Dog Food Industry: Premium Brands Leading The Way

The Daily Herald news website published an article that took a look inside the pet food industry. The article found that serious changes are occurring in the industry. There are lots of new brands that are flooding the market with all sorts of claims and promises. In order to keep up, the older brands that are more well known are either acquiring the smaller brands or rebranding themselves.

There is now a dog food that will help your dog lose weight, created by Colgate-Palmolive. Nestle Purina will allow customers to customize their own food ingredients so that their pet gets exactly what they need. There are also some companies who are utilizing the farm to table trend in the human food industry. Mars Petcare, one of the biggest pet food producers, is putting freeze dried cranberries and blueberries in their Nutro Farm’s Harvest line. Mars Petcare also has beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs in their Cesar Home Delights line in an attempt to close the gap between human food and pet food. J.M. Smucker Company paid 5.8 billion dollars to acquire Big Heart Pet Brands.

Beneful is one such larger dog food company that cares about the quality of the food that they are providing to customers. Beneful prides itself on maintaining high standards with suppliers. All suppliers must follow strict guidelines in order for Beneful to purchase from them. Beneful also monitors each ingredient from the time it gets dropped off at the manufacturing plant to when it is placed on a shelf for sale.

It is also Beneful‘s goal to provide a nutritious meal for dogs. Beneful offer both wet and dry dog food, as well as dog treats. The food and treats come in all different flavors with all different ingredients in them. Customers will find recipe options with real beef, chicken, lamb or pork and carrots, barley, rice, green beans, cheese, bacon and peanut butter. Whether your dog needs to lose weight or clean its teeth, customers can find the right option for their situation.