Markus Rothkranz: The Extraordinary Innovator, Creator, & Health Symbol

How to get exactly what you want – Markus Rothkranz

Early Years
Born in Cologne, Germany on August 3, 1962, Markus Rothkranz is now a great inspiration to the masses. His parents moved him in 1967 to Ontario, Canada at the age of 9, and he received a public speaking award there on the subject of exponential evolution. At the age of 15, Rothkranz started to make movies with explosions, car stunts, glass paintings, and miniature models. At the age of 16, he received an automotive design award from the Huron Heights Secondary School in Newmarket, Ontario.

How To Be Limitless_ The Only Way to Freedom

At age of 17, Rothkranz took advanced electronics in which he became really passionate about theoretical physics which led him to many associations of the MENSA crowd. At age 18, Rothkranz attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. And by the age of 23, he moved to Hollywood to do visual effects and design for major blockbuster films, such as “Die Hard”, “Total Recall”, and more than 200 TV commercials. He also worked other elite in Hollywood like Missy Elliott as well. And his fine art painting started to sell globally in major galleries.

Speech of a Lifetime_Passionate Words to Live By: Markus Rothkranz

His Evolutionary & Revolutionary Endeavors
By age 30, Rothkranz took a break from the commercial world. With soul searching, he transformed himself totally, and he became a famous natural healer. He wrote several books and made several DVDs. He wrote and directed his first motion picture in 1994 with a worldwide theatrical release called “To The Ends of Time”. By age 34, Rothkranz created several high concept scripts, such as Time Lapse, The Last World, Thrillride, Diablo, Pirettes, Iceberg, and Atomic City.

His main focus now has been more on health and natural healing techniques. In 2006, his YouTube video,”Go Raw Now”, became the number one raw food video worldwide. This is around the same time in 2009 when he came out with his book, “Heal Yourself 101”, and he became a global household name as a symbol of health. He even met with the government heads of Moscow to promote a healthier lifestyle of the body, mind, and spirit. He even flew around the various countries around the world for this same reason. In 2010, Rothkranz released a 5 DVD set documentary called the “Free Food and Medicine”. This DVD set explain the healing power of wild local plants for free food and powerful medicine. His second book “Heal Your Face” (2011) started revealing the secrets of anti-aging and reversing the lines on peoples’ faces.

Healing Through Truth and Surrender with Markus Rothkranz

Nathaniel Ru: Sweetgreen Values

Nathaniel Ru was leading the simple college life in Georgetown. But, as graduation came closer, Nathaniel and his close colleagues, decided that they didn’t want the life of a graduate. They wanted something more. As the three friends took a few entrepreneurship classes in college, they began to develop a plan. Eight years later, a salad chain was created, called Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen was founded by Nathaniel Ru, and his fellow CEO’s, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. All three met at Georgetown and after graduation, they knew they wanted to create healthier and more nutritional food chain for fellow citizens of Georgetown. The first Sweetgreen restaurant was opened in August of 2007, right after the three graduated from college together.


Sweetgreen is not just a piece of lettuce on a salad, it was developed with very fresh, organic, farm-to-food standards. Nathaniel Ru wanted to develop Sweetgreen with values in place. He wanted to outreach to farms and communities with his salad chain. According to Nathaniel, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.” “We want to feed people more better food.” Fresh, organic, wholesome salads, which actually create more of a meal is exactly what can be found at a Sweetgreen salad restuarant. In addition to the Georgetown Sweetgreen, there are also 40 different high-end salad chains across many U.S. cities and nationwide cities.


In additional to developing exceptional salads, the trio have also taken on technology with their chain. “Technology has always been part of our DNA,” Ru states. Technology is definitely a great part of their business, but they have also been rethinking management strategies. In order to stay true and close to customers, the company shuts down the corporate offices, at least five times a year, so that everyone can work in the restaurants.


Nathaniel Ru was focused and disciplined, creating one of the fastest growing high-end salad chains nationwide. He set out with a vision, creating a brand that truly stands for something. Sweetgreen stands for values, communities, farm markets, while giving people a healthier lifestyle of food choices. Sweetgreen has truly developed into a beautiful restaurant, where care is given to the customer in every taste.