Status Labs Gives Online Reputation Management Advice

Status Labs, a well known reputation management has addressed reputation management issues that is exampled by a particular incident that could have been avoided. This particular incident started in early December when the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, posted a photo on Instagram that contradicted his actions of firing dozens of his employees earlier that day. This photo that was posted on Instagram showed him holding a drink with the caption that said “cheers to all my homies”. This post received many negative comments in return from his recently laid-off employees. One particular comment that stood out was a comment that responded with “I love drinking after firing so many people”. In total, Mr. Holmes fired 65 employees from their San Francisco, Boston, as well as Singapore offices.

Status Labs’ founder, Darius Fisher, commented on this post by stating that this could be avoided. Status Labs is a company that specializes in reputation management. The clients that turn to Status Labs for help include executives, politicians, as well as political figures. This company has already helped over 1,500 different clients in over 35 different countries.

What makes Status Labs so successful is the fact that this company combines online marketing strategies with public management strategies. The goal is to minimize negative comments and maximize positive comments by using SEO. This company has talented writers and engineers that make the SEO of every marketing post a success. Darius Fisher states that the first page of Google is where the best impression can be made for an individual. To match with today’s day and age, a positive online reputation is necessary.

This company has helped to assist over 100 Fortune 500 companies from crisis related situations. Status Labs has realized that traditional public relational methods are not enough in order to make a large positive impression of anyone of their clients. This company is the best company to use in order to reduce collateral damage that can hurt an online identity right after a crisis. This company can also be used to create a plan to reduce collateral in case of a crisis that will hurt anyone’s personal image.