The Technology of Mobile Computing and the Rising Mobile Wireless Services

Technology is currently at its peak as mobile wireless services are rising in demand every day. Different technologies have been developed and in every new technology discovered, the consumers are the major beneficiaries. FreedomPop is one of the major players in the industry. The company is based in California, Los Angeles where it specialises in internet services. To facilitate the use of its services, the company has a line of electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets and many other varieties that require Broadband services.

FreedomPop began its operations in 2011 with its founder Stephen Stokols. Stephen Stokols is a former employee of the Woo Media where he served as the CEO. The company tried to get into a merger with another telecommunications giant, Lightsquared but the partnership was short lived when Lightsquared failed to get federal approval to create its network. In a move that intended to increase and expand the company’s network coverage, the company entered into an agreement with Sprint to use its network in 2013. This allowed FreedomPop to roll out its 3G and 4G networks to its customers.

Notably, it is apparent that the growing convergence of wireless communication is impacting two major areas. These areas are computers and the mobile fields. In fact, mobile computing has become one of the fastest growing and highly innovative area of technology. Wireless technology has in the recent past become part and parcel of our lives and this has brought along numerous changes globally. Wireless data communication is a major ingredient in the world of mobile phones especially smartphones.

Wireless Data connection is facilitated by several technologies which include Wi-Fi, Cellular data Services, Mobile Satellite Communications, and Wireless Sensor Networks. Wi-Fi data connectivity is a technology that enables computing devices such as phones and tablets to access the internet without a physical wire connection to a router or the main signal source. This technology has become very popular especially in residential areas and in institutions as well as in several public hotspots. Depending on the network providers plan, wireless access can be free or a charge can be levied in order to access the network.

Cellular data service on the other hand is a network plan that covers a limited range surrounding the cell site. In most cases the area covered by cell sites are approximately 10-15 miles away from its location. Lastly, mobile satellite communications is mostly viable in areas where wireless connection cannot reach. These forms of mobile connection are mostly used in aviation and maritime services.

Mobile data services are packaged in different plans and one can chose the plan that suits his or her use. There are different Data plans and they are all differentiated by their price and the amount of data bundles. Some companies give their clients data bundles ranging from 1GB per month to 7GB. The prices also differ and the higher the amount of Data the higher the price. The best thing is that one is able to choose the plan that perfectly suits their needs and budget.