COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company which provides consultancies and services for the development of the offshore petroleum fields with the utilization of specialized vessels. The company was founded in the year 1979. Its main headquarters lies in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.

Cotemar deals with the management, maintenance and overhauling of platforms and containers in offshore fields. It also provides decks for the construction of equipment, storage areas. The company offers the facilities of manufacturing of semi – submersible platforms, diving equipment for surveying purpose, assembly lines, integrated catering, services to accommodation. Cotemar also provides services like food preparation, laundry and ironing services, cleaning, recreational facilities to employees like cinemas, basketball, gymnasium, TV rooms.

The company is known for providing excellent quality specialized vessels for the transportation of the necessary equipment needed for oil drilling, removing abrasive materials, sand, barite, mud, etc., The company also provides services for the processing and refining of oils extracted from the sea. The refined oil is also transported to the required area of distribution.

Cotemar is known for providing an excellent firefighting service and hydrocarbon spill service. Cotemar is also known for providing air transportation services. It is well known for its marine operation and maintenance as well as construction. Cotemar uses the WiFi services of AeroScout Solution, another trusted company for tracking the locations of personnel and visitors on all its four offshore platforms which also serve as floating hotels for PEMEX employees. These employees work on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cotemar also has free fighting vessels, tow ships and barges at its service for transporting large structures. The company gives special attention to the close monitoring of the work processes in order to maintain the safety of the operating engineers and personnel. Cotemar has been the foremost company based in Mexico which is relentlessly working for the development of the oil industry there.

The company boasts of a group of dedicated people who contribute to the production of hydrocarbons by using efficient, sustainable processes. Cotemar is always interested in adopting new, environment-friendly and innovative technology for the oil industry and offshore oil production.

Cotemar has worked with many of its clients successfully. Grandweld Shipyards is one of the main clients who completed the delivery of the four units 42 m Aluminum Crew Boats to Cotemar. The vessel can reach up to about 26 knots and has luxurious accommodation. The vessel will operate in the Gulf of Mexico.