Why Sweetgreen Is the Company to Watch in the Food Industry

Sweetgreen has defied all expectations in its quest to dominating the salad industry. Backed by influential personalities such as Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer, the high-end salad chain has encompassed all crucial factors in the food industry. The company’s ability to prepare fresh, healthy and organic salads has made it a favorite joint in the U.S. Additionally, the company currently operates in 40 locations as a testament to its commitment to service delivery.


Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen’s co-CEO & co-Founder, has reiterated the firm’s dedication to serving high-quality salads. Customer satisfaction ought to be the most important consideration in the food industry. Hence, they are prepared to go the extra mile to provide better meals to more customers.


Due to Sweetgreen’s meteoric rise to popularity, competitors ought to learn a trick or two to thrive in the food industry. Furthermore, Ru credits technology as an integral part of daily transactions within the salad chain. Through technology, customers can make payments via the website or mobile app. Such diversity is attributed to the co-Founders’ background in tech development and application.


Regarding expansion, the trio is in the process of opening more stores nationwide. Surprisingly, operations within the institution are not run through a central headquarter. Since the CEOs are bicoastal, they deemed it necessary to basic operations through all stores. According to Ru, decentralization is crucial in the promotion of creativity and efficiency within Sweetgreen stores.


Ru credits his co-Founders, Nicolas Jammet & Jonathan Neman, as pillars of motivation in the development of the business. With a background in entrepreneurship from Georgetown University, the Founders mobilized resources to form a successful startup. Moreover, their parents are active entrepreneurs, and their advice seems to have paid off remarkably.


Having spotted a gap in healthy foods in Georgetown, the trio shifted their focus from white collar jobs to filling this untapped potential. Since opening their first restaurant in 2007, the trio has overcome hurdles to become a force to reckon with.


Nathaniel Ru in Brief


Mr. Ru serves as the co-Founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. As a Georgetown graduate, Ru deemed it fit to partner with his friends and form a successful company. Ru credits the tremendous support of family and friends in the development phase of Sweetgreen.


More importantly, he sensitizes on the value of sustainability in the preparation of meals, hiring of staff and customer interaction. He also encourages entrepreneurs to appreciate the feedback from customers as it is a major determinant of success in any company.