Invest In A Retirement Plan That Cushion You Against Down Markets

Warren Buffet is considering a low cost and simple investment strategy other than hedge fund managers. In early 207, he risked $1 million for charity by simple investment in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Although the bet seems risky, it is likely that Buffet will win it. Over the last couple of years, Buffet has been investing in bottom-up investment plans, which has proved to be successful. His message has been consistent that Americans should save more towards their retirement.

Recently, Warren Buffett shared some knowledge on investment. Having invested for several decades, he has a wealth of experience in mutual funds. A significant number of mutual funds offer poor long-run returns. He argues that these types of mutual funds are high risks and opportunity costs, which are always underestimated. He also urges people to think of a better retirement plan and not just the passive index returns. These types of plans don’t offer cushion the client against down markets. Buffet advises American to invest in S&P 500 index fund for this is beneficial.

Tim Armour in Brief

Tim is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. He is also the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Companies. Tim joined Capital Group in 1983 when he began as a participant in The Associates Program. Tim was promoted to become the chairman and CEO of Capital Group in 2015, after the death of James Rothenberg, his predecessor. Previously, he served as an Equity Investment Analyst.

According to Tim, the victory of Donald Trump caused changes in asset prices. Since the election, equities have struggled to stabilize. Tim envisions that the markets may remain unstable for some time considering that the uncertain policies that the Trump administration may make.

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Short Bio On a Financial Guru

David Osio is the proud founder and CEO of the Financial Group. He graduated from a top Venezuelan Catholic University by the name of Andres Bello. He majored in an advanced management program with special studies in banking law. He began his career in 1981 as a CEO and president for Oped Enterprises. Osio was responsible for coffee exports at one time in his career. Shortly after, he held an executive position at the LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANY with responsibilities that included structuring market programs, various industrial relations in the United States, and bridging the growth of successful marketing relationships.

His colleagues say he is the go to guy for business relationships and management programs. By 1984 Osio was with the law firm MGO in Carcas and was responsible for dealing with corporate clients and this began to give him valuable experience in banking law. David Osio’s experience in backing law gave him and outstanding tenure as a Legal Advisor with the company as well. He moved up to a higher leadership position and within two years he was promoted to President of Banking Commercial. He increased many customer portfolios to a considerable amount during his time as president.

David Osio believes in restoring the financial trust of his customers to build their financial growth. He knows the important of building a good portfolio for investing and retirement. Even though most of his experience is with the international financial market he has experience with the lucrative New York based financial market through his education at the Financial Institute of New York. He contributes this to a lot of his professional experience throughout his career. He is building the financial trust of investors of the financial sector encouraging them to build their financial growth in an uncertain economic system.

Osio also has a tremendous amount of experience in investment advising. More importantly, this led David Osio to go out on his own and he later founded the Davos Financial Group. He spear heads the company as the first Venezuelan company to give financial advise to a select clientele. He has grew the financial sector and grew his business in a short amount of time to make outstanding strides in the financial market. He has contributed to several independent licensed agencies in New York, Miami and Panama. David Osio continues his goal of building the financial market, restoring trust, and increasing wealth portfolios.

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