Europe & Ukraine: That Which should Be Done


The following is a summation from writer George Soros:

Because of the euros structural defects, the authorities in Europe have now become the lords the muddling art, muddling through one crisis and after another. This practice can best be described as rolling the jerry can down the road. I can best describe that practice as rolling the jerry can up the road and it keeps rolling back at me again. The European union is now facing five crisis at a single instance; four crisis that are internal and one that is external. The four include; migration, Greece, euro and the referendum Britain wants to hold so that it can decide whether to stay in the European Union or not and the external crisis is the aggression that Russia is concussing against Ukraine. Both the authorities as well as the public are all overwhelmed. What is it that the European Union can do to reverse and arrest the integration of the entire Europe?


It is very obvious that these five crises cannot be tackled at a single instance. There is a great need that in all those crises they find in that needs the highest priority over the others and takes the lead in being tackled. I have been strenuously argued that the Ukraine be given the highest priority ion all other crises and be dealt with. The internal crises are now dividing the European Union into two groups that is the debtor countries as well as the creditor countries, the continent and the United Kingdom and also the destination and arrival countries. In contrast, the aggression of the Russian against Ukraine is to be done to unite the entire European Union.


Ukraine is now a new country and this new Ukraine is determined to become exactly the old Ukraine if something is not done in the right time. The older Ukraine will be correlated to the older Greece that is very difficult to reform; the economic capability of Ukraine has much to share in common with the olden Greece and can be so difficult to be reformed. That economy of Greece was dominated by the exploiting group as well as its position to the private group for gain instead of giving service to the general public. If we take Ukraine to be likened as the second class Greece, Europe is in danger if it facilitates the reversal of the new Ukraine into the old Ukraine. That could be very fatal because one of the assets that is the most valued asset of the entire European Union is Ukraine. This is because Ukraine is the centre for resisting the Russian federation aggression as well as communicating the European Union solidarity.


I feel that in my position I ought not to resist the urge that enforces me to make this argument. This is because of my increased knowledge about the situation in Ukraine because of my open source foundations as well as my own involvement in the nation. I developed the so-called Ukraine winning strategy and the country’s involvement.

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