The Dorchester Collection Quietly Makes a Big Splash

In the world of high-end, luxury hotels, discretion is often the best policy. Leave the showmanship for the brands that have something to prove; true elegance will show through to the discerning traveler. One group of hotels exemplifies this principle perfectly.

You may not have heard of the Dorchester Collection, but you’ve certainly heard of its hotels. There’s its namesake, The Dorchester, which sits on one of London’s most exclusive addresses just on the southeast edge of Hyde Park. Those who have frequented this venerable locale include famous writers, painters, and musicians. Even the future Queen Elizabeth II attended an event at the hotel on the day prior to the announcement of her engagement.

Then there’s The Beverly Hills Hotel, whose ambiance couldn’t contrast more starkly with that of The Dorchester. For years, the hotel has been the Los Angeles spot to see and be seen. Howard Hughes lived there; The Beatles stayed there; the hotel features on the cover of The Eagles’ iconic Hotel California album.

If you’re looking for options on continental Europe, the Dorchester Collection includes Milan’s Principe di Savoia, Paris’ Hotel Meurice and Plaza Athene, and Geneva’s Le Richemond.

The Dorchester Collection strives to achieve a uniform level of high service at all of its hotels while still maintaining a unique identity. Many hotels are maintained in the style that was prevalent during its construction. And the hotels in the collection don’t stop at their rooms and hospitality; they feature restaurants directed by some of the world’s most famous chefs, and many include luxurious spas.

Simon Jenkins, Head Pastry Chef at Coworth Park, demonstrates how to make an espumas (foam), which is a unique mango recipe to spice up your desserts with exotic flavor and texture.

The Dorchester Collection isn’t solely concerned with its exterior services. In 2012, it won the prestigious Gold Award at the HR Excellence Awards. Not only does the collection serve its customers well, it is a great place to work.

The collection currently owns ten hotels and intends to expand in the near future. For now, make sure you include a few of its hotels in your future travel plans.