Puff the Magic Dragon Restaurant Chain

Themed Restaurant Opening Soon
The song that was made famous by Peter, Paul, and Mary “Puff the Magic Dragon” will soon be a themed restaurant chain. Steven Schussler of Schussler Creative Inc. has already acquired the licensing rights to this chain. The mission of this family-themed restaurant is to provide a restaurant that will be based on the actual story character Puff the dragon. This is the magical and gentle beast. His most famous restaurant themed chain is The Rainforest CafĂ©. Schussler is currently talking with some names at the Food Network and in the process of developing designs for his latest themed restaurant. Worldwide licensing rights obtained by Schussler will include “Puff” merchandise. It will also be determined where the opening location will be. Foodies at The Aspire New Brunswick (apartments.com) are excited to hear that they are talking about even including a celebrity chef.