Desiree Perez Makes Territory in Music Streaming Industry with Tidal

Tidal is a company that is standing strong, and Desiree Perez is the one that is helping Jay-Z hold this company up. It is obvious that Jay-Z has been involved in a lot of different aspects of business. He is still running Roc Nation Sports, and there is still a lot of music that he is connected to. Jay-Z obviously does not have the ability to stand in the doors of every company that he is managing and lead each business venture to success. He has to be a leader that knows how to pick people that can make decisions for him. What Desiree Perez has done is proven that she has the best interest of Tidal at hand, and Jay-Z is quite satisfied with the work that she has done.  Click this related site.

There is a lot of interest in Tidal because it is coming out of a place where no one thought this company could bounce back from. What Desiree Perez has done is help Tidal come from a company where naysayers were doubtful to a company where other big-time corporations were considering investing. Based on, there were rumors that Apple had a desire to connect with Jay Z on buying Tidal. It has been reported that Sprint is now investing in Tidal as well. This shows an amazing amount of growth for a company that everyone else was deciding to toss to the side.

The growth for this company is not an accident. People from around the world are discovering that there is a true difference between Tidal and other music streaming companies out there. This is an app that provides people with a lot of high level music quality. That is something that is different from what many of the other sites are doing. This gives Desiree Perez the competitive advantage.

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