The Young Crowd, Adores, Sergio As He Loved Michael Jackson

The best part about Sergio Cortes is that he is someone who attracts the young fans. No, seriously, just the other day outside of one of his venues were a crowd of fans. There was not one that were over about 15 years old. See they can relate to him. They to want to be famous and they see how he has become famous by impersonating someone. In fact anytime a young boy or girl meets Sergio they are often asking if they can show him their act. They want to do the moonwalk, sing and dance, to show him what they are made of.

It is with grace that Sergio just like Michael Jackson gets down at their level smiles and encourages their one moment of happiness. This is as the one person they look up to is enjoying their rendition of his act. He is not just an entertainer but a world class humanitarian. There has even been sometimes where he gets up and does the routine with them. That is an awesome thing to see. He then offers an autograph and goes about his business, leaving the young talent children so excited. For he was not there just to sign an autograph but for one moment to allow these young ones the chance to see what it is like to entertain someone.

He has often said that it is because he was able to entertain others. He knows how much it means to their souls to be able to show off for even five minutes. He often gets a kick out of how they dress. It is not rare to see a young teen wearing a tilted hat, white and silver sparkling glove and anything else that makes them look like Michael Jackson or Sergio Cortes. It is an honor for both the kids and the entertainer. He wishes that he could be seen by his idol Michael Jackson but hopes not to take that trip anytime soon. So with much excitement he does his best to stay well through his healthy life style. Often taking time to meditate and relax so that it does not become too much.

He never wants to get in the place that Michael Jackson himself was often trying to go from, one extreme to the other. Things often come full circle but he makes sure to have plenty of down time as that’s one full circle he does not want to come.