Dick DeVos, A Diversified Professional

A corporate giant with influence across the globe, the DeVos family corporation, Amway started quite simply. In 1959, two men, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel decided that they wanted to help build a business that utilized the power of friendships with others. They started by selling Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C). Today their company, Amway, is a multi-billion dollar retail giant that helps individuals start their own company, and encourages any new customers to do so as well. This business model has proven to be highly successful for many participants.


As the current leader of the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos has several core values. Be humble, work hard, and smile. This positive attitude has helped the Amway brand succeed with the customers around it. Dick DeVos has encouraged Boy Scouts to pursue a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Dick Devos led a program for helping underprivileged children in Michigan have a new start on life.


It is important to Dick Devos that conservative morals such as thrift and hard work be instilled at an early age in the American people. Dick Devos wrote a New York Times best-selling book called Rediscovering American Values. In it, Mr. Devos discusses how true freedom is only achieved by the individual when they have a strong moral compass. Although it is popular to describe the absence of a moral compass as freedom, it is easily observable in places such as urban inner cities that those who hold to a strong foundation of immorality are generally more financially dependent and unable to do what they wish. Places like Los Angeles, where the rich and poor live together are a great example of this phenomenon. Dick Devos wants American youth to recapture the American dream by rekindling their moral compasses. That is why Dick DeVos supports character building extracurricular activities such as the Boy Scouts of America.


Dick Devos defines liberty as “The ability to do what one wants, so long as it’s the right thing to do.” He says the foundation of liberty is placed by the core personal character virtues of “Compassion, fairness, honesty, humility, moral courage, self- discipline, and thoughtfulness.” Dick DeVos encourages American youth to practice these key principles in order to become the people they should be.


Dick DeVos regrets that the modern American public confuse freedom and moral license. He feels that moral license is what has caused so many people to live financially dependent lives on the government.

Dick DeVos Continues The Charity Work Of His Family

The charitable donations of the DeVos family have always remained a closely guarded secret, despite the world knowing the family provided millions in support to various organizations each year the family always stood firm in keeping exact figures a closely guarded secret. After years of pleading from the Forbes magazine the DeVos family have finally made their personal accounts available to the magazine in a bid to explain just how the family spreads its wealth around the community of Western Michigan and beyond; the release of figures has finally been made and shows the family headed by Rich DeVos and his son Dick have given around $1.2 billion to good causes throughout their lifetime and $94 million in 2014 alone, according to MLive.

Dick DeVos has taken over more than simply the role of the head of the family’s Amway business, but has also taken a major role in the charitable and political donations the family undertakes. Alongside his wife, Betsy, Dick DeVos has developed one of the best respected charitable groups in the shape of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that has provided funding for groups around the U.S. Many of the top educational programs in the U.S. based around charter schools are now operating because of the work completed by the foundation created by Dick and Betsy DeVos.

There are many areas of the life of Dick DeVos that are impressive for us all to enjoy, including the chance to understand just how he has transcended a number of different areas of industry to become one of the top executives in the U.S. After completing his education DeVos took over the foreign arm of the AmWay Group in a bid to make sure this neglected area of the company became a profitable business on its own. DeVos has never shied away from a challenge and even took control of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise after his father Rich sanctioned its purchase.