Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism And Bernie Sanders

On the Intelligent Report with Trish Regan the Founder, of The Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was a guest of the Fox News program and discussed socialism and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Regan immediately asks Halvorssen how socialism violates basic human rights and Halvorssen explains that there is an extreme difference between a socialist country and a country with socialist policies.


He goes onto explain that many countries are democratic, like the U.S., but they have socialist policies that allow them to have extensive programs like free universal healthcare or education. He says that we must be wary of countries like Venezuela where they have socialist policies that are mastered by an authoritarian government. This is where it becomes scary for any economy.


Authoritarian governments can essentially masquerade as governments that are “for the people” and want to help the people the best that they can, when they basically end up looting the country for themselves, destroying the country’s economy, and moving on because now there is no more wealth to be had and the country is in shambles.


Halvorssen explains that socialist policies in Northern Europe are working extremely well and that the only time socialism becomes an issue is when it is under the guise of authoritarian rule like Venezuela. Regan asks how these socialist authoritarian governments are detrimental and he talks about how in Venezuela the government sets the price of things and that it does not change no matter what, so you end up slowly destroying the economy.
The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is no stranger to the dangers of socialism. His own father was held political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot at a protest rally, and currently his cousin is a political prisoner. Halvorssen has experienced socialism first hand and does not wish these horrors on any of the American people. He urges everyone to be careful of authoritarian governments pretending to be socialist and that we must do what it takes to make sure what happened in Venezuela does not happen in the U.S.

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The Fight for Human Rights

The right to live peacefully in accordance with your own beliefs and desires is one that few share in the world. Small freedoms such as reading a book of your own choosing or listening to the music that you like is becoming more and more rare. The harsh structure of governments has lead to many power hungry leaders declaring that only what they think and feel is important. Anyone who dares to disagree is imprisoned or sentenced to death. Dictators choose who should be worshipped, how many children a family can have and what they do each day. Basic rights that human beings should have are dismissed as frivolous to nations that inflict heavy penalties on those who try to stray. You can only suppress people so long before their growing anger inside fuels them to resist. Shoving and pushing against those who hold them down, they create a resistance against the cruelty of this suppression. This is how the fight for human rights always begins.

In North Korea, the people are treated as cattle, and all of them are ruled accordingly. Kim Jong-Un is the leader there. Whatever he says must be followed precisely. An example of his treacherous acts against human is in his complete lack of caring for anyone. He had one woman put to death because she had movies in her home. She had dared to watch one that he said she couldn’t. Deciding to make an example of her in case anyone else thought they could watch movies, he had her shot. Anyone attempting to flee this horrific country that gets caught ends up with the same fate.

Kim Jong-Un’s power has made everyone in North Korea live in fear for their lives. This is why the remarkable story of a petite young woman who managed to escape is so powerful. Her tiny size is no example of her courage. Yeonmi Park began the fight for human rights after she became a defector of North Korea. Her journey of escape was told at a convention for young people called “One Young World”. The audience sat in shock as they listened to her story. It began with her father returning home after being sentenced to hard labor. He encouraged his family to flee North Korea and find a safer location. Her sister left without them. They didn’t know that she was in South Korea. Because he was sick, her father stayed behind in North Korea while Park and her mother traveled on</em> without him. Later, when he was reunited with them, he died. It was human traffickers that helped Park and her mother escape, but it was at a cost. The suffering they endured to find freedom was horrific, but now, Park helps others that are trying to escape North Korea. She is studying criminal justice and is continuing to do human rights work.