Billy McFarland: Twenty Something Young Unleashes an Unborn Idea

When Billy McFarland became engaged with his concept of a social-networking card that resembled a high-end credit card, he was in the process of unleashing an idea that had yet to come to the forefront.

It is quite apparent that the twenty-something entrepreneur has revolutionized how persons will view cards in the future. The concept is easy enough to understand; however, the opportunities afforded to the card’s user are intriguing; with many interesting layers.

McFarland has been described as a creative genius: no one is denying it. His most current offering is for the Millennial set. He provides his Millennial niche with a beautiful, stylized, black metal card with the company name on the front of it.

Anyone who carries it receives notice. It is refined and stylish. The card is linkable to the user’s bank account or debit card. This attribute makes it easy for the Millennial to pay for purchases in a fashionable manner. The impression is that the member is not suffering too much from any economical or market setbacks.

And, true to its concept, the Magnises card makes it possible for the Millennial to enjoy a great deal of cultural and entertainment opportunities; whether the market is up or down. The reason is: it provides the young professional with discounting at the city’s most well-established and trendiest locations.

McFarland basically conferred with these vendors and each agreed to entertain the business of the professional Millennial–and in so doing, would offer fine dining experiences, live shows and performances, nightly entertainment opportunities and more, at highly-preferred levels of pricing. In doing so, many of these stylish establishments are attaining nightly or frequent visitation to their iconic or well-known theme-based venues from young active Millennial Magnesis card holders.

The Millennial professional expects to enjoy areas that are comfortable and stylish which to mingle. McFarland has brought the city to their door–so to speak. By investing in his Magnises card, with an economical annual membership fee of $250.00, attached to it, the Millennial is enjoying a host of social and entertainment opportunities, he reasonably could not afford without it.

The card provides custom dining package options, at some of the city’s finest dining establishments; access to lively, unique shows, easy entry to preferred nightclubs–where there normally is a waiting list; complimentary bottle of fine wine when visiting some of Magnises’ preferred vendor locations; two-hundred fifty dollar a night hotel rooms for a reasonable $79.00, nightly; incredible vacations; Broadway shows at one-fourth of the price, in areas of preferred seating; a place to connect in way of its penthouse location, which is inside one of the city’s best hotels–along with open bar service; private concerts, and a concierge 24/7 service that puts the member in control of where he wishes to engage in nightly activities.

The Magnises’ member can also make use of a modern work space arrangement which normally is priced at $500 monthly; however, for the cardholder, this space is provided to him at a very affordable $99.00, monthly. The following amenities are provided, and more.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland, the company’s CEO, grew up in New Jersey, however, so it seems his business soul is in New York. He was educated at some of the foremost educational private institutions, as a kid: so possesses a great grounding as to achievement and understanding. Later he matriculated to Bucknell University, (a private liberal arts college) in Pennsylvania. He started as an entrepreneur at 13 years of age. It appears, McFarland has been destined to become what he is today: An inventive and creative entrepreneur and CEO of a company that allows his co-peers to invest and involve themselves in a better lifestyle–with economy as the focus.