Nathaniel Ru: The Co-founder of Sweetgreen and Sweetlife

Nathaniel Ru is the c-ofounder and the co-chief executive officer at Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a company launched in the year 2007 that focuses on providing scrumptious meals that fit the needs and the budget of their consumers. Together with the cofounders, Nathaniel believes in availing meals that are healthy, pocket friendly and that which gives the customer value for their money.



In an interview with Business Insider, Ru reveals the company’s strategic operations and how they have been able to create a name for themselves in such a short duration of time. One thing the company pays attention to is how they pick locations to open their offices. Their target is to place themselves strategically in places that their customers will likely pass by on their way to and from their offices. An extensive market research on the demographics and the location plays a major role in ensuring that the locations are excellent choice and are strategic.



Ru adds that customer involvement in the process is another aspect that has made the company flourish in its endeavors. In modern day customers are rather skeptical when it comes to meals. Therefore, by showing them the ingredients and how the meals are being handled it gives them confidence that the meals being prepared are healthy and clean. Moreover, the technology that companies incorporate into their operations should aid in the accuracy and effectiveness of the operations. For Sweetgreen the technology used enables the chefs to be more accurate and gives a personalized feel even when the customers are ordering using the app.



Nathaniel Ru career began after obtaining his degree in BS Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in the year 2007. He is a passionate business man with a desire to study and learn his target market. His ambition and hard work got him, together with his business partners launching Sweetlife in 2010. Sweetlife is basically a festival that is inspired by food and music. Their commitment and devotion into the project has made Sweetlife the largest festival entailing food and music in the region.



One thing that is constant in Sweetlife and Sweetgreen is the focus on healthy eating habits, overall well-being and the sustainability of the communities and their clients as a whole. these principles attract thousands of people in their events and also at their kitchen for healthy and delicious meals that promotes the well-being of the consumers.


Markus Rothkranz, “The three biggest causes of wrinkles and aging.”

The three biggest causes of wrinkles are smoking, sugar, and stress. We do these things for many different reasons; to feel better, to find temporary happiness and peace. They are all bad for you, but nothing ages you faster than stress, so it is very important to live for what makes you happy and gives you peace. The best thing you can do is follow your dreams and find your inner peace. Do what gives you peace, even if you have to lose some things in the process. The bad things such as; smoking, drinking, and drugs are only temporary. Whatever is right for you will stand with you forever and whatever is wrong for you will fall away. The way to shake that up is to take a chance and do what feels right. You need to do what gives you peace, and what feels right even if it’s scary. And when you get to that point of peace you will have more comfort than you had with the temporary things like sugar, alcohol, drugs, and smoking. What you need will be given to you as you go, but you have to start stepping forward. Start listening to yourself and do what gives you peace. This motto is what we should start teaching our young children. They should be taught to do what feels right without any care or concern, just do it. Follow hat feels right and you’ll find your peace.

Purina Proves That They Care About Pets

Some companies don’t believe that it takes too much in order to make a good dog food. They just slap together some leftover ingredients that are not at all good for the animal and call it a day. But, that’s not what Purina does. Thankfully, pet owners have the option of going with a brand that takes care to put in only the best ingredients into their dog food. Purina is a brand who puts effort into making sure that every ingredient that goes into the dog food that they make is one that should be there. They try hard to gather up the best quality of ingredients, and ingredients that are the healthiest things for dogs to consume.
According to Purina news there are several companies that market products that are just not at all good, but Purina is not a company like that. They are an honest company that tries hard to deliver healthy products to pet owners. And, they show that they have a heart for pets through the advertisements that they create. They are always thinking of something new and cute to put out their in advertising, and their ads always are all about the pets. That proves to pet owners that they are a company that is not going to do anything but the best for their pets.
So, when a dog owner is trying to find the best brand of dog food to feed their pet, Purina is one that they should be considering. They are a straightforward company that delivers the kinds of products that they promise. They put out products that their employees would feel good using for their pets, and all of their advertisements alone should be able to prove to you that they are a brand of dog food that is worthy of being eaten by your pet.

The Benefits of Diligent Dog Care

Caring for Your Canine
Taking care of a dog is no different than caring for yourself. Every dog, small or large, wants to feel loved, clean, fed and satisfied. There are many benefits to diligent dog care that result in a happy, fun relationship with your canine. It’s easier to train a puppy that learns early on that being clean, fed and exercised is how you show you care. There can be no skimping when it comes to dog care. For a beloved, pet, only the best will do. There are several things to keep in mind when creating a regular routine of dog care. These include:
. Choose only highest quality dog food
. Regular bathing and grooming
. Check canine teeth for problems
. Provide protection from fleas and ticks
. Plan a regular program of exercise
. Spend time relaxing and bonding

Choosing the Highest Quality Dog Food
Feeding a dog takes attention to detail. A puppy’s digestive tract is far more delicate than an older dog’s. The type of dog food should suit the dog’s particular age and provide healthful nutrients for growth, strong bones and muscles.

Beneful Dog Food is a top brand of the Purina Company that offers a broad range of choices from wet dog food to baked snacks in flavors dogs can’t resist. Purina is known worldwide for excellent, high quality products, including Beneful Dog Food.

Beneful’s wet dog food is available in twenty flavor varieties and textures like big chunks or chopped. Sizes of Beneful range from three ounces to ten ounce tubs that are conveniently resealable. The twenty varieties include top quality chicken, lamb, pork or beef and also green beans, barley, carrots and rice for extra nutrition.

Regular Bathing and Grooming
Nothing makes a dog feel as good as a regular bath and grooming. Bathing and grooming can be done at home or by a professional pet groomer. If you choose to bathe and groom your pet at home, invest in dog shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals. Purchase a nail clipper according to your pet’s size. There are also hair de-shedders and electric and cordless fur trimmers.

Check Canine Teeth for Problems
Canine teeth should be checked regularly from early puppy teething stages. Very often, puppy teeth develop problems that go unnoticed until they are older. Start checking canine teeth early to insure proper growth. Generally, dogs that eat the best foods develop fewer problems with their teeth. Some signs of dental problems in dogs include
excessive drooling, bad breath, loose teeth, gum inflammation, cysts beneath the tongue and tumors in gums.

Provide Protection from Fleas and Ticks
Most dog shampoos provide protection from fleas and ticks. Also available are collars and convenient applicators that provide full insect protection from infestation.

Plan a Regular Program of Exercise
Dogs need plenty of exercise. Moderate the type of exercise according to the dog’s age and also the climate.

Spend time Relaxing and Bonding
Dogs feel most loved when their owners spend time just relaxing and bonding with them. This can be done indoors or outdoors.

Beneful Is Loved By Everyone Who Knows What Goes Into It

Beneful is one of the best dog food brands out there. They offer dog food that is healthy for your pet. Every ingredient that they put into the food is tested for quality. They want to be able to make sure that they are giving you the best choice for you to feed your pet. They want your dog to be healthy.
The people who work at Beneful believe in the product that they are putting out. Even the people who work in the factory know that this is the best dog food out there, and they would never consider feeding their dogs anything else. A video from the brand shows its workers talking about the food, and it is inspiring. It makes me want to buy Beneful brand of dog food because of the beneful ad on youtube if I ever get a dog.
It’s good to know that there are brands of dog food that care. Beneful is one of them. They show that through the quality of the ingredients that they put into their dog food and how they never lower their standards on that.

Using Restaurant Week for Good

While many are preparing for Baltimore’s Restaurant Week with dollar signs flashing in their eyes, there are some who are going into that week with the goal of helping out those in need. Many restaurants are preparing for this special week with the hopes of earning a lot of money, but there is one restaurant that is actually going to be looking out for the less fortunate during this time, instead.

It seems that one restaurant in Baltimore is going to use Restaurant Week to help feed the homeless who are in need of food. This restaurant is going to do what they can to look out for those in need, rather than taking advantage of this time to earn money. This restaurant should be an example to other restaurants if you ask Mikal Watts. This restaurant should be leading the way when it comes to giving to others and helping them in every way possible.

The Foods with the Most Trans Fat

When it comes to trans fat most know just how damaging this fat can be on a body.  There are still foods out there that contain quite a bit of this dangerous fat. Which foods are the hardest on a body? Which foods that are available today contain the most trans fats? There is a list out, and this list might surprise you – or, it might not.

Foodies at Boraie Development know that canned frosting is one of the food items that contains a large amount of trans fat. Those who rely on the frosting that they pick up in the store might want to be careful when doing that. Canned frosting can be damaging to a body, and it would be a better idea to just whip up frosting at home. Another food item that can contain a high amount of trans fat is coffee creamer.  Trans fat is harmful to a body, and certain foods need to be avoided because of the large amount of this fat that they contain.

Sonic Stored Buns in Bathroom

When Josh Benteman went to take his two young sons to the bathroom in a Topeka Sonic bathroom, he was horrified to find hot dog and hamburger buns being stored just inches from the toilet. Disgusted by this horrible food storage, Benteman snapped a pic, so he could show his wife, and later posted the picture on Facebook where it garnered a ton of attention. Benteman and his sons also left the restaurant immediately without eating. In response to the mistake, Sonic stated the problem was taken care of within 30 minutes. Foodies like Brian Torchin has learned that the fast food chain passed blame to an employee, and reportedly counseled the staff in proper food storage. To help Benteman feel better about the situation, he received a personal phone call from the Department of Agriculture and given details of the employee counseling.

France Leads the Way

One third of the world’s food is wasted every year. The US alone wasted 160 billion dollars in food in 2013. Government officials in France have pushed to pass a bill that would make it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food that is still edible. This law comes at a time where the country has vowed to reduce its food waste by 50 percent by the year 2020. Supermarkets, not only in France but in America and other countries, oftentimes exaggerate the expiration dates placed on certain food packages. For example, for food that is labeled to have a three week shelf life might actually be good for 6 weeks. Supermarkets & manufacturers exaggerate these dates in order to make the customers and consumers feel less worried that their food will go bad. What the French government has confirmed is that the unnecessary waste is costing the country more money than it is saving. People at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have learned that the country plans on laying out a specific production method for supermarkets to get rid of still edible food. If the food still has a decent expiration date but customers are nervous about its quality and markets can’t sell it, they are instructed to donate it to homeless shelters or give it to farmers for it to be used as animal feed.  Supermarkets who don’t comply or get caught throwing away still edible food will be charged anywhere from $860 to $1500 in fines respectively.

Sriracha Doughnuts Are Here

Sriracha has been dominating the menus of menu restaurants, but is often used as a savory condiment for Asian dishes. A bakery in Harlem, Jolie Patisserie, has used the spicy sauce as a topping for one of America’s favorite desserts to bring you the sriracha doughnut.

Sriracha is an ingredient in cocktails, and has even made its way to snack foods and fast food entrees, so the doughnut was a natural progression. In addition to the peppery sauce, the doughnuts are also served with almonds and sour cream.

This doughnut isn’t the first to feature sriracha. Dough Loco, another bakery in New York, introduced the raspberry sriracha doughnut a few years ago. This confection is a little more sweet than spicy, and has a devoted following.