Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Takes Social And Environmental Awareness To A New Level

Livio Bisterzo is an international entrepreneur. The businessman’s track record speaks for itself, bringing a handful of companies onto the international stage. The products that he has given to the world include a men’s grooming line and a juice-tea hybrid drink. His latest business venture — Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks) — seems like the organic next step in the entrepreneur’s career.

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) knows that there are millions of health-conscious snackers out there looking for a socially conscious movement to get behind. That’s exactly what Hippeas provides.

Hippeas are made from the chickpea. The chickpea is an incredibly beneficial plant to mother Earth. As the plant grows, it infuses the soil underneath with nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the three essential macronutrients for plant growth. The chickpea plant literally replenishes the soil as it grows.

Because the snack is made from the chickpea, it is 100% vegan. Livio Bisterzo wanted to make sure that Hippeas is 100% organic and kosher. These little snacks, with a similar crunch and mouth feel of a cheese puff, are incredibly good for you. And the growing process is incredibly good for the earth. On top of all of this, Livio Bisterzo’s company is incredibly good for people.

Green Park Holdings is the company behind the chickpea snack. This company believes in doing good for people around the planet. That is why they take part in Farm Africa. Farm Africa is a nonprofit organization that educates sub-Saharan African farmers on sustainable plant growth. They also travel to the region to educate farmers on how to run the business side of agriculture. The goal is to make the planet cleaner, safer, and to pull African farmers out of poverty. The company and Farm Africa believes this can be done through education and outreach. A portion of the proceeds from every Hippeas purchase is given to this cause.

Hippeas is a brand that Livio Bisterzo believes can take on the big companies. The young CEO believes that the snack tastes so good and is at a price point where it can compete against the giants of snacking, including Doritos, Lay’s, and Ruffles. And the snack should do well. Many people care about the earth but do not know how to take appropriate Earth-caring actions during their everyday lives. Hippeas allows them the luxury of a snack coupled with the social activism that they yearn for. Hippeas really is the feel-good snack.

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