New Yorkers May Soon Find Something New on Their Restaurant Menu – a Salt Shaker Icon

New York City officials are very interested in what their fellow constituents eat. First the trans-fat was banned from restaurants, then calorie counts had to be posted next to each menu item so patrons would know how many calories they were consuming with each meal. The last attempt to alter what New Yorkers were consuming was the unsuccessful attempt to limit the size of sugary soft drinks sold in restaurants.

Now Mayor De Blasio administration is targeting the amount of salt put in restaurant fare. If the administration is successful, a tiny salt shaker icon will have to be placed beside of any menu item that contains 2,300 milligrams or more of salt. 2,300 is the amount of sodium deemed as safe for consumption within one day. Health analyst Paul Mathieson estimates that amount to roughly equal to one teaspoon of salt.

Dr. Sonia Angell, who is a deputy commissioner at New York City’s Health Department, feels that most people don’t understand which food items may have too much salt for them. A salt shaker icon placed beside high-sodium menu items would enable consumers to make better food choices.
Restaurant groups in New York City are none too happy about Mayor De Blasio’s proposal.