company was to major on the health and nutrition supplement industry. The first brand of Green Park was the Hippeas, which has received an overwhelming response from the consumers.