Is Healthy Fast Food Healthy?

Fast food restaurants have been trying to keep up with the recent health food trends by changing their menus and adding healthier options. But are these options really that much healthier?

According to an article on, that may not actually be the case. When comparing the nutritional value of one of the newest kale salads offered at McDonald’s, it actually has more sodium, fat, and calories than the popular Double Big Mac. McDonald’s has also added a Caesar salad to their menu which is full of nutrient-rich greens, including baby kale. However once you add-on the signature crispy chicken and asiago dressing, the salad becomes a sodium bomb that comes in at over 50 grams of fat and 730 calories.

Don’t give up your fast food salads just yet, says Jon Urbana, owner of a famous lacrosse camp in Denver. There are ways to cut down on the calories, fat, and sodium when ordering your lunch. Nutritionists recommend cutting down the salad dressing by only adding half the amount to your meal. Also, opt for no cheese when you can and ask for the grilled version of your protein instead of the crispy version. These tips will help to make your meal a healthier one.

Just food for thought next time you think you are doing yourself a favor by ordering healthy at a fast food restaurant.

A Sugar Overload

Most people like Adam Sender know that drinking sodas and other beverages that have a high sugar content can lead to weight gain, diabetes and other health conditions. It’s a little much to say that these drinks kill almost 200,000 people each year. When people drink sodas, they know that they are taking a risk in developing a high blood sugar level, which can result in diabetes if it’s not managed. This is a choice that individuals make, and although sodas might not be healthy, the people who drink them shouldn’t be told what to do simply because there are risks involved.


There are risks with almost everything that is done on a daily basis. You can get cancer from smoking, be in an auto accident and end up paralyzed or drink one too many alcoholic drinks that would result in cirrhosis. Everything has a price to pay at some point, and drinking sugary drinks is no different.

Taco Bell Gets Rid of Artificial Ingredients but Adds Cap’n Crunch Doughnut Holes

Taco Bell still plans to satisfy your sweet tooth even though the company recently made drastic changes to their menu by removing artificial ingredients from 95 percent of their choices. Part of the remaining 5 percent will include Taco Bells’s new creation of Cap’n Crunch doughnut balls that will be covered in the sugary cereal.

Clearly, the new dessert item on the menu contains artificial ingredients and flavors. Also, their famous Doritos Locos Tacos will still be on the menu as well. The doughnut holes will become available on July 2 and are called Cap’n Crunch Delights.

Even though these doughnut holes aren’t considered a health food, indulging a sweet tooth now and then can actually be good for you. Just like Steve Murray always says, everything in moderation.

Taco Bell is owned by the same company as KFC and Pizza Hut, a company among many others who have decided to get rid of artificial ingredients due to concerns from consumers.

Sonic Stored Buns in Bathroom

When Josh Benteman went to take his two young sons to the bathroom in a Topeka Sonic bathroom, he was horrified to find hot dog and hamburger buns being stored just inches from the toilet. Disgusted by this horrible food storage, Benteman snapped a pic, so he could show his wife, and later posted the picture on Facebook where it garnered a ton of attention. Benteman and his sons also left the restaurant immediately without eating. In response to the mistake, Sonic stated the problem was taken care of within 30 minutes. Foodies like Brian Torchin has learned that the fast food chain passed blame to an employee, and reportedly counseled the staff in proper food storage. To help Benteman feel better about the situation, he received a personal phone call from the Department of Agriculture and given details of the employee counseling.