Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism And Bernie Sanders

On the Intelligent Report with Trish Regan the Founder, of The Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was a guest of the Fox News program and discussed socialism and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Regan immediately asks Halvorssen how socialism violates basic human rights and Halvorssen explains that there is an extreme difference between a socialist country and a country with socialist policies.


He goes onto explain that many countries are democratic, like the U.S., but they have socialist policies that allow them to have extensive programs like free universal healthcare or education. He says that we must be wary of countries like Venezuela where they have socialist policies that are mastered by an authoritarian government. This is where it becomes scary for any economy.


Authoritarian governments can essentially masquerade as governments that are “for the people” and want to help the people the best that they can, when they basically end up looting the country for themselves, destroying the country’s economy, and moving on because now there is no more wealth to be had and the country is in shambles.


Halvorssen explains that socialist policies in Northern Europe are working extremely well and that the only time socialism becomes an issue is when it is under the guise of authoritarian rule like Venezuela. Regan asks how these socialist authoritarian governments are detrimental and he talks about how in Venezuela the government sets the price of things and that it does not change no matter what, so you end up slowly destroying the economy.
The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is no stranger to the dangers of socialism. His own father was held political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot at a protest rally, and currently his cousin is a political prisoner. Halvorssen has experienced socialism first hand and does not wish these horrors on any of the American people. He urges everyone to be careful of authoritarian governments pretending to be socialist and that we must do what it takes to make sure what happened in Venezuela does not happen in the U.S.

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