Gourmet Dog Food Is a Growing Trend


Big-name dog food companies are “fighting back” against against smaller corporations known for creating premium dog foods. For instance, Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care this past summer; the brand also has a line of products from Beneful, which features natural ingredients. Merrick is the first wet and dry dog food producer that is completely certified organic. Merrick Pet Care also recently announced the introduction of its Backcountry line, which features entree selections like Pacific Catch and Game Bird. In addition to Beneful’s healthy snacks and meals offered for aging and growing dogs, Purina also provides a website for Beneful that allows pet owners to customize their dog’s food.

These days, there’s even food for older dogs. Purina has also introduced a Bright Minds line, which features medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). This ingredient is a healthy fat from coconuts, and is has been proven that MCT is easier for senior dogs to metabolize.

Refrigerated meals for dogs have also become popular due to Freshpet. The company sells their entrees in almost 15,000 stores, including Target, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market locations. For pet owners who want their dogs to follow a paleo diet, there’s the Vital Raw line. This Freshpet brand allows dogs to eat foods that are similar to what their wolf ancestors consumed. Meals include ingredients like sweet potatoes, kale, raw chicken and raw beef, and are free of grains and fillers.

Even though gourmet dog food is significantly more expensive than traditional pet meals, owners are still remaining loyal to the premium brands they prefer. Most pet owners would agree that one of the best ways to take care of their dogs is to feed the animals food that is fit for humans–and it seems to be working well.