McDonalds: Trying To Save Their Reputation

McDonald’s is at it again. In an attempt to “revamp their reputation” they have hired a former press secretary,Robert Gibbs who worked under the Obama administration. I guess they gave up on trying to make the sexy Hamburglar theif improve their reputation and are going to try to use a politician instead. Great concept McDonalds. What reputation exactly is it that you’re trying to save? Could it be you offer great customer service by hiring nothing but immature children who do nothing but stand around and text all day on their phones while their jobs are automated. Or could it be the great quality food that you offer? We all know that that pink slime and our cardboard hamburger buns are bringing us all the nutrition and vitamins that we need.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for showing me this story.

McDonald’s Reinvented

There is a large margin of businesses that would express damage control as being one of the toughest subjects to tackle. Damage control means that the company made a mistake and couldn’t get out in front of it quick enough. This leaves business associates and CEOs in the corner offices doing their best to pick up the fallen remnants of their mistakes. In recent years, the McDonald’s fast food corporation has come under heavy fire for their standard food safety, ingredients, and practices. Consumers are demanding answers faster than McDonald’s and its associates can produce them. In the next few years the company plans on instituting a complete overhaul. The company wants to break down what the McDonald’s brand stands for and focus on being aesthetically pleasing to the loyal customers and those who have fallen off of the brand for years. What McDonald’s hasn’t touched on is whether or not they’re willing to change the food for the sake of the brand name. BuzzFeed News caught up with McDonald’s to dive deeper into what this overhaul really means. The chain wants to become a more technologically advanced food chain. Owners want to replace human workers with ordering kiosks and become the burger chain of the future. Darren Tristano, who works in restaurant consultancy, told McDonald executives that they need to focus on food and service, health trends, and overall food quality.

McDonald’s Can’t Stop The Negative Publicity… It Just Keeps On Coming

McDonald’s just cannot seem to get any good press lately, anytime they are in the news it is for some sort of negative reason. For instance, the golden arches are trying to bring in new customers, as everyone is well aware of, and has created an artisan chicken sandwich. Already consumers are slamming the sandwich claiming it shames the term artisan and is, essentially, nothing special. Financial analyst and cook Jaime Garcia Dias recommends you let him cook for you instead. Shortly later another McDonald’s headline appeared about a location in Pennsylvania that will not allow minors alone in their restaurant. The struggling burger chain also announced this week that they plan to close several hundred stores worldwide after reporting an 11% decrease in profits since last year. The just cannot seem to catch a break. Makes one feel bad for them…almost.