Haidar Barbouti and a Love of Animals

When first examining the life of Haidar Barbouti, it’s very apparent that he is incredibly well versed in business and real estate transactions. He’s worked on all manner of projects, including the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, TX. Land development projects are the key, and he has been working in this field since the mid 1980s, so he has seen all sorts of economic landscapes, from booms to recessions. He knows exactly how to utilize any of these properly and has had such great success by figuring out how land can best be used going forward, no matter what the climate is like. However, when you get past all of this success, you’ll find that he has a second love, as well: Animals.

On the whole, Barbouti’s goal is to find animals who need help and to provide them with what they cannot get for themselves. He understands that many animals have no homes and are unwanted. As domesticated animals, though, they can’t survive in the wild on their own. They been specifically conditioned and bred for life with people, and they need loving families to take care of them, much like children. Seeing the lack of these families as a sad reality, Barbouti has created the Highland Village Adoption Center to help find homes for them.

The center brings in all manner of dogs and cats, taking those who are turned over on purpose and those who are found trying to live as strays because they have nowhere to go. It provides them with food, water and shelter, and volunteers and staff members come in to take care of the animals. Vets are hired when needed to provide medical care and to make sure all of the animals have a clean bill of health. When they’re ready to be adopted, online postings are put up to alert those who want to adopt, and then connections with the center are made so that the pets and people can meet in person.

Animals need these types of shelters, and they need this type of active outreach. There are far too many animals in shelters who just need loving homes, and Barbouti has worked hard to make sure that they move through the system as quickly as possible.

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The Many Passions of Haidar Barbouti

Most successful businessmen usually only have one passion and that passion is their business. However, when it comes to Haidar Barbouti that could not be further from the truth. That is not to say that Barbouti is not passionate about is business adventures because he is. It is because of his passion for life and for others that he has become very successful in the business world.

Barbouti’s passion for business gave Houston its first premier shopping center. Not only did this bring some of the top of the line stores to the area, but it also brought with it a place for people to go and shop, eat, and relax with family and friends. Barbouti, himself, oversees many of the operations of this center as well as being the owner and broker.

Barbouti also has a passion for children and animals. He donates a large amount of time and resources to both these causes. He invests heavily in making sure that underprivledge children will have the resources that they need to have a positive future. Barbouti does not stop there, however. One holiday program he assisted with a program called Home for the Holidays. This program began as a way to save the number of cats and dogs that were getting euthanized in the Houston area. The program was only meant to run through the four weeks of the holiday season and many hundreds of animals were adopted and saved thanks to this program. However the many volunteers wanted to keep the program going. Barbouti donated the space to make that happen and the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals opened its doors and is run by a volunteer staff.

Food is another passion of Barbouti. He believes that when someone is out dining at a restaurant that the food should be good and it should be plentiful. He wants people to enjoy the experience.